Best Foosball Table & Quick Buyers Guide for 2019

There is an old saying that, no gym can make champions. It’s the desire, the dream, the vision that comes from inside can make you a champion. That shows the spirit of sports. There are no men on earth haven’t engaged themselves in sports. But eventually, we don’t get much time to go on a field or in a gym after work to play any game. That’s where technology has enabled us with a lot of indoor sporting facilities. Indoor basketball, billiard, snooker, bowling etcetera. But none of them will give as much excitement as the Foosball, and you already know it. This article will give you some clear vision on some of the Best Foosball Table in the market.

Top Rated Foosball Table Brands

You may have seen or even played Foosball in sports bars. For your kind information, there are actually different types of Foosball tables available. You have to choose which one is right for you. There are combination Foosball tables, table-top Foosball tables, standard Foosball tables, and the ones work with coins. Now you probably are thinking which ones are the best top rated Foosball table brands in the market now. Well, they are all available online. Tornado, Garlando, Hathaway primo, American heritage, Rene Pierre are some favorite brands for 2018. Let’s see which fits your space and your money most.

Top 10 Foosball Table - Comparison Chart For 2019

Our Recommended Best Foosball Table

Foosball Table under 300

Hathaway Playoff Soccer Table Black/GreenWhat are the factors make a Foosball table buy-able? Convenient, affordable, sturdy and that looks good in your place. In this case, Hathaway Playoff Soccer Table Black/Green is a perfect match to your desires. Let’s check out what makes this Foosball table best. The dimension of this table is slightly smaller than the Foosball tables. It means space will not be a problem if you are living in an apartment. Even if you want to move this table one place to another, you just need a friend to help you out as it weighs around 51 pounds. Coming back to its dimension, it has a playing surface of 49 inches long, 28 inches wide, and 11 inches high, which is pretty standard in contrast to the other foosball tables in the market. Now the best part is it looks really attractive in black or green. It will definitely increase the inner beauty of your apartment or your game room.

Now, what else? If you know, there is a CARB rule The Airborne Toxic Control Measure (ATCM) which makes sure that composite wood products like particleboard, MDF, and hardwood plywood, etc. are positively made. This Hathaway Playoff Soccer Table is made of MDF certified by CARB. So there is no issue in this matter! To give a firm stand, there are 1/2 inch thick reinforced L- shaped legs, the legs also have full end panel supports. Talking about its other features this Foosball table has dual manual slide scoring systems, inbuilt goal boxes with automatic end ball return, 1/2 inch chrome plated tubular steel rods. User-friendly handles and ABS molded durable players. Your work is to attach the legs to the main surface by yourself. For this reason, they provide an Allen wrench to put it together. Another thing is you can’t fold this Foosball table.

So if you want to store it in another place, you have to unscrew the legs from the main table. As the whole table is lightweight, it is easy to store this table in another location. The table package comes with two balls. You may be thinking how secure a Foosball table can be at this price. Your thoughts are legit. This table won’t be as high as the ones you play in the clubs. In a bar, there are hundreds to play on one single Foosball table. But in your apartment, the population is much lesser, right? Even there is a 90 days limited warranty with the table. Just think, you hang out with friends every weekend and sometimes it gets boring doing the same thing every weekend. If you got a Foosball table, you would never have a dull weekend anymore. But just for one day in a week, no one will want to spend a thousand bucks. That’s why this table is worth the money!

Foosball Table under 300- 500

Hathaway Primo Soccer Table Brown

Whenever you went to the market to buy a mid-level and fairly inexpensive Foosball table for your home, you definitely will stubble at this one. This table should be an excellent choice for you if you are looking for a soccer table around 300-500! Because of the price you cannot think anything else compares to other products. But then several questions can appear to your mind that why it is worthy to buy Hatchway Foosball table? Well, let’s check out that. First of all, if you see the quality of Hathaway primo, then you will find that the table is made by China and also compressed wood. All the panels were not completely straight because of your comfort as you can manage the screws by your own choice and it won’t be tight enough for your comfort. The men on the poles are excellent quality, and you can try a lot of game also without any effects, and it’s proven. The Hathaway prime soccer table is worth the money all I can say. It’s a full-size table good with overall quality. Again, Hathaway primo soccer table is for continuous game-play, the playing surface, players, and rods are in good shape and quality, especially for the price. The brown color easily adjusts to your vision. So basically it is no less than a competitor soccer table. The most important thing is that you can’t find better Hatchway prime than this one. It will easily fit in your corner or room where you want to place it. It is overall an enjoyable game too. You can make a good time pass with your family and also with your friends.

This Hathaway Foosball table is the highest quality table. Constructed of MDF which is certified by CARB, also this very stylish gaming table cabinet has ultra-durable exterior melamine with a beautiful espresso finish. Isn’t it amazing? It has a proper stability which is given by the sturdy box leg design and crosses support beams. To ensure a stronger leveled surface for accurate table plays the play field is cross-supported. And that’s the thing people want! Excellent E-Z spin bearings, stainless steel rods, and ABS counterbalanced ensures continuous fast-paced action, so you don’t need to worry about that kind of problems. The Primo Foosball table is not only designed to look good but also to play excellent. It is a standard type and unisex table. There is no age limit so everyone can enjoy it, but please keep away from four children for safety.

The total dimension is 56 inches long, 30.5 inches wide, 34.5 inches high. It has medium density fiberboard. This table comes with all the accessories. You can find Hathaway Foosball table is a little bit heavy, it ensures that the table can last longer. It took only 2-2.5 hours to make it. But it looks sharp overall and can be a great indoor game for the winter months ahead. I will recommend this Hathaway prime soccer table for anyone who is looking for a mid-level Foosball table that doesn’t want to break the bank. It has a good weight to the table, and everything is working the way it should. So, you can trust on it.

Foosball Table under 500 – 800

KICK Foosball Table Triumph BlackThere was a time we used to go to play soccer and to have fun. But now we neither have the time nor the places. Everyone is busy looking at their computer screen or mobile devices. If your weekends are getting monotonous now is the time to bring a Foosball table home. Yeah, like the one you played in the bar! It’s obvious that not every Foosball table has the same features. Which Foosball table looks good in your place, the choice is up to you! Let’s help you out if your budget is like around 500/600 bucks. A lot of Foosball tables have become famous lately. Especially, the KICK Foosball Table Triumph Black is an absolute beauty with a standard shape, thick metal body, and dark black outlook. The founder of Kick Foosball tables is a Foosball lover himself, and that’s why wanted to make something durable with great looks. Technical specifications of a Foosball table are as important as buying a car. If we consider the table, it’s a well-built 55’’ triumph Foosball table, and the body is chrome edged.

