American Heritage Carlyle Foosball Table Review


It has born with a perfect look which can fit anywhere for the game enjoyment. It expresses the stylish and high-end look. You may get this perfect one from this American Heritage Carlyle Foosball Table Review for your first or next one. It looks standard and matches the price. The table is more likely to reveal the elegant choice of a family. You may get this table best for either home or professional Foosball table. It can adjust anywhere with any environment so smartly. You can find a hundred sources to have the real excitement of play with this table.


Very professional looking

The workmanship of this table is undefeated. You won’t get this design in any Soccer table in the market. Smooth and exceptional wood finish in espresso brown color. Wherever you keep this table, it will value your image. The overall design gives the table sporty or professional look.


This American heritage Foosball table has a standard size. The whole dimension is 30.5L, 62W, and 34.5H in inches. And the weight is 202Lbs. This table with this standard size will look more beautiful than any other furniture of your home and it will boost the beauty of all furniture.


The table is constructed with authentic solid wood. Foosball men are ready to make a perfect shot. The counterbalanced players, telescopic steel rods with wood handles, classic surface with glass, manual scoring system all parts are quality constructed. The whole table is made of with quality materials and the features also can convince you without any blandishment. See all features at a glance from American Heritage Carlyle Foosball Table Review and take your decision.


You don’t need to worry about the longevity of this American heritage Foosball table. American heritage is one of the best Foosball table brands. They ensure the durability for more than 10 years if you invest on this once. Even a rough play will not able to reduce the life length of this table. The brand does not provide any cheap materials. You will get this as best Foosball table for sale after even using a long time.


It is one of the high-end tables in the market. From any other Foosball table reviews, you will find the gameplay quite lucrative and comfortable here. You will be able to run an old twisted game on this table. The playing surface is the best with the counterbalanced players. The friction free and super smooth surface help to hold a fair play with the counter weighted players. It is more likely to provide a comfortable gameplay. It is ready to hold a vigorous or super-fast play for hours without moving for a sec. The glass also helps to find the play fast.

Who’s it for?

It is perfect for home, workplace or even for the bar. As it is a top Foosball table in the market, you can bring it to your home to reveal your high-quality choice. Or you are an owner of a bar or corporate office, to enhance the beauty and value of the game area you can make an addition of this handsome table.

American Heritage Carlyle Foosball Table Review

Play Quality

Awesome play quality with classic beauty art. The parts are made especially for long lasting game fun. And the brand American Heritage always provides their products for quality play. Spacious playing surface. This feature is best for the smooth and exciting play.

Fun Comfort item

The table is a classic in look. But best combination of modern game fun with this traditional or classic look. You can make a compare of this American Heritage Carlyle Foosball Table Review with any other Foosball table reviews. You will get this one as the best fun comfort item.


  • Handsome with a classic look.
  • Finest finish you have ever seen.
  • Brand value of American Heritage.
  • The espresso cabinet is exquisitely clipped.
  • Most famous for classic parquet playing surface.
  • Best for experienced players.
  •  It looks more beautiful with its bright color.
  • The counterbalanced players work best.
  • The handles are with quality wood which will provide you a nice touch.
  • A bit costly but affordable with its eye catchy look and lucrative features.

Cons and Solution

  • It has minimum dead zones.
  • Solution: Kids find it more flexible to learn about the Foosball play for its dead zones. They don’t need to pause or stop the play to bring back the ball where they could hit it. This is the best one to learn about game fun.
  • No leg levelers
  • Solution: You can fix the height as your mind if there are adjustable leg levelers. The table has no leg levelers because this is able to stable anywhere with it's the finest finishing.

Playing Foosball Video

(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions for the American Heritage Carlyle Foosball Table


  • Q: What about the scoring system here?
  • A: You will find a manual scoring system here. It adds the traditional gameplay.
  • Q: Will I get the men counterbalanced here?
  • A: Yes. All men are well-balanced. You can move the players back and forth and up and down. A masterpiece of comfortable play.
  • Q: What is the exact dimension of the playing surface?
  • A: The length is 46 inches and the width is 26.75. It seems quite spacious for your comfortable and vigorous play.
  • Q: I am a beginner into Foosball games. Will this table be the best for me?
  • A: The experienced players find this table more exciting and flexible to play. Beginner and intermediate players also get this table comfortable to play.
  • Q: How about the assembly of this table?
  • A: You will face some difficulties to assemble this heavy one completely. It will take some more time than others. You may need to spend almost 2 hours to complete the assembly.


You have already got that American heritage Foosball table is a top Foosball table. You will get a thorough description of lucrative features and sturdy construction of this table in American Heritage Carlyle Foosball Table Review. I would like to recommend you to pick it up for your game area if you are very much choosy about your game equipment.

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