Best Choice Products Striker Zone Tabletop Soccer Foosball Table

Basically, The Best Choice Products Striker Zone Tabletop Soccer Foosball Table is built of MDF material with chromed bars and elastic handles. This tabletop soccer Foosball table comes with three man goalie design with eighteen players altogether in red and blue hues. This dynamic tabletop includes a smooth and friction-less surface with two score posts and two objectives with helpful ball returns. This the best portable Foosball table because of its lightweight features and the overall weight is all about 18 pounds. In generally, this is the best ever tabletop Foosball table for its specialized features. This is the table made by the manufacturer is concerning with the kids and at the same time senior citizen from your home. In all cases taking on to account of this Foosball table's stature, it is suitable for use by people of any age as we said just, yet it is especially perfect for kids. It accompanies two balls, and the amusements can begin once collected. Best Choice Products exhibits this Foosball Table. Appreciate a great amusement amid noon or halftime! Foosball table is built of MDF material, and chromed poles with elastic handles.

Now let’s talk about the specialized features of this dynamic tabletop Foosball table

This is the best Foosball table which made with a conservative and space-sparing modernized design is concerning with the perfect for all spaces and simple stockpiling or versatility taking in to account. This tabletop has a smooth, best playing surface, 2 score posts, and at the same time, 2 objectives with ball return.

The 3 man goalie configuration features are supportive as per player preferences. This is also comes with 18 add up to players in red and blue hues. The low table tallness is intended for all ages, particularly kids, to participate in all the good times with Foosball gaming.

On the other hand, the overall dimension and other aspects makes this one more flexible regarding portability. Because the overall dimension is all about 37 inches on length X 30 inches on width X 8.25 inches on height. At the same time, the overall Weight 18 pounds also raise portability flexibility issue.

This dynamic table also comes with 31 inches long road with 1.5 dia Ball. The Foosball Player size 4.25 inches on height. And as we said before this Foosball table made with MDF material and with stainless steel.

Basically, this Best Choice Products Striker Zone Tabletop Soccer Foosball Table made special for kids so manufacturer made this with Multi-color. At the mean time this Foosball table comes with easy assemble user manual for easy setup. 

In the question of home space saving is concern it is the best ever because manufacturer made this is concern with reduced and space-sparing plan through smaller dimensional setup. At that event, it has simple stockpiling and compactness with smooth and friction-less playing surface. On the other hand, low table stature that is perfect for more youthful players.


It is an tremendous gift for your kids specially on their birthday. They love it because it has all the supportive features to make them with Foosball gaming.

Playing surface are truly smoother than it similar category. So, kids can play Foosball with this one without taking any hassle into account.

The lower table height is much more suitable for all specially for 4-9 years your old kids also.


This Foosball table comes with part by part so have performing some assemble work but this not yet too much toughest job because this dynamic table comes with well directed user setup manual otherwise customer service is always ready to serve you the best.

Best Choice Products Striker Zone Tabletop Soccer Foosball Table


Q: If anyone to buy an extra ball, is it possible to buy a single or set of a ball?

Answer: YES dear, you can order extra ball when you need to buy. but you have order 4 ball set. but they are not more costly to buy.

Q: I saw that in the customer reviews some of the users say during the assemble time they found the missing of parts, so what about that?

Answer: manufacturer said that, it was just an accidental case, because these Foosball table unit comes with part by part some packaging time may be there is forgotten issue happed but in circumstances you can just make call to their customer service they will resolve this issue as soon as possible according to their commitment. 

Q: truly tell me is it the best for kids Foosball enjoyment?

Answer: dear buddy, there are basically lots of Foosball table from different brands is available in the market. Some of them are best for elder or some are for younger people and some are truly for kids. So, you can read out our all product reviews to find what are the best for your kids. but if you ask this one, we can say that this one is the best and flexible for kids Foosball enjoyment truly.

Q: what about the goalie and players?

Answer: that’s a very good question indeed, this Best Choice Products Striker Zone Tabletop Soccer Foosball Table comes with the 3 goalie design features with 18 players set. So, no need to worry about goalie and players shortage to start your Foosball gaming experience.


So, these are actually the reasons behind we recommended this Best Choice Products Striker Zone Tabletop Soccer Foosball Table for your kids and family. Basically, in terms of many features and supportive highlights makes this tabletop Foosball table in the list of the best Foosball table. If read our reviews you can find the many aspects to buy this one. Most of the time Foosball table size is making some difficulties to set at home space but this one do not have that kind of problem for its smaller size than other similar category. On the other hand, in case of portability and transfer-ability this is the most effective one for this issue. When you go for outing with your kids you can easily transport this one for outing to play Foosball game. At the end we can say that, you can buy this one for your kids Foosball enjoyment without taking any doubt on your mind.

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