The dimension of this table is just like the ones we see in the bars 55 inches long, 30 inches wide and 36 inches high with premium bearing attached to the table. Most important component of a Foosball table is the player rods, and this kick Foosball table has exactly eight sturdy steel rods. To give the table a firm surface, there are leg levelers with rubber grip attached to the legs. The table comes with four official kick foosballs, 26 white, and 26 yellow Foosball men (Home & Away) kits; even there is a set of uniformed men. There are eight non-slip wooden handles with 8-rod safety caps which provides a protective game-play. If you like you can easily attach two chrome cup holders on each side of the table.  Some Foosball tables have such gaoling system that after scoring a goal, the ball doesn’t return to the table. Don’t worry, the ball returning system on each side works pretty well! For smooth playing there is slide scoring mounted on each ends.

The most interesting part is you can play with your preferences as this table has both 1-goalie design and 3-goalie design. When you buy the package, there will be a 1-goalie design kit included. So many features are mentioned here now you might be thinking do these functions work. To let you know there is an unlimited lifetime warranty with it. We have played Foosball so many times that it has become a habit now. But for some people, it’s a new task! This Foosball table comes with such price that both regular and weekend Foosball players will be satisfied. Even the competitive level Foosball players want these criteria in a Foosball table. Both online and offline markets are filled with plenty of Foosball tables. Some are cheap; some are expensive. Then there is the KICK Foosball Triumph Black Table having a mid-range price. Choose wisely, play well!

Foosball Table under 1000

Kettler Weatherproof Indoor/Outdoor Foosball Table

Kettler Weatherproof Indoor/Outdoor Foosball TableNothing else matters if you can play nonstop Foosball. Yes, this shows how much we are crazy about playing Foosball. People who haven’t played Foosball yet must try at least once. This game will give you immense excitement, chill, and some exercises too. But it will be difficult to buy the right Foosball table if you never even played Foosball. On the other note, if you buy a vulnerable Foosball table your investment will be futile. It is so obvious that we want the best product for our money. Kettler Outdoor Foosball Table is an excellent catch in this case. Why is this table so worthy? At first, it’s a waterproof premium quality Foosball table, and it is made in Italy. Some major features of this outdoor football table you must know are Sloped Side and Corner Rails: Kettler has made the corner rails and sloped side that there will be no dead spots on the field. It enables us to play like a pro. Unbreakable Players: this is a real issue in a Foosball table. Sometimes players get broke or unbalanced as those Foosball tables have low budget materials. But Kettler has used tested materials and the players are unbreakable. Integrated Ball Drop: to give you a game-play without interruption there are ball drops on each side. The ball is fairly drop in each time you start playing a new round. Built in Floor Levelers: to adjust the height of the table and to give the table a strong surface. Outdoor Cover: when you are spending say, 1000 bucks you don’t want to keep the thing as clean as possible.

This outdoor Foosball table comes with an outdoor cover too. Resin Score Counters: there is a score counter to let you guys know that who’s winning and who’s losing! And Integrated Ball Box: which helps you to collect the ball after a goal. Like other quality weatherproof Foosball tables, this table weighs around 140 pounds and the table has standard dimension 58 inches long, 46 inches wide and 35 inches high. The table comes five regular white balls. If you are hoping to buy it online you will probably need a friend to set the table into your desired place. You can assemble the table by yourself within one or two hours. But international shipping are not available in many online market places. To give you further info: the leg levelers can’t be folded, they stay fixed. The handle don’t have ball bearing but the handles spin/rotate superfast.

Some Foosball table have problem with the goalies don’t hit the edge and they spin. The answer is, No! Kettler Foosball table doesn’t have such issue. Because the players are counter balanced and the goalies feet hit the edge of the goal without spinning. The manufacturer provides further service if there is any problem after buying the table. Now, you may have questions like whether the table is winter/snow protected. No, perhaps not! It is better to keep it inside when it is snowing outside. In winter go skiing instead! But the materials are high end and it will ensure sunny and coastal weather too. 

Foosball Table Under 2000

​Garlando G-500 Indoor/Outdoor Weatherproof Foosball Table

Garlando G-500 Indoor/Outdoor Weatherproof Foosball TableSports are a universal way of recreation. In some stage in our lives, we have spent more money on games than anything else. Especially when we were in high school, we couldn’t live without playing games or outdoor sports. But after college, it has become quite impossible to get some time out for playing soccer. In this case, only a foosball table can give you amusement as well as recreations. If you have been searching for buying a foosball table you are here at the right place. Loads of manufacturers are selling weatherproof foosball tables now. Garlando is an Italian brand, and they are probably one of the best outdoor foosball tablemakers in the world. Because garlando foosball tables are made of superior materials. Garlando G-500 Indoor/Outdoor Weatherproof Foosball Table has a gray oak coating which is the trendiest looks for furniture in the recent years. A British Sports Magazine journalist in 1999, voted G-500 as the best football table of the year in its category. Playing foosball in open-air is quite exciting, and garlando outdoor foosball table is an exceptional one for playing outside. Let’s see what makes it so unique!

Cabinet: the cabinet is constructed from 1-inch thick medium density fiberboard with melamine coating. Bearings: The steel roller bearings works very well inside the bearings fixing bars to the cabinet. It improves the game speed, and it reduces the stress on the players’ wrists.

Legs: garlando foosball tables have (4×4 inches) square steel coated heavy duty legs. The legs have washable powder varnish. So you don’t have to worry about the dirt in your backyard. You can even request to the manufacturer for uneven terrains if your floor is crooked.

Players: there are (red and blue) one-colored players made in plastic material (moplen). The players are directly molded into the bars. The players are very sturdy, maintain their positions correctly, and you cannot displace them.

Rod: the rods are anti-rust chromium-plating, with high-stress resistance machine-trued hollow steel bars, 16 mm diameter.

Field: the playing field/surface has transparent glossy glass, non-reflective sanded glass or plastic laminate. Assembly: the cabinet will be fully assembled. But you have to assemble the legs and bars. Don’t worry the table comes with an instruction manual!

Accessories: this garlando football table also comes with a waterproof cover which protects the football table from rough weather, unwanted color fading, and dust. There are also wood-insert handles, extra balls, and leg levelers. The adults should be careful while playing as the rods can hit the kids if they are running around the table.

Maintaining the table is also important because it costs you almost 2K bucks. Using protection covers, deep cleaning the bars and bearings, cleaning the playing field will keep the table fresh. You also need to be careful at the time of moving the table and assembling the leg levelers. The dimension of the table is 60 inches long, 40 inches wide and 18 inches high, weighs around 150 pounds and available both online, offline markets. Beware of imitations and Chinese products!

