Atomic Gladiator Foosball Table review


You can expose yourself as different from any other Foosball freaky by adding this Atomic Foosball Table at your game area. All over, this Soccer table is different from other tables. You may get more than two birds with one stone, as it is perfect for home, workplace even for the bar as well. Before choosing it for your real fun, this Atomic Gladiator Foosball Table review may help you to fix your decision.



The Whole style of this Foosball table is quite different and more acceptable. The excellent color combination with the surface and Foosball men. Dark color legs on the green color surface bring the scenario of the real field. Fantastic cabinet finishing. Nylon bushings over the handles bring more flexibility to the players.


The Foosball table size is acceptable for any game area. It is not a toy of a kid. It has a body of 56-inch length, 31.25-inch width, and 34.75-inch height. Total weight is 170 pound. Many people would like to add this table for its heaviness. The weight ensures the durability of this table.

Atomic Gladiator Foosball Table review


The Foosball table parts have the ability to make you convince. Chrome plated solid steel rods, solid wood handles, 3/4’’ thick surface, 3.5’’ leg levelers, heaviness, thick playing surface by MDF all parts come with rich quality which makes sure the long life of this Foosball table. After years you may make an add ‘Foosball table for sale’ for its extra-long life and sturdiness. The manufacturer company predicts more than 10 years life of this handsome.

Very Even Playing Field

This Atomic Gladiator Foosball Table review will help you to match your requirements with your expected Foosball table. Without any consideration, you may pick it if you don’t consider with a vigorous play. It will appear to you with a very even playing field. The legs are suitable for even any structured type floor with 3.5 inches leg levers. These are adjustable. Solid wood made legs with rich quality levelers will help the table to be stable during a serious and super fast game.

Appropriate For All Level Players

Enter your text here...This table is well structured for all types of players. No doubt, its sturdiness, and long lasting parts help to enjoy an exciting heavy play. But it is also suitable for intermediate players as well as the steel rods is not as fast as hollow rods. You can take help from other Foosball table reviews and definitely you will get here something different. And the beginner players who are getting into Foosball will get this table within their budget.

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Traditional Aesthetics Make It Pleasing To Most Tastes

‘Specialty’ makes anything more attractive to people. This Foosball table is more special with its multi features, parts, and handsome appearance. All Foosball men are handcrafted and with traditional style. The whole table is structured with thick solid wood. Thick green surface, steel rods all parts are individually robust. This is perfect for a hard play. In the competitive Foosball world, you may find this table as your best Foosball table. Excellent color combination among all parts. Which give it an appealing look.

Fun Comfort Items

Gladiator is one of the best Foosball table brands. This brand ensures the flexibility of the players. It has four cup holders which will help you to add some extra enjoyment to the game with a cup of tea or drink. The handles of the rods are made of solid wood and specially made with nylon bushings. These specially made handles will help you to make a swift shot holding that comfortably. It comes with four balls. You will get here internal ball return system.


  • Atomic Brand, It is one of the best Foosball table brands.
  • Reasonable price with multi features.
  • Provides relaxed grip.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Sturdy and enough durable.
  • Excellent Foosball table ratings. Maximum users of this table have made positive reviews. It has got 4 stars out of 5.

Cons and Solution

  • Players are not counterbalanced.
  • Solution: A group of people prefers traditional type players. It doesn’t affect to your game anyhow. Rather traditional players enhance the aesthetical look.
  • Rods are not as fast as hollow rods.
  • Solution: The rods are chrome plated quality steel rods. These are well made for all types of players. Especially these are helpful for the intermediate level players. But you may also use it vigorously as it enough study.
  • Short warranty time.
  • Solution: The Company provides a warranty for 90 days. If you get something unexpected definitely you may solve your problem within this time period.

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(FAQS) Frequently Asked Questions for the Atomic Gladiator Foosball Table


  • Q: As it is enough heavy, How long it will take to assemble thoroughly?
  • A: It is enough heavy but it will not interfere to assemble. If you do it with proper concentration, within one hour it will get ready to provide you the service.
  • Q: What is the exact dimension of this table?
  • A: The length is 56-inch, width is 31.25-inch and the height is 170 pound. It is enough heavy and perfect for a vigorous play.
  • Q: Why is the Foosball table best for vigorous play?
  • A: Because of the sturdiness of this table. For all quality parts. Especially for the robust legs made of solid wood with adjustable leg levelers. This helps the table to adjust anywhere even it is a poor floor.
  • Q: Who are the most suitable for this table?
  • A: For serious and intermediate players as well. As it has the ability to be stable during a rough play. And perfect for intermediate players for its steel rods as they are not too fast as hollow rods.


From any other Foosball table reviews, you will get something different here in Atomic Gladiator Foosball Table review. Structurally it is perfect to provide you the superior fun. I would like to recommend you to add this fantastic one in your game room. As one of my close friends has it and we get the best level entertainment with our buddies.

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