EA Sports 56″ Foosball Table review


Foosball table is a table game equipment. You will get a table with an original sporty look in EA Sports 56″ Foosball Table review. The soccer table reveals your sporty attitude. EA sports provides different types of game equipment for different level enjoyments. They bring the variety in game fun. I am going to share with you one of the best products of EA sports. The quality and concept of this table are higher than its price. Though this is a Foosball table only, but it doesn’t mind if you make a friendship with a little dartboard. That’s why it arrives your home with a simple dartboard also. No way not to be convinced as it is arriving with a bonus for you.



Fantastic look. It is perfect for your home if you want to make a real environment of play for its sporty look. Undoubtedly, it is best as an outdoor Foosball table. If you have a workplace or a bar then it will be the best one for the play and art as well. Deep blue surface with 26 handcrafted players, traditional bead scoring system, chrome plated metal rods, 5-inch leg levelers all are combined so exquisitely. EA sports table will help you to find the most beautiful and best Foosball table.


This football table game has a dimension of 56LX28.75WX34.5H. And the weight is 92Ibs. The size is pretty good for soccer table game. You can add this full-size table to your game area if you really give the importance to a Foosball table for your game entertainment.

EA Sports 56″ Foosball Table review


All parts are made of quality materials. 5/8 inches chrome plated metal rods, traditional bead scoring system, carefully made handcrafted players and the most important is special adjustable leg levelers. All are made for long lasting. This one is especially popular for its durability.

Built Strong to Last for Years

No one wants to loose his/her hard earned money so fast. If you are short of money and want a strong table for a long table then definitely you can invest on it. This one will not make you upset for a long time. This will give you a chance to make an add Foosball table for sale after spending a long time with it. EA sports have a prediction of 10 years long life without any damage if you don no do this willingly or unexpectedly. The quality and the heaviness of this table is the first choice of a serious player.

soccer table

Included Leg Levelers

The most important and worthwhile feature of this table football game is the 5-inch leg levelers. These are essential if you want to stand your table even on a rough floor. It will not make you understand where you are rather it will help you to gain the superior fun from anywhere with this table. These ensure a dead spot free even playing surface. Super-fast and serious players prefer a table with adjustable quality leg levelers. These hold the excitement of the game for hours without any intermission.

High-Quality Hand-Crafted Players

The players present here with an appealing look. Beautifully done with handcrafted. They make your desire more strong to play. Each and every player has been designed so carefully and then painted by an expert hand. This whole attempt of EA sports makes the players live on the surface. You may compare the EA Sports 56″ Foosball Table review with any other Foosball table reviews. You won’t get the similarity anywhere for sure.

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Fun Dartboard Included

Though this will come to you with a simple dartboard that will also provide you a little fun in your living or game room. EA sports concern about your more fun whereas other table football tables do not. You can get an extra fun moving your finger. Even you can carry it whenever and wherever you want. It is a source of happiness if you buy one and get another one.


  • Cost effective as you are getting two equipment with one price.
  • Eye catchy handcrafted 26 players.
  • Up to five-inch adjustable leg levelers.
  • Fetching and sporty look.
  • Robust chrome plated metal rods.
  • Traditional scoring system.

Cons and Solution

  • Quite heavy to carry one to another place.
  • Solution: Many players got this point as plus point. Make sure that, you can keep the table in the same place since the first set-up.
  • Quite time killing and hard to assemble.
  • Solution: It will take a bit more time to complete thoroughly. But do it carefully for once. It will take nearly 1.5 hours.
  • Not counterbalanced players.
  • Solution: A group of players prefers counterbalanced. But here is not the feature. You will get beautifully done, 26 players. But these are well-balanced.

Kids are Playing Foosball Video

(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions for the EA Sports 56″ Foosball Table


  • Q: How long it will take to make the complete assembly?
  • A: You won’t find the assembly so easy. Be prepare to spend some time with your favorite one. It will take almost 1.5 or a little bit more to assemble entirely.
  • Q: How the levelers will help me?
  • A: The levelers are very specially made. 5-inch adjustable levelers. You can run a fast play for hours as the levelers ensure the even gameplay. They help to make your table super stable.
  • Q: Given dartboard with this table will do last?
  • A: It’s a little fun equipment. You will be able to enjoy with this little one for long though it has been given with as bonus along with the table.
  • Q: How many balls I will get with this?
  • A: You will get two balls with this soccer table game equipment. These are quality balls.
  • Q: I am not sure about the numbers of players?
  • A: You will get here 26 Foosball players. All are carefully made with the beautifully handcrafted design.


Hope, you have already got something different here in EA Sports 56″ Foosball Table review. You don’t need to expense a lot if you want to buy if you want to play table football game on this. Long lasting, beautiful look and flexible to play. Overall perfect to all and everywhere. Users have thrown satisfied positive reviews after using this. I would like to recommend you if you want all in one pick it up without any consideration.

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