Foosball Table under 3000

​Tornado Tournament 3000 Foosball Table

Tornado Tournament 3000 Foosball TableSoccer is the most popular sport in the world. Perhaps not in every country but there are 3.5 billion estimated soccer fans worldwide. On the other hand, in the US Foosball has become a favorite sporting event like any other sports. We all have played billiard, snooker, bowling alley but Foosball is the trendiest sport now. You might have seen tournament soccer Foosball tables in a sports bar, in a hotel-motel, in a gym or every other leisure spots. If you have been searching for a trendy Foosball table, you must check out this Tornado Tournament 3000 Foosball Table. Let me remind you that there are hundreds of Foosball tables in the market. Some of them are cheap like inside 300 bucks, some of them are pretty expensive costing you 3000. It is obvious that quality differs one Foosball table to another. Choose one that goes with your criteria. Like, this tornado 3000 Foosball table has some exceptional features: competition handles, brushed aluminum laminate, colorful exterior logo placards, patented 3-piece bearings, counterbalanced players, positive 9-ball drop, game and match score counters, precision-ground red ball, clear playfield trim. It’s an ITSF-Certified Foosball table, and this three goalie Foosball table is based on the single-goalie table’s style. The manufacturer has enabled this table with sharper corners and increased cross section so that we can have accurate ball control and passing. Tornado has made this table through a standard patent of improved gaming style.

What will you do when your opponent is scoring more goals than usual? You can easily defend your team as there are thin-wall split competition bearings for and shot blocking. Tornado has all the specifications a tournament Foosball table must have. For example, the table has stainless-steel laminate, rugged styling, bold logo graphics and also a tough end-protector. It means the exterior and its outlook will be attractive even after few years buying the table. It weights around 225 pounds having a standard dimension, length: 56 inches, width: 30 inches, height: 36 inches.

You might have compared this table with other competition level Foosball tables but to let you know. Tornado Foosball tables are the most popular in the US and most of the college gyms; sports bar have tornado tables. Other Foosball tables such as Garlando, has more of a European style of playing. The Foosball light bulbs look exactly like the given picture. But you may need a friend to help you out when assembling the bottom half. The other portion or top half is pretty much pre-assembled, the men, rods, and handles are already patched together. But be careful when you are buying or ordering online.

This tornado Foosball table has three goalies for protecting the goalpost. If you want one goalie based table, you have to ask the seller to change it into one goalie. The goalie system maybe seems confusing to you. It’s simple. In three goalie based table, there will be three goal keepers instead of one. Some people like one goalie system, others prefer one goalie. Tornado is a trusted manufacturer, and they are in business for 40 years. So they know that is good for Foosball lovers.

Professional Foosball Table

Warrior Professional Foosball TableYou probably have played or seen Foosball tables in a sports bar, in college gym or your friend’s game-room. Going to a bar for a beer is different from going to a bar just to play Foosball right? If you have become tired of playing Foosball in the bars or gyms, it is time to get a professional level Foosball table home. Don’t worry! A professional Foosball table like Warrior will not cost you a thousand bucks. It is a bit cheaper than most of the other professional tables. We usually consider something cheaper means it is lower in quality. But Warrior Professional Foosball Table some exceptional features to be an actual professional level Foosball table. There are lots of other professional tables in the market at this price. You may ask why to choose Warrior Foosball?  This warrior Foosball table has a unique rod guarding system for our safety. That’s why this table is suitable for players of all ages. But it does not affect the playing speed and style of the rods. You can even remove the ‘rod guards’ if you feel uncomfortable.  There are also leg levelers which will allow you to adjust the surface as you want.  The leg levelers also enable the ability to raise and lower each corner of the table. When both opponents hit the table hard, it won’t move as there is rubber surrounding each foots. To give the leg stability, the legs have 5″ wide base, and there is also locking nut included with the legs. There is an optional light mounting bracket. If you want, you can attach a light better visibility. Like a standard Foosball table, this warrior table weighs around 195 pounds, and it is 56 inches long, 32 inches wide, 36 inches high. 

Nothing is much to worry about the assembly as there are tools included. Maybe it will need 25 or 30 minutes to assemble the table. To remind you that it’s a goalie based table. One goalkeeper on each side. This table comes with two extra men, two extra bearings, lube for rods and three balls. On the other hand, sometimes the ball return tube seems not to function. But this isn’t a major issue that will abrupt your game-play. 

Online stores have doorstep delivery system, delivered to your home or office.  As Warrior is a top stature, durable, user-friendly table, professional players mostly prefer this warrior soccer table for its championship play. And also warrior table has been recognized by both the ITSF (International Table Soccer Federation) and USTSF (USA Table Soccer Federation). It is so obvious that you won’t get all the features in it like a two thousand buck Foosball table. But as it is easy to assemble, light weight, easy money, solid materials and great outlooks this table is worth a shot! All the info above will benefit you as this warrior Foosball table review will help you out figuring which Foosball table you are looking for!

Tournament Style Foosball Table

​KICK Foosball Table Royalton

KICK Foosball Table Royalton, 55 InFoosball is a very impressive and innovative game. Everyone loves to play Foosball during their off-time for some refreshment. And if you have a space in your home or a game room then you will love to have a Foosball table out there. If you want to find your preferred one, then you will see it a little bit difficult as the market is full of both high price and quality. So why not spend some more to get a sturdy one which will last longer than others. And for this purpose KICK Foosball Table Royalton is the one for you. KICK is slowly rebuilding its reputation with their high quality and design, though it is not much older than other companies and they might soon become one of the mid-range table manufacturers. If you surely want a beast then go for 55” legend Kick Foosball table. Because of its high-quality performance & high stability is has become a remarkable product of the industry.

Now let’s talk few more things about this fantastic Foosball table. KICK is a USA based top rated company. This Royalton Foosball is made for the royal Foosball players across the world. You will get unforgettable game experience because of unique design, easy dribbling Foosball men, excellent field-play balance and precise player control. Now let’s talk about its structures. This table is one of the best quality product. The main materials of this tournament Foosball table are hardwood and MDF particle board. It is a professional Foosball table. There is premium bearings and ½” playing surface. You will find timely front ball return on each side. To ensure a flat surface, there are 5” sturdy leg levelers with rubber bottom. You can have one goalie design or 3 goalie design the choice is yours. One goalie kit includes rod stoppers and corner ramps. There are 5/8” durable semi-solid steel chromed player rods. You will get two premier KICK balls and two soccer-style balls. The players are made of plastic with red and blue color for home and away direction. You will find eight no-slip wooden handles with Rod safety caps.

Now let’s talk about the dimension of this kick Foosball table. The length is 55 inches, width is 30 inches, and the height is 36 inches. The weight is 148 lbs which are comfortable. The game-play is excellent. It tracks every score there. Now let’s talk why you should buy this professional Foosball table and what is the price? This kick Foosball table is a professional Foosball table, and the most important and amazing thing is you will get the unlimited lifetime warranty from Amazon. This whole package will cost you less than 600. You will get same day shipping opportunity and also some accessories like Rod lubricant and cup-holder completely free. The assembly time will cost minimum 3 hours, and you can’t move one place to another. So you may need one extra person for that. Above I discussed, all about Kick Foosball Table Royalton 55 inch. Search it in your local market area or online and grab it fast.

