EastPoint Sports 48-Inch Foosball Table

​When it was the invention era of the football game, nobody thought that people could play the game without any need of the field. But the inventors of Foosball have made it possible. They have brought a unique way to play football which is called Foosball tabletop game. The problem arrives when you are going to buy a Foosball table. The price of a Foosball table is very high. For a middle-class family, the expense is not affordable. For these cases, Eastpoint Sports has made a table named as the EastPoint Sports 48-Inch Foosball Table. You can get it at a reasonable price. People say that the low price products are not decent but here the case is different.

​The table of Foosball has a lot of things to offer for its user. The quality of the table is good enough. It has some premium features too. One of them is the leg leveler. It will give comfort to your playing style and you can play without any issue with the table.

LED Monitor

The table comes with a monitoring system that shows through the LED indicator. There is no chance for cheat issues on the match because the light will show the proper score and points during the game. You will get notified of other actions of the match too by this superb feature. The light requires batteries to run through the whole match.

Adjustable Leg

One of the most common problems with a Foosball table is the height issue. There are some players who have good heights. They need a table that can reach their hand position properly. For this reason, the table must have a decent height. On the other hand, short players need short tables. Therefore, the table comes with adjustable leg. It is called leg leveler. You can level your table’s leg with this feature and play comfortably.

Strong Handle with Decent Grip

The handles of the table are strong enough to give you durable service. These handles also come with comfortable grip. You will not feel heavy while using the handle. It will give you a relaxed feel while moving the handles. The handle will not get broken after a short time of use. It’s made to be durable even when you are using the table handle heavily, it will not break.

Handy Size

​After the reasonable price feature, it’s the most significant characteristic of the table. The size of the table is only 48 inches. It means the table will not take much space in your house. If you want to save valuable space of your house, this table is the best choice. On the other hand, the weight is only 35 pounds. It will be beneficial for the user as the weight matters very much.


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    Has two foosballs along with the table to give the user a fast experience during the game
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    Contains strong handles as well as comfortable grip to use the handle without any problem
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    Tracks the match actions and scores with LED light indicator
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    Weighs less than the traditional Foosball tables and the size is convenient too
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    Can be assembled easily as the Foosball table comes with a helpful user manual


  • The building structure of the table is cheap

​Solution: The table is an amazing one from the famous brand EastPoint Sports. It gives a bunch of features along with the table at a low price. But it has some complaints too. A few users have claimed that the screws do not match with the table. The assembly process is hampered by this issue. It is a problem which comes because of the poor build quality. The structure of the table was not well planned. For this reason, screws fail to line up properly on the table. If you are facing this problem, contact with the customer service. They are very responsive. Additionally, a furniture expert can help you too.

EastPoint Sports 48-Inch Foosball Table

​Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How the LED lights of this table operate its work?

A: The lights which are LED operate by the batteries. You need to use three AAA batteries to ensure decent service from the lights.

Q. Is it possible to fold the Foosball table for carrying?

A: No, it’s not possible for the table to get folded but you can unscrew the Foosball table parts. It’s an effortless and fast process.

Q. Is it a durable product?

A: The table is obviously a durable product. Many of the users have said they are still using it after regular use of several months.

Q. What is the exact dimension of this LED Foosball table?

A: The table size is user-friendly and it will not take much space of your game room. The dimension of this table football is 48 inches x 24 inches x 32 inches.

Q. Will I get a decent height after installing the Foosball table?

​A: The height of the table is pretty good for all ages. The children of your home can play it too. However, it has leg leveler. It means you can adjust the leg of the table for a better experience.


The product with lots of features attracts the user to buy it. But most of the cases, this kind of products have high prices. On the market of the Foosball table, the good quality tables are expensive. EastPoint Sports 48-Inch Foosball Table is out of the place from that list. The price of the table is the most significant feature of this amazing table. It will be yours if you pay some little bucks from your pocket. Though it’s not appropriate as a professional Foosball table, you will get a bunch of decent features along with the table. Another advantage of buying it is the LED monitoring feature. It will keep track of the actions in the match properly. There will be no problem with the height of this table. Anyone can play the Foosball game with ease as it comes with the leg leveler. The weight of the table is light enough. Even two persons can carry the table with absolutely no issues. It can be called as the best Foosball table in this budget.

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