Eastpoint Sports 54 Newcastle Foosball Table Review


Totally different. Just wow! I love this one best. Unconceivable standard. It reveals your attitude. I got it as Christmas Gift but as my choice. I never compromise with a standard look. I am going to disclose my practical findings and reviews in Eastpoint Sports 54 Newcastle Foosball Table Review. It will ensure a super fashionable attitude if you are or not. I kept it to my guest room and I noticed that all guest look that modish one with full of a curious eye. And after some time they proposed me to run a match on it.



Eastpoint Foosball table is for its elegant design. The finest wood finish gives it an elegant and expensive look though you will find it at a middle price. The table is beautifully done with a solid wood apron.


This is a full-sized table. It is with 54” inch length which is required for official competition. The dimension of the table is 54LX29.5WX34.5H. And the weight is 84.44 pounds. It's not heavy enough but big enough. The dimension is perfect for two to four players.


Robust construction. This eastpoint sports Foosball table is made of quality Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF). Particularly each and every part are sturdy and made of quality materials. Solid wood apron over the table resist the wear and tear and ensure the long life.


This is a full sized table with not a too heavy weight. The extent of the weight it seems that the materials are cheap. Nevertheless, the materials used on it are likely to the expensive one. Over the wood, there is a solid wood apron which protects the table from wear and tear and because of this feature the Eastpointe sports Newcastle Foosball Table do last for long. You won’t get this luster long finish feature to any other Foosball table reviews.

Official Competition Sized Soccer Table

The dimension is perfect for official competition. It stands in your official game room with 54 inches length, 29.5 inches width and with a height of 34.5 inches. It is ready to provide any official but friendly competition in any season.

Steel Rods with Robo-Style Players

Total 8 rods. 4 for each team. All are real steel rods which are full of quality. And these real steel rods enhances the game power. These are with robo-style players. Best combination of quality rods and robo-style players which make an exciting fast match. Two teams of white and black colored players. This color combination gives a beautiful look as well.

High-Performance Player Rod Bushings Spin & Slide with Ease

One of the special features is the high-performance rod bushings. This helps to make a swift shot moving the rods easily and a superior control on the ball. Some tables have rough rods which make the play little bit slow whereas here are the finest rods.

Bead Style Scoring Helps Keep Track of the Action

The table conveys bead style scoring system. You can’t be distracted from the scores. You can keep the updates on this bead scoring system. You can pay a deep concentration on your play without any score tension.

Eastpoint Sports 54 Newcastle Foosball Table Review

Who’s it for?

I am an adult and I got it as my best Foosball table. I would say the soccer table will be perfect for beginners, intermediate players, teenagers, and adult as I am playing on it more than 6months. I found it easy to everyone. In one word, who want a cost effective table with a little more quality, this one is for them. You will get it as your best affordable foosball table as well.

(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions for the Eastpoint Sports 54 Newcastle Foosball Table 

Q: How long it will take to assemble completely?

A: The assembly is not too difficult. It will take some time but just follow the given straight forward instructions. You will be done within 1-1.5 hours.

Q: Which type of rods will come with it?

A: Hollow real steel rods with bushings and easy grip handles. These are really made of quality and super comfortable to make a fast play. And no need to think about the sturdiness of these rods.

Q: Would my child choose it if I make a surprise for him on the Christmas day?

A: No way to dislike. But if your kid is under 10, he might get some trouble with it. Keep a glance in Eastpoint Sports 54 Newcastle Foosball Table Review match your kid’s requirement.

Q: What are special features here?

A: There are many special features which can convince you. Among them, the luster long finish and the high-performance player rod bushings are most lucrative.

Q: Would it be the best for a rough play?

A: The table is not so heavy. Even it is under 100Ibs. So, you may find some difficulties for a super-fast play but it won’t disturb you to take a fast paced action.


  • Best for fast-paced action with its high-performance player with rod bushings spin.
  • The luster long finish which you can find it only on the expensive Foosball tables.
  • Perfect for official friendly competition.
  • Many prefer bead style scoring system.
  • It comes with oversized leg levelers which help to make the table super stable.
  • Easy assemble. And pretty clear instructions.
  • It conveys two quality Foosballs.
  •  For the brand value. EastPoint sports is one of the best Foosball table brands.

Cons and Solution

  • Short warranty time
  • Solution: The warranty time is a big deal. But here you are not getting this one. Nevertheless, the brand is providing you 90 days warranty.
  • Too light.
  • Solution: The weight of this table football table is not too heavy. So, you may find some difficulties to play a rough or super fast play on it. But the dimension and the overall features are perfect to hold a first paced action.

Playing Foosball


If you have enough space at your home to set a full sized table or you have a workplace you can pick it up as your first choice. You can get the superior fun with this table as you will get a big sized table with multi features and quality materials. You can analysis what you need here in Eastpoint Sports 54 Newcastle Foosball Table Review and pick it up for your game area if you like the lucrative features and gentle look.

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