​Best Indoor/Outdoor Foosball Table

​Garlando Open Air Indoor/Outdoor Weatherproof Foosball Folding Table

Garlando Open Air Indoor/Outdoor Weatherproof Foosball Folding TableSome of the sports equipment is expensive, it’s true! But if you are spending money on sporting equipment, you will want the best benefit from it. Just because it cost some bucks, you don’t want to miss out all the fun stuff right? Playing Foosball table is as fun as playing soccer in a stadium. At least garland Foosball table will ensure all your fun and excitement. This Foosball table is suitable for both indoor and outdoor environment because it’s an open air Foosball table. Not just that it has some uber-cool features too. Now you might be thinking weatherproof Foosball tables aren’t so good looking. You are quite wrong in this case. Just check out the photos! Eye-catching ivory and blue, unique shape and sturdy materials. Having a 19 mm thick weatherproof cabinet, this table is constructed using a creative compound of high-tech plastic materials. In the time of buying a Foosball table, everyone worries whether the players (men) are healthy enough.

Garlando Foosball tables have stylish human figured one-color players who are made with a plastic material (moplen). Players are molded into the rods so that they can’t move or displace, maintains the position very powerfully. The teams are in two colors: white and blue. The legs are 10 mm thick made of the same material as the cabinet. The best part of this garlando outdoor Foosball table is you can easily fold the legs under the table by operating two handles. So you can quickly move this Foosball table from your place to your friend’s.

Most garlando tables are ITSF certified and have rotating goalkeeper only. You can rotate the players as your preference 360 degrees or 180 degrees; both are flexible. The rods are made with three-layer chromium-plating means the bars will not get rusted after several years of rough play. Water-resistant and plastic laminated playfield. There are white lines printed on the green background which will not fade away even in changing the weather. Anti-rust bolts, nuts, and screws with a tropical finish.

To follow the international competition standard garlando football table has standard bars protruding from the cabinet at the handle opposite side. If you want the manufacturer will equip telescopic safety bars in each table on request. There is a hole on each table side to serve the ball. Quick and easy ball recovery system through an exit behind each goal. Assembly is quite easy as the cabinet is pre-assembled. You just have to install the legs and bars. An illustrated instruction comes with the table, so the assembly will not be any trouble. This table doesn’t have counterbalanced men. And there is no outdoor safety cover with it. Easy to assemble, easy to fold, funky outlooks and affordable price.

Probably there isn’t any other folding Foosball table at this price. You summer weekends will not be the same if you bring one of this home. Outdoor is an option, but your game room will be more exciting with a Foosball table in it.

​Best Family Foosball Table

Atomic Pro Force Foosball TableEvery family should spend time together at least once a week. It will strengthen the relationships among the family members and bring confidence to the kids. Watching a movie in conjunction with the family is not a good idea. A little bit sports, little bit exercise, little bit excitement all we want. As a family Foosball table Atomic Pro Force has all the coolest features and the price is really affordable for every family in the States. Let’s see the features first! This atomic Foosball table is light weight, around 100 pounds. But it hasn’t affected the table’s dimension, just like a standard Foosball table it is 56 inches in long, 29.5 inches in wide and 34.5 inches in height. Manufacturers make most of the Foosball table keeping in mind that only young or young adult people play Foosball. That’s why most of the Foosball table have flashy lights, funky colors and sometimes weird designs. The Atomic Pro force Foosball table is not one of that funky table. It has light wooden color on the main body, and the legs are black. Just straightforward and classy! The table contains MDF materials, with durable rich bamboo laminate. Hallow steel rods and octagonal rubber handles make the game very smooth. Built in ball-return meaning after scoring a goal the ball will automatically come up on the playing surface.

The table has 3.5’’ leg levelers so that the table stands strong even in a tough game. It also ensures an even surface. The players (men) are one colored. One team is black color; another one is bisque color. Players are strongly attached to the rods so that they can never displace. The players will rotate according you want. There are four balls come with this atomic Foosball table.

Pros: standard outlooks. An excellent Foosball table for beginners, children, family playing. You can easily assemble this Foosball table. Sturdy enough for kids. The price will not disappoint you nor the materials. It is available both online and local market.

Cons: this table is not for tournament or serious level Foosball players. The players are not counter-weighted but totally scorable. Not an outdoor/waterproof table. If you want to keep it outside make sure you put a cover on it.

Atomic is a renowned sports equipment manufacturer, and their products have positive reviews from us the customers. Manufactured in China and the table has a 90 days warranty with it. For a fun family weekend, this table is absolutely buy-able!

Foosball Table For Kids

Best Choice Products 48" Foosball TableTechnology has brought us so many things that have got attached to it. Kids these days don’t out to play football or soccer or anything. Most of the kids are more interested in playing virtual games than an outdoor sport. But Dr. Glyn Roberts from the University of Illinois says, “Sport can affect a child’s development of self-esteem and self-worth. It is also within the sport that peer status and peer acceptance is established and developed.” So at least elders in the house should be aware of this issue. This piece of article is only for giving you a useful Foosball table reviews for your kids. If your search for a kids Foosball table has gone too far reading reviews and seeking web sites, it’s time to stop and get one Best Choice Products 48″ Foosball Table home. The features, the price is exactly what you have been looking for! The table will cost you less than a hundred buck. Let’s go through the elements! The table has ample size. The dimension of the table measures 48 inches long, 24 inches wide, and 33 inches high. The format is compact so that you can move the table to another place quickly, fits into any possible position. Even after that, there will be enough room to play with up to four people at a time.

This Foosball table comes with a complete set. Complete set means the schedule includes two soccer balls, two cup holders, and two score trackers. The rods are sturdy, and there are comfort grips on every handlebar and safety cap on the opposite side of the same rods. The table is constructed of medium density fiberboard. You don’t have to put any grease or oil to run the bars smoothly as they have chrome finished steel rods.  So the table will surely last long. The table has classy and straightforward outlooks, and the playing surface (field) is smooth for a consistent game. A lightweight table as low as 50 pounds. The players (men) rotate according to your want, even when you hold upside down. A bit assembly is needed before start playing Foosball.

The table comes with an assembly instruction manual. You will need a range and screwdriver to set up the table, and it will probably take 1 or 1.5 hours to assemble the whole table. Easy to put together, useful materials, but to remind you this table is not for professional level game-play. But this Foosball table will ensure a little competition, a little fun on the weekends with your family members. Don’t doubt the materials as the price is pretty low.

​Best Foosball Coffee Table

Chicago Gaming Signature Foosball Coffee TableBilliard, snooker, dart, bowling table tennis, chess used to be classy indoor sports for passing times. Now you would understand how exciting it is to playing Foosball table than any of those indoor games. You would probably find a Foosball table in pubs, sports clubs, school gyms, college gyms. But there are different genres in Foosball tables. Some tables are at the professional level; some are for beginners. Some have flashy out looks; some have dull. On the other hand, there is Chicago Gaming Signature Foosball Coffee Table which is not just a sturdy Foosball table but also a regular coffee table. This product is a combination of great features, good looks, reasonable price and household usage. Talking about its features this Foosball coffee table has telescopic rods, octagonal solid hardwood handles, and adjustable leg levelers. The handles are protected with a smoothly shaped wooden cover. The table has solid wood scoring beads and stainless steel ball returning system. Many expensive Foosball tables don’t have automatic ball return system but this gaming coffee table. You won’t feel this table like a sports bar Foosball table because this table is an outstanding furniture.

