Atomic Euro Star Foosball Table Review


Watch the Title name Atomic Euro Star Foosball Table Review. Got some specific identity? This is a table which is specifically made for the European style gameplay. And this atomic Foosball table is completely fit for the purpose. The table mainly focuses on the ball control and they prefer cork style balls whereas the American type Foosball table focuses on the speed. Quite different from others table. You will get the superior fun with your friends and family with this European style soccer table. Even the Foosball table price is not a big deal here. You are getting good enough Foosball table within your range.


Appealing Look

Luxurious one. If anyone visits your game room definitely this table will snatch his/her sight for twice. Or if anyone plays on it for once, he/she will come again to join with you with table for sure. The playfield is special with support brace, all sides are smoothly laminated with black cabinet. These all exceptional design make the table more appealing to all players.


This is one of the full sized tables. This full sized table is also a best outdoor Foosball table for its suitable dimension. The dimension of this table is 58.63LX28.75WX34.5H. And the weight is 114Ibs. The heaviness of the table makes sure the durability of the table.

European style

The name of the table bears the European identity. The table is completely built on European style. The table has engrossed on the ball controlling whereas American-style tables concentrate on the speed. It conveys Euro-style goals and Foosball men.

Integrated cup holders

4 integrated quality cup holders. These will help you to enjoy the game with a can of beer or a cup of afternoon tea. You do not need to compromise with your afternoon warm-up with a cup of hot coffee.

Soft touch rubber octagonal handles

A group of players, concentrate on the flexibility to hold the handles. This item is for them. You will get a super comfortable grip with the handles. The handles are with so soft touch rubbers. You will find this table soccer so cool for this attractive feature.

Chrome hollow steel rods

The table soccer has 8 quality hollow steel rods. For each team 4 rods. These are chrome plated. The hollow steel rods are always super-fast for the exciting play. No possibility to bend. Robust and super straight. This is the first requirement of the professional or serious players. You can make an easy shot by moving these rods. Soft-touch rubber octagonal handles make a super comfortable grip to slide the rods.


Atomic give a long warranty period of this game table. Many people prefer this one only for the long warranty time. You will get almost 3 years long warranty with this table.

Atomic Euro Star Video


Individually all parts are made with quality. The Foosball table parts are chrome steel goals, chrome bead manual slide scorer, special chrome handles with soft rubber touch, integrated cup holders all are built specially for long lasting. The whole table is made of unique Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) which ensure the longevity. They provide special leg levelers for even play. 1.25-inch support brace for the playing surface and 1-inch thick cabinet to make this table more lucrative to the Foosball lovers. The table is the first choice for them who are likely to make an add Foosball table for sale for getting a new one after a regular interval.

Who’s it for?

All type players can play on it. But it would not be capable of holding a super-fast game for hours as it is light but best for the beginners. Men, women, adult, and children- this table is perfect for all. As the height is fixed so, many children with short height may not find it in range to play.

Fun Comfort Item

3/8 inches playing surface with 1.25 inches support brace. 1inch thick cabinet. Leg levelers for even gameplay. Hollow super straight steel rods for fast play, cup holders to enjoy the game with drinks all are for your flexible play. You will get nothing but a fun comfort item if you add it to your game room.

Atomic Euro Star Foosball Table Review


  • European style game table.
  • Internal ball return returns system.
  • Very comfortable to hold the octagonal handles as it is made of soft-touch rubber.
  • Abacus-style scoring unit.
  • 1.5 inches leg levelers ensures the even playing field.
  • The tables come with two Foosballs.
  • Enough sturdy and can provide the fast game.
  • Telescopic rods ensure the safety.
  • Heavy brand value. Atomic is one of the best Foosball table brands.
  • Quality integrated cup holders.

Cons and Solution

  • No counterbalanced men.
  • Solution: The Foosball men are not counterbalanced. But European style. Many players prefer counterbalanced Foosball men. But these will not affect your play negatively. Not counterbalanced Foosball men are balanced with other features.
  • Not too heavy with the price.
  • Solution: 114Ibs. It’s not too light. But a bit light with the price. You will get the super beautiful look and lucrative features with this price as well.
  • Foosball men are not made of so durable plastic.
  • Solution: The men are not made with so quality plastic. But the robot-style feet will favor you to prevent the impairment of the players’ body.

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Frequently Asked Questions for the Atomic Euro Star Foosball Table


  • Q: I need a game table for my kids. Will it be best Foosball table for kids?
  • A: You can buy it for your kids. As it is not so expensive. But if your kid is shorter than 34.5 inches than he/she won’t get the table in range as the height of the table cannot adjust.
  • Q: How long time it will last?
  • A: No need to be worried about the durability of this table. All parts have high quality. The whole table is made of quality materials. You can keep a glance here on Atomic Euro Star Foosball Table Review. You will get the assurance of the durability of this table.
  • Q: I am a beginner on Foosball games. Is it perfect for a beginner?
  • A: Yes. You will get it as the best Foosball table for you. The table will help you thoroughly to make an entertaining and exciting play with its quality and lucrative features.
  • Q: I have found the plastic of players’ poor quality and the tapered leg style. As I have already bought it how can manage it with this poor quality?
  • A: The plastic are not enough durable but they have robot style feet. It will help to reduce the damage. Many people are a fan of tapered leg style.
  • Q: Can I pick it for my workplace?
  • A: Definitely. It is a full-sized table. It will be perfectly suitable for your workplace as it also popular as an outdoor Foosball table.


In one word, this European Foosball table will shine in your game area. It has the more popularity from any other atomic game tables. You will find here in Atomic Euro Star Foosball Table Review, that all features and parts are being matched to your requirements. This atomic Foosball table is for them who really love Foosball. You may find your new love by adding this beautiful European atomic Foosball table to your game room or game area.

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