Chicago Gaming Signature Foosball Coffee Table Review


The best example of ‘Two birds with one stone’. I am going to expose to you something here in Chicago Gaming Signature Foosball Coffee Table Review, which is really more than your expectations. Best combination of soccer table and coffee table. If you need to combine your coffee break with the fun of Foosball games, then it will be the best one to match your requirements. Not only in the game area, now you may start having game fun in any living space as it is suitable for any room. The beautiful design, exceptional concept, and quality parts all give this table an authentic identity. In one word, attractive and expectable with all of its lucrative features. You don’t need to wait anymore till Sunday. Rather you may even have the game taste with your counterpart when you go to bed in every day.



This is an Italian designed Foosball coffee table. Beautiful and attractive design. All Foosball men are hand painted. Fine furniture grade workmanship and aesthetic accents. All these beauties give a different identity to this table. The up-to-date design of this soccer table can defeat any other Foosball tables in the market. The table is more famous because of its sporadic combination design concept.

High quality and durable built

The table is constructed of solid hardwoods. Unique quality wood and all materials. The elegant frame adds some extra permanency to this table. The playfield is furniture grade with inlaid wood veneers, octagonal solid hardwood handles, solid wood scoring beads, stainless steel ball returns and adjustable leg levelers all these parts have superior quality. This unique Foosball coffee table won’t make you upset for a long time as it ensures the long life with its rich materials. You can make an add as Foosball coffee table for sale even after using this table for a long time.

Great for use as a coffee table or game night

You may quite clear now about this table from the Chicago Gaming Signature Foosball Coffee Table Review. No doubt, the coffee table is one of the most necessary furniture of your house. You can pass your days, even if you don’t have Foosball coffee table big lots. But could you imagine a day without a coffee table? Or if you are not a Foosball freaky but love to have some game fun before sleeping with your kids or counterpart, then I would suggest you pick this soccer gaming table for your bedroom. It will expand your home decor so smartly. From outside, it seems a coffee table only. But entirely it serves as a Foosball table as well. You will find it as a great coffee table and game table as well.

Solid hardwood construction and hand-carved detailing

The table has a fantastic body structure with authentic quality solid hardwood. This coffee table Foosball is excellent with hand-carved wood detail. Octagonal solid hardwood handles, scoring beads of solid wood, solid wood leg levelers, authentic playing surface all are done with unique quality solid hardwood.

Chicago Gaming Signature Foosball Coffee Table Review

Adjustable leg levelers for smooth and even gameplay

The table has adjustable leg levelers. These help the table to stand anywhere with full of stability. These keep the playing surface smooth and make ready an even gameplay to organize an unfluctuating soccer table game.

Sleek tempered glass top and functional shelf below

The exceptional and most attractive feature is the glass top of the table. Some people find this glass unsustainable on the table. True is, this sleek glass is more sturdy to give the table a long life. You can keep your beer bottle or coffee cup on the glass and keep continue your game. And the below shelf will cooperate with the coffee table to store some magazines or story books. So, your guests won’t be bored to have a cup of coffee with this table.

Perfect for all

It is a boundless piece for a group of people who are really choosy about their furniture. Many parents pick it up for their children and teens who are in the early stage of Foosball game. This is the best for introducing with the game at starting stage. Beginners do not find any imperfection of this table. This excellent Foosball coffee table is perfect for all ages and all level players except the players who are used to play on the full-sized table.


  • Suitable for both living and game room.
  • Exceptional telescopic rods.
  • Best combination of Foosball table coffee table
  • Coolest one for soccer table game.
  • Perfect for family and friends together.
  • Small and easy to move from one to another living groom.
  • It conveys a brand value of ‘Chicago Gaming’.
  • Constructed of best quality materials.

Cons and Solution

  • Not suitable for serious and super-fast play.
  • Solution: It is not done for super-fast players. But if you are an intermediate or beginner player it won’t disturb you to continue a vigorous play anyway. This gaming coffee table is made for the two services. You may look after another one if you are a professional or super-fast player as I have exposed every table to you here.
  • Not perfect as full-sized Foosball tables.
  • Solution: It is not only a game equipment rather an important furniture for your home. And it has been designed on the basis of all room perfection not only in the game room. It is suitable for any living room whereas a full-size foosball table is not.
  • Six rows instead of traditional eight rows.
  • Solution: This table is providing three rows to each player. It’s a bit tough to better control with three rows. And this makes the game less challenging. But, as it is not featured on the super-fast and hard game, it won't stop you in the middle.

(FAQS) Frequently Asked Questions For The Chicago Gaming Signature Foosball Coffee Table


  • Q: I am enough serious about my play and a bit choosy about my furniture. Should I buy this one as it is best looking than others?
  • A: It depends on. If you think that you will be able to cope up with the game style on Chicago Gaming Signature Table, you can add this to your game room. Or I have researched more tables here for you, you can choose any one from these.
  • Q: What is the exact size of this table?
  • A: The length is 47 5/8 inches, width is 28 inches and the height is 20 inches. Total weight is 75 pounds.
  • Q: Won't the sleek glass disturb in the play?
  • A: No. The glass is crystal clear. You may continue the play without any trouble. Rather it will help you to keep your beer bottle or coffee cup on it during the play. It is quite comfortable.


Everyone waits for ‘buy one get one’ offers. And here, you are being offered one of your most important furniture with your expected Foosball table or vice versa. You are getting an indoor game equipment and a most attractive classy furniture for your interior decor. This table combines a Foosball table with the splendor of a standard coffee table through an excellent way. You may complete your thorough research about this product from this Chicago Gaming Signature Foosball Coffee Table Review. You will find this table as the most exclusive, superior hilarious and ridiculously cool piece for your game room or living room. If you are choosy about your coffee table or game table, then it the best one for you.

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