Why it is a beautiful grade furniture because This table has hand carved wood deta. The dimension of this table is 47.6 inches long, 28 inches wide and 20 inches high. And it weights around 75 pounds. The legs are solid wood, so the surface won’t move while playing the game. The upper surface is a sleek glass top. The lower surface/self is all wood with veneers, including the playing surface. Most of the cheap Foosball tables have cardboard. There is a lot of space on the lower shelf for storing magazines, books or other accessories on the bottom shelf.

As you can see in the picture, there are two (blue and red) colored teams. They rotate to a maximum level, and they will stay stuck in the same place. To remind you some important info, this is not a regular styled Foosball table. The handles are always out, so be careful while walking around the table especially for the kids. But as the height of the table is shorter than usual tables kids will be pleased to play Foosball in it.

Chicago Gaming Company is a renowned sports equipment manufacturer, making and distributing pinball, Foosball, and pool tables and arcade machine. When it’s a coffee table and Foosball table, so you don’t need to worry about the fun and comfort at the same time. Just sit with your friends in home and start playing!

Wooden Foosball Table

​Designer Home Foosball Table

Designer Home Foosball TableBetter the table, better the game play. You will never be satisfied if your fooseball table doesn’t suit your game room or your apartment. The search for a classy and stylish Foosball table will end up right after you see this designer Foosball table. Looks, features, price, materials everything will suit you and your personality. What makes it so unique? First of all the table is all wooden, with Chestnut or darker Mahogany, there is no cardboard or synthetic materials in it. And most interesting part is it looks like an antique Mahogany furniture. But don’t get it wrong as antique furniture are quite fragile. This table has veneer inlay cabinet, and the Queen Anne legs are giving the table a strong stand. The handle rods are stainless. The handles are easy to grip, there is also protective wooden cover on the opposite side of the handle. The players (men) are powerfully stuck to the rods, and you can rotate them as you want. But the players (men) can be confusing as they look kind of the same color. One team has a white shirt, and blue pants and the other team has a white shirt and wooden color pants. But once you start playing Foosball regularly the colors won’t be a matter anymore.

The manufacturer has set up the score counters into the cabinet for giving a sleek look. There is two ball return in this table. The dimension of this table is pretty standard 35 inches high, 55 inches long and 30 inches wide, and it weighs around 160 pounds. And you should know that the table has three goalie system, it means three goalkeepers. Some other reminders are: the players (men) are not counter balanced. But the players are durable, made with hard plastic. The assembly is pretty easy.

The table comes with an instruction manual and will take 2 hours to assemble. If you have a toolkit, you can assemble this table without anyone’s help. But as the table’s shipment will be heavy you may need another person’s help to carry out to your place. Sports equipment that looks like a King’s table, that’s the dream! Just call up a friend on the weekends to have the excitement and fun at the same time. This designer Foosball table is made by ‘Fairview Game Rooms’ who is a renowned manufacturer of indoor sports equipment. Most online shops will deliver this free to your home. And you’ll probably get a warranty with it.

Folding Foosball Table

​HLC 4ft Foldable Soccer Table

HLC 4ft Folding Foosball TableWhat are the things you are searching for in a Foosball table? Price, looks, convenience, features and much more. At the same time, you might be worried about placing the Foosball table in your apartment or your game room. Your worries are reasonable because a Foosball table will eat up space of almost 3 or 4 square feet in your apartment. So in this case, a folding Foosball table is the savior. And what’s better than the HLC 4ft Foldable Soccer Table? HLC is a premium grade Foosball-table manufacturer. The company has constructed the table with high-quality MDF, and the cabinet of this folding table football is finished with wood grain laminate. Wood grain means the cabinet looks more classy and modern. The playing field is made of 3mm MDF which means the surface will not warp. So your game play will not interrupt in any issue! The football field/graphics has 3mm green lint, perfect for a Foosball table. You can see in the picture, for safety there are 12mm/9mm MDF edge panels on both sides of the table.Now, a fascinating part of this Foosball table is the espresso finished legs. In one side, there are typical folding legs, but on the other side, there is ‘L shaped’ leg with cross support beams (12.7mm plated horizontal rod). So you have to fold this table vertically. And as there is ‘L shaped’ it will hold the folded table very strongly. The leg is also made of also MDF (Medium-density fiberboard) materials. In other features the rods are made of stainless chromium, E-Z spin bearings, there are octagonal handles made of soft touched rubber for your comfortable grip. ABS counterbalanced players for a consistent Foosball game. Both teams are one colored; one yellow, and one red. Auto scorers on both side, internal ball entry and return system, there is also a non-automatic ball return space on the longer side.

It’s a foldaway Foosball table; still, it has a standard dimension such as 48 inches long, 24 inches wide and 32 inches high and it weighs around 50 pounds. So both adults and high school kids can play on this table quickly. This table comes with two balls as accessories. You may be thinking, what would be the height of this table when it is folded/standing? It is like, the cabinet of the table plus one foot. The folding procedure is following: Firstly, you have to loosen the knobs on the stationary legs (the L formed ones) to raise the table upright then you need to re-fix those handles. There are pins to hold that segment so that it doesn’t flip back accidentally.

Now, the knobs for the other legs would be able to relax, and you can bring down those legs towards the underside of the table, the knobs of the other legs should be tightened again. Lastly, you can move the folded table to your preferred place easily. All these great features made this table a significant choice just under hundred and fifty bucks. Available online and in the local market too.

Cheap Foosball Table

​Best Choice Products Striker Zone Tabletop Foosball Table

Best Choice Products Striker Zone Tabletop Foosball TableTable football is one of the best sources of entertainment. It is often played in pubs, bars, workplaces, schools and even in our homes. The popularity of this game has increased a lot because it is one of the best indoor game without any hesitations. But though it is one of the best indoor game and loved by all, sometimes you have to find the perfect one for you as there are lots of variations in price-tags. Because some tabletop Foosball tables are quite big and some of them are small. If you want to get a good Foosball table within lower cost, then you have to rely on The Best Choice products like Striker Zone Tabletop Foosball Table. Best Choice Products Striker Zone Tabletop Foosball Table is one of the best in the market.

Let’s talk about this tabletop fooseball table. Striker zone tabletop Foosball is a mini Foosball table. It is made by MDF materials which is unique. You will see chrome plated rods with various color.

The handles are covered by rubber for the comfort of the grip. Also, the handles are very smooth and easy to use. This Foosball table is designed 3-man goalie system with 18 total players. These players are red and blue colored, and it looks very eye-catching for anyone. This tabletop foosball has a very smooth surface, and it is also frictionless too. There is two score post and goal post available. The playing rods have wooden handles and can shot faster and stronger. The players are designed for colorful plastic to make them realistic. You will find a slide ball return system which will allow you to continue the game without unnecessary breaks.

