Eastpoint Sports 60 Liverpool Foosball Table Review


Many players always prefer full sized tables than mini soccer table. Here, you can have the fun and entertainment thoroughly. EastPoint sports has a reputation for providing selling and division store quality tables which are also good for home. Now, I will share with you about a product of Eastpoint sports in Eastpoint Sports 60 Liverpool Foosball Table Review. If you are very serious about your play at home then it will be the best Foosball table. This is for the recreational players. This one is must have for any game room. Best for an occasion.


Appealing Look

This fun equipment appears in the market with its appealing look. Handsome look with its quality design. Two dark and light color combination among the players. The steel rods are with the finest finishing with robo-style players. And the 4 given balls are soccer-style balls.


This eastpoint sports Foosball table is constructed for long lasting. The table is well-constructed. The steel rods, robo-style players, balls, spacious playfield all are made of rich quality materials. The ‘EastPoint sports’ has constructed on the basis of durability and long time game excitement. If you expense on this eastpoint soccer table for once you will get a long time play service assurance for its robust construction.

High-quality and Durable Made

This Eastpoint Foosball table is made of with high-quality materials for long-lasting fun. All parts are individually sturdy. Steel rods, playfield, balls, legs with leg levelers these parts are made of high-quality.

Official Competition Sized Soccer Table

This Foosball table size is perfect as official competition sized soccer table. You can arrange great friends and family get together and spend the whole night having fun with this tournament size tabletop. Two-four players can play together on it. If you are serious about your game fun then definitely it will be the best-suited Foosball table for your game area.

Steel Player Rods with Robo-style Players

8 steel rods. These are robust and made of quality. These are with robo-style players. This feature makes the game so tough to the competitor. The players are with high-performance. The rod bushings help to run fast paced action with these high-performance players. You will able to get the superfast excitement and superior fun with this worthwhile feature.

Eastpoint Sports 60 Liverpool Foosball Table Review

Fun Comfort Item

You will get this eastpoint Foosball table as your best fun comfort item. EastPoint sports always bring the best quality products in the market which always hold the price value. They always try to be proud of their matchless and creative products. High performing steel player rods with bushings permit the players to swirl and slide with comfort. These features help to make the excitement more thrilling and competitive. This one is the real fun comfort item with its attractive features.

Eastpoint Sports 60 Liverpool Foosball Table Video

(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions for the Eastpoint Sports 60 Liverpool Foosball Table

Q: The table length is quite impressive. For how many people the table is perfect?

A: Yes. The table is with a length of 60 inches. This is with official competition size. It is perfect for two to four players.

Q: Which score system is included here?

A: You will get here manual scoring system. You can pay your deep concentration to the game excitement. This will help you to keep scores updated.

Q: Would I get any ball with this? If I get how about the quality?

A: Yes. You will get 4 Foosballs with this easton Foosball table. All will come to you with quality.

Q: Does it match with any other Foosball table dimensions? What is the specific dimension of this eastpoint Foosball table?

A: It is a full-sized table with 60-inches length. The width and height are accordingly 29.75 and 34 inches. This is not too light as another eastpoint sports Foosball table. This is heavy enough with 106.92 pounds.

Q: What can I get special here?

A: Yes. You can get special here more than two features. But I got the steel rods with bushings and robo-style players with high-performance ability. This feature helps the play to be more competitive and thrilling. You may get more some special features here in Eastpoint Sports 60 Liverpool Foosball Table Review.

Q. I have a little kid under 3 years. How can I take care of this table from this little kid?

A: The table contains some mini accessories. Marbles, small balls or small parts. So, you may take some precaution to protect this little parts from your little one.


  • USA origin product.
  • 4 quality Foosballs for better control on the ball.
  • One shim pack for easy leveling.
  • For ‘EastPoint Sports’ brand value. They focus on the user’s fun providing their innovative, quality and best fun products.
  • Best for fast-paced matches.
  • Manual bead scoring system.
  • Full-sized table for official competition.
  • Perfect for two-four players.
  • Finest steel rods with bushings.
  • Robo-style players with high-quality performance.

Cons and Solution

  • Robot style players.
  • Solution: A group of players prefers traditional type Foosball players instead of robo-style players. But these are with high performance to play a mind-blowing game.
  • The legs are not adjustable.
  • Solution: The legs are fixed with levelers. You can set the height as your mind if the levelers are adjustable. Here, the levelers are fixed but it won’t disturb to the stability of the table during a vigorous play.

Playing Foosball


There is nothing so important in this world except family fun from great get together. And this soccer table adds some extra value to your family fun. If you are of any member of your family is fancier about game entertainment then you can add or make a surprise with this must have one in the game area. To accomplish your wish of the best Foosball table you can go through this Eastpoint Sports 60 Liverpool Foosball Table Review. Hope, this little endeavor will help to choose the perfect game equipment for your recreation.

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