It is very compact in shape, and you don’t need to waste necessary space for this match. You can set up anywhere you want as it is a mini Foosball table. For example, in the office, school, pub, and club anywhere you want. It is very lightweight and portable too as its weight is only 18 lbs. It has low table height, and I is designed for all ages, especially for kids. If you look at the dimension, you will see it is 37 inches long, 30 inches wide and 8.25 inches high. This Foosball table is multicolored, and it will help special kids for choosing their favorite color. The ball is 1.5 diameter. So when you get this table, some assembly may be needed.

Now let’s come to the main part. After knowing all these information, I think you want to know how much it will cost. The price is low as it is a very cheap Foosball table. You can grab this product just under 45. It is impossible to get a good Foosball table as much cheaply as it is.

Mini Foosball Table

Sport Squad FX40 Foosball TableFoosball is an excellent source of entertainment all over the world. It is a fantastic indoor game which can enjoy all the people out there. You can define this as a game or sport which primary target is to score as many goals against the opponent. There are lots of small Foosball table out there, but among them, Sport Squad FX40 Foosball table is one of the best in the budget.

Now let’s give some information about this tabletop Foosball.  It is a top-notch Foosball table and must have for anyone. Sport squad fx40 is a mini Foosball table which can be easily set in your home or office or anywhere you want. You don’t need any game room for your setting. There is wood grain detailing design all over the surface of the table, which is very elegant and attractive. It is also improved by a bronze finish that is very sleek and modern. This compact tabletop Foosball table offers a swift action competitive game. There is also non-marking pads to prevent scratches on floors, tabletops, or other furniture.

The table is green in color, and it looks very appealing and also made of highly durable and vigorous fiberboard rather than regular particle boards. Oversized and thick leg provides optimum stability during the high intensity while playing. The playing rods have wooden handles and can shot faster and stronger. The players are designed for colorful plastic to make them realistic. Very high-quality steel and chrome plating is used to make the player rods appealing and more powerful. To improve the accuracy when passing and shooting these durable players have been strategically molded.  There is a three-person goalie design in this Foosball table. This tabletop football has slide system, and by this, you can track your all scoring updates. This amazing Foosball table is just around 16 pound, and it gives you enough portability. Let’s come to the dimension, and it is 40 inches long, 20 inches wide, and 8 inches high. You will find a slide ball return system, which will allow you to continue the game without unnecessary breaks. The handles are also rubber grooved which gives extra grip. The frame of this table is gorgeous, which is covered in black color and also has a colorful exterior too. You will get two soccer Foosball too with it.

Now let’s talk about the price-tag of this masterpiece indoor game. Among lots of Foosball tables out there, this fx40 is one of the cheapest Foosball tables, and you will get it near around 60. After getting your Foosball table, you need 20 minutes to assemble the whole thing.

Tabletop Foosball Table

Tabletop Foosball TableFoosball is one of the best indoor game for having fun all over the world. It is an excellent game for any –one or a family who want to have a proper weekend and also want to move away from the TV set for a while. People of all ages love this game. Though it looks a little bit heavy, the tabletop Foosball table fits nicely on top of any existing table or high place. It is so attractive that your child and even you will be addictive in playing.

Now let’s talk about the best Tabletop Foosball table in the budget. There’s a lot of Foosball tables in the market but designed by Harvil Foosball tabletop is one of the best in every aspect. It has a compact design and excellent features. Its assembled dimension: 38 inches long, 19.75 inches width and 8 inches high. Weight is around 12.13 pounds. There are a durable cabinet and stable legs with non-marking pads. Also, silver steel rods with rubber handles and it is non-slip. There is also ball pockets for easy retrieval and deluxe bearings for obtaining maximum ball control and shot precision. The hexagonal soccer style and silver non-slip rubber handle add flare in this mini Foosball table which is entirely constructed of wood. It will fulfill your expectations while playing Foosball. The excellent graphical look has a portable and convenient design which offers its flexibility and smoothness. You can adjust this mini Foosball table to your kitchen counter, coffee table or in the floor too. It is very easy for carrying in the back of your car while going a trip.

So when you buy this tabletop Foosball, every part will be there and you don’t need to worry about anything. You will get things like eight hand grips, two black and white balls, durable and molded Foosball men, and silver scoring units also assembly manual too. Just read the instructions and add the parts carefully.There is 90-day warranty period for this product, and you can repair or replace any defective parts at no cost in that time. Shipping charge is free. You just have to be a little bit careful while moving the table and assembling parts. Mainly this is a USA product, and they are probably one of the best fooseball table makers in the world. This Harvil has lots of table games. This tabletop Foosball table is no exception.

If you talk about the manufacturing quality, then it is also amazing which gives it the proper durability for many games. There is also advanced grade bearings, and by this, the players can play faster and accurately. The Harvil is a fantastic company. They have also satisfying customer services. There is also 3-goalie setup by which you can work around through corner shots in this fooseball table. Now let’s talk about the price. You can get this fantastic table top football indoor game just under fifty bucks, and it is very much satisfying. And the most amazing part is, you will get two extra balls free with this Foosball game. So don’t be late! Hurry up and pick-up the best one from online or nearby offline shops.

How to Pick the Best Fooseball Table or What should consider before buying a Foosball Table

The newest trend is everyone looks for reviews before buying anything significant. And the pattern is quite helpful and economical too. You don’t want to lose your money on some random product without gathering some info about it. For example, Foosball table reviews will guide you through buying your preferable Foosball table. According to Forbes Magazine 2017, soccer is the most popular game in the world. And Foosball the latest version of soccer/football for playing indoors. You can play Foosball with one or more friends. The maximum numbers of player are 4. Playing foosball is not just an exciting game but also a stress reliever. If you haven’t tried it yet, now is the time to know more about this cool sport.

How to pick the best foosball table 2017

Types of Foosball Table

Foosball tables are different based on their different price, design, features, and manufacturers. Your gaming experiences will differ from one Foosball table to another. Like, most of the sports bar has the coin-operated Foosball table for making them more competitive. On the other hand, table-top Foosball tables are more useful for kids and beginners. Let’s check out all the Foosball table brands and their types.

Tabletop Foosball Table

Best Foosball TableThese Foosball tables are small, precise, and relatively cheaper than other Foosball tables. Almost all the available table-top Foosball tables are under a hundred bucks. You can set a table-top Foosball table anywhere you want: on a dining table, or a coffee table or even on a bed. Find a flat surface that’s it! Table-top is the particular Foosball table for kids. But dorm room or college guys are attracted to it because of its precise dimension. And it can be easily carried to other locations. But table-top Foosball tables will not provide you with excitement as different tournament level Foosball tables. This type of Foosball tables is for lighter fun.

Standard Foosball Table

Foosball table reviewsThe thing is there is no such thing as a standard Foosball table because you will not find anything called standard Foosball table in the online market or/and offline market. But a lot of Foosball tables have some standard criteria which make them qualified as standard Foosball tables or upgraded Foosball tables. Price: these Foosball tables will cost you around one hundred to three hundred bucks. Materials: real wood is ideal for a Foosball table, but most of the standard Foosball tables are made of MDF (Medium-density fiberboard) particle. Design, weight, and dimension: these standard tables have classy designs, and weighs around 50pounds. And their moderate size is about 50 inches long, 28 inches wide, and 12 inches high. Durability: standard Foosball tables are the best for the weekend and leisure game-plays.

Tournament Style Foosball Table

mini foosball tableMost of the tournament level Foosball tables are custom made still some manufacturer sell attractive tournament Foosball tables. A tournament style foosball table must be durable to bear much pressure. Tornado, Warrior use sturdy Foosball table parts for manufacturing with lots of other features. If you are going to purchase a tournament Foosball table, consider the following specifications. Materials: it should be an ITSF-Certified Foosball table. Sturdy cabinet, stainless rods, soft handlebars. Design, weight, and dimension: every other manufacturer designs tournament tables differently. Some are wooden made; some are aluminum. The goalie is another factor. Check if your Foosball table is one goalie based or three goalies found. You should also check if the table has stainless-steel laminate, rugged styling, bold logo graphics, and even a tough end-protector. A standard dimension is 56 inches long, 30 inches wide, 36 inches high. And it would weigh around 220 pounds. Price: a tournament-style Foosball table costs you ranging from three hundred to three thousand bucks. You should not rely on poor quality Foosball table as you will play tournaments on it.

Coin-Operated Foosball Tables

Anyone would agree that they all have noticed Foosball table in a sports bar for the first time. It is true, indeed! Based on several features that bar’s Foosball table is slightly different from regular table-top, standard Foosball tables. Coin-operated tables are way more expensive, specially made for playing in the bars, gyms, waiting-stations; where you have to pay coins to play. Maybe some of the coin-operated tables are professional football table. However, you should not be interested in buying this type of over-weighted, high Foosball tables for your home.

What to Look for In Your New Foosball Table:

Perhaps the most crucial question is what are the qualities make a foosball table buyable! What are the things a new user of foosball table should look? Well, it’s not rocket science. Get some quick info before buying a foosball table. Like –


First and foremost factor is the budget. Kids’ Foosball tables are quite cheap, under one hundred bucks. A good quality Foosball table for your home or game room will cost you between 300 and 1000. But if you think you will have a lot of friends coming over to your place for Foosball, go for a tournament level, pro-Foosball table. It will cost more than one thousand bucks!


When you are living in an apartment in NYC, Chicago, Boston; space does matter. A moderate size/dimension is preferable in this case. People have a backyard, or a separate game-room can prefer a Foosball table with a bigger size. But it is true that larger the table, better the fun. That’s why tournament style foosball tables have the right dimension. For example, a smart size is a length: around 55 inches, width: about 30 inches and height: approximately 28 inches. Get an approximate idea of how much space will fit in your place.


Not all the companies provide the warranty with a Foosball table. So check whether the Foosball table has a warranty! Some renowned manufacturers like Hathaway, KICK, Atomic, Harvil, Tornado, and Warrior provide a limited 90 days warranty. Sometimes they offer a lifetime warranty. Assurance is a bit tricky factor. Sometimes a product requires amendment in a few days; sometimes it doesn’t require modification at all.


The strength of a Foosball table depends on the materials. Different parts are made of different materials. For cabinets, MDF particles are used. On the other side; wooden, or laminate has better durability. Stainless rods, counterbalanced players (men), solid legs, decorated playfield are primary criteria for a durable Foosball table. Prices are another factor here. Expensive products will have more features, quality, and durability. But sometimes it is vice versa. Check all the product details before buying a Foosball table to avoid unsatisfactory situations.


Companies use different methods and substances for manufacturing Foosball tables. Handmade products are least available in the present market. So you have to find the best quality current market. In that case, remember three materials when you purchase a Foosball.

  • Wooden is the top quality for cabinet and legs.
  • Composite constructions are also suitable for simple game-play.
  • Particle board is moderate quality for manufacturing Foosball tables.

Do notice the product description before purchasing a Foosball table.

Who’s It For?

Sports doesn’t have age restrictions. Anyone is free to play any game, anytime. Even the Foosball game is suitable for kids, young adults, and adults, basically everyone. That’s why a lot of different shapes, sizes of Foosball tables are available in the market. For example, Best Choice Products 48″ Foosball Table for kids; Tornado, Warrior Foosball tables for adults. There are also folding Foosball tables for the people who live in small apartments. Like, HLC 4ft Foldable Soccer Table, Garlando Open Air Indoor/Outdoor Weatherproof Foosball Folding Table. Most of the Foosball tables have some unique features to ensure people of all ages can play it.

How Much Space?

It depends on the size of the Foosball table on how much space you need to place in your place. You also require some more space around the table so that you and your mates can play the game smoothly. I.e., a standard dimension of a Foosball table is 55 inches long, 30 inches wide, 35 inches high. For this table, you will need at least 3 feet of extra space around the table. Think about how much space requires a coffee table and four chairs around it. For short game-play, you can choose a folding Foosball table so that you can fold and store it in another place when you are not playing. But kids’ Foosball tables, tabletop Foosball tables need a little space comparing to other regular Foosball tables.

Easy Assemble

Probably the most asked questions are about the assembly of a Foosball table. Well, you will need a few hours of assembling a Foosball table. It depends on what meal you bought. Tabletop, folding Foosball tables takes less time to gather. Tournament level or coin-operated counters take bit more time to set up and assemble. But you will get assembly instruction manual with all the Foosball tables. Most of the tables have a pre-assembled cabinet, surface. So you need to set up the legs. If you have a stool kit, there will be no tension. And if you have anyone to help you out, that’s better.

Three-Man or Single Goalie:

Some advertisements can confuse you as there are two types of the goalkeeper. Let’s see the difference. Some Foosball tables have one man as a goalkeeper just like a standard soccer game. On the other hand, some Foosball tables have three men in front of the goal posts as a goalkeeper. Playing Foosball with one goalie is more competitive. But for beginners, the three-person goalie system is beneficial. A lot of manufacturers providing customize goalie system. It means they will set up the goalie according to your preference.

Goalie Configuration

It depends on your preferences, three goalies is more protective, but one goalie is more competitive. Most of the Foosball table brands are made of one goalie system. Still, brands like Tornado is best known for the three-goalie system. However, the good thing is manufacturing companies are aware of this issue, and they can configure the goalie system according to a customer’s wants. Tell the manufacturer which goalie system you want before ordering the Foosball table. It’s better if you have played Foosball table on both goalie system or at least seen them.

Table Levelers

It means whether you can level the table surface or not, according to your need. There are two types of leg levelers in Foosball tables. Ones are with fixed legs, and others have adjustable legs. With fixed pins, you don’t have to do much. Place the table on a flat, sturdy surface. But most of the high-quality Foosball tables have adjustable legs. Like, Chicago Gaming Signature Foosball Table, Tornado Tournament Foosball tables. Some table legs have screws and nuts to adjust the height of the tabletop/surface. There is also an option for adding spinning leg levelers for easy up and down. You need to pay some extra bucks for adding this feature.

Shopping by Player Skill Level

We all familiar with the Foosball game and it is a game and also called mini soccer. It is one of the most popular indoor game at this moment, and people all over the world are playing it. Two or four players can play the game in a single table. Each player controls the poles using the handles. This game is enjoyed by the adults too, and there is the world championship every year for this game. So you can imagine how competitive this game is. So if you are a fan of this Foosball game, then you must have the desire to keep one in your house or work-place. But before you buy a Foosball table, you should know some basics and follow some rules to get the best quality. There are lots of varieties and models for different kind of players such as some are beginners, or some are in intermediate level or some are professional players in Foosball. Let’s talk about serial-wise about this matter.

Beginners (and kids)

If you are a beginner and started playing Foosball recently, then you should go for the tabletop foosball table where you can practice a lot and develop your skill. This kind of meals are lightweight, and you can quickly move one place to another. Also, it is cheap. So learning would be great with this table. It is not for last long.


Then come to the intermediate level players. As they are quite experienced and have some skill, a mid-level table which is sturdy and made of high-quality materials would be perfect for them. It has a flat playing surface and smooth rods also. There are adjustable legs too, which experiences players will appreciate. For example, Hathaway primo Foosball table one of the best foosball table for intermediaries.


Now let’s talk about the professional or advanced level Foosball players. This kind of players are the master of this game, and they bagged all variety of skills out there. So the Foosball table also must best. They prefer regulation sized and top of the line Foosball table and also durable too. The quality of the construction should be highest and sturdy. The playing surface must be flat, and the rods should move smoothly. The game quality depends on the surface and structure, so these sectors are significant. This kind of high-end tournament table is a dream to play for everyone. Check out the other pages to know more about the Best Foosball Table Brands.


This Foosball table buying guide has provided a lot of insights about Foosball tables. And hopefully, you can figure out which Foosball table you want to buy now. If you’re still confused, reach out to your friends and discuss the foosball table details. Almost all the Foosball tables are available online. So half of your stress will leave there!

Foosball Table Setup

foosball table review

If you want to learn Foosball game, then you have to own a Foosball table for sure. And if you are a die-hard fan, then you already have a Foosball table in your house. If not, grab one quick because it is the source of entertainment and a real Foosball lover can’t live without it. If you choose to get a second-hand table, then you don’t need to get panic about Foosball table set up. But if you buy a new table from Amazon, then you must know how to set it up correctly. Now let’s talk about how to assemble a Foosball table.

How to Assemble a Foosball Table

Setting up a new Foosball table can be both exciting and challenging for anyone. Several parts need to gather, and you have to assemble them sequentially. The whole package will come with an instruction book that will help you a lot. You have to be careful if you are not much technical like me then you have to take help from other people who have some idea about it because it will help you to finish the job apparently without any problem. The best part is that, for those persons who do not wish to assemble the table themselves, Amazon offers a package for those people which will get you a professional to do the job for you. Mainly it will take two hours or more by their standards. My suggestion is to get the help from those experts as they have enough experiences and there is much safer, and also you can save your time too. Now let’s talk about the paid Package of an Assembly from Amazon.

Purchase an Assembly Package from Amazon

As I have said earlier, if you don’t want to be panic about setting up the table, then the better work for you is to get the assemble package from Amazon. They are all experts, and they will fit your schedule correctly, and you don’t need to worry about any problems. Now let’s talk about what will include in the package.

The Amazon assembly includes foosball table set up with the construction of one customer-supplied foosball table diagram. But the movement to another location is not allowed. And they will take at least 2 hours for their work.

But if you want to assemble the table on your own, then you have to follow the instructions given below.

Setting Up Your Foosball Table on Your Own

So if you decide to set up the table, then I like to tell you it’s a brave decision. It is not the straightforward task at all. Many people failed in the middle of assembling, and it’s challenging a task. So let’s talk about it briefly. After getting the delivery, you have to check the all parts if there were any missing or not. Then check again to verify. If you have a playing room, then that would be great otherwise choose a suitable place to set it up. Because a Foosball table might be a little bit heavy and you don’t want to move it from one place to another again and again. Most of the experts will suggest you start from the bottom side. So I will advise you to start with setting up the legs of the table to the cabinet. You can do it by flipping the cabinet over the top. If you read the manual carefully, then you will understand where to put the bolt and screw.

So if you have done with the bottom part the turn over the table and this will make the further works smooth. Then you have to put the rods perfectly. There are total 8 rods, four on each side. Each rod has three men. By looking at the entire length of the rod, you can easily distinguish between the goalie and the forward rod. Their offensive counterpart is bigger than goalie three man rod. Because ugly rods are designed a little bit longer for extra smoothness and advantage. You should start by sliding the rods through any end of the foosball table.

By this put one by one and then slide the black bumper followed by. In the last slide the last bumper and slide the rod through other ends. You have to be careful while doing this work as you don’t want to make any mistakes there. Carefully put the bracer block between the rod and the table to help prevent the rods from warping. You will get the block with your table setting. Then align the holes in the man with the rods carefully and for the slide down the holes grab a pin to secure them in the rods. You can use a foosball pin punch tools to place inside the pin. Then until the pin is completely hidden hammer the pin punch tool. You have to repeat the process for all the rods.

After following this method, you will set up the rods and mans on the table. You should have some tool mechanics knowledge besides the foosball table manual for better work. It is necessary because a lot of people complain that the instructions are not accurate in many foosball manuals and some different table settings have some different parts. And by chance, if you face this kind of problem then it will be tough for you. If the manufactures made some mistake and some parts are not there, then you can easily detect them and contact them. That’s why you should have some basic knowledge about mechanics.

To avoid all these situations I will suggest you not to do it alone in the home and please take help from professionals and Amazon will love to give you the support anytime. Though you are very adventurous, then it’s ok for you. There are some other sites where you can find about Foosball table set up mechanism. Let’s talk about them!

Other Sites That Offer Foosball Table Set Up

We all aware of YouTube and yes it is one of the best places where you will find all your solutions there. You can also see some videos on how to set up a Foosball table. All you have to go to the site and search there. You will get all your desired solutions in video format there.


There is nothing more important than to have a device for your recreation in your apartment or outlet which will give you extra boost or enjoyment and Foosball table is one of them. But you have to look carefully is the setting is proper or not because a lousy background can ruin your fun. It will also keep you away from playing the Foosball game. So above all, I can suggest that you can take external help from the assembly package or you could take the challenge of setting it up by yourself. Whichever decision you make the primary task would be the proper setting and the enjoyment. So think carefully and take the right choice!

Foosball Table Assembly Video

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