EastPoint Sports Coffee Table Soccer Game

​To play the Foosball game, you need to have a Foosball table. The table of a Foosball game is the most important material to play the game. You cannot play Foosball without it. Therefore it is the essential material during the game. There are several kinds of Foosball tables available on the market and online. All of them are not good quality Foosball tables. The wood ones are the best according to the players of Foosball. From these tables, EastPoint Sports Coffee Table Soccer Game is one of the most played tables on the market. As it comes from a reputed company called EastPoint, there is no confusion about the quality of this product.

​The most amazing thing of this table is the finishing structure of the body. It has the finish of wood veneer which is known to be comfortable for the users. Let’s know about the other superb qualities of this table.

Tempered Glass

Most of the Foosball tables do not have the glass protection feature. The user has to face several issues due to the lack of this glass feature. But this table will get you rid off the problems as it contains a tempered glass on the top of the table. Therefore, you don’t have to clean the player or the other internal parts of the field separately. All you have to do is to wash the glass with a good quality cleaner. Players will get a clear view of the internal area with the glass.

Handle of Wood

The handle of this amazing Foosball table is made of the decent wood which will give you better a better experience while handling the game. The woods are always a good choice when it comes to the topic of the table or something related to the table. This is why the company called EastPoint Sports has used wood materials. As it’s wood-made handle, you will feel absolutely no pain while moving the handle.

Safe Play

Safety should be considered at first when you are deciding to buy a product. The table is safe enough for the players as well as the newbies who don’t know anything about Foosball table. The table comes with high-quality rods. These rods are telescoping rods which will keep you out of risks. So, it’s a very good and safe table. It doesn’t have any kind of dangers for your family members.

Versatile Use

Another great advantage of this tremendous Foosball table is, it can be used for other purposes too which are out of the syllabus of a Foosball table. It has a lot of spaces on the upper left and right side. When you are taking a break from the game, you can drink coffee or tea and have a little chat with your teammates.  As it has enough space, you can put many things on the upper side of the table. You can also use it in the office as it can be used as a professional Foosball table.


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    Keeps pace with the game by the super-fast side ball return
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    Comes with sufficient accessories and two foosballs which makes your gaming experience pleasant
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    Eye-catching design Dark Wood Coffee which gives the user eye comfort so that he can play happily
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    Contains the ergonomic handles that will help you to move your hand properly
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    Comes with the rods of telescoping style which make the handless more durable


  • Cost much than the other table soccer

Solution: The price of the Foosball table might be a problem for some of the users. It will cost more than the other traditional Foosball tables. The main reason behind the high price is the product quality. It is a product with extraordinary qualities. It has lots of extra advantages too. For this reason, the price is high. If you facing difficulties to buy the table, increase your budget. Moreover, you can go for other Foosball tables too. Eastpoint brand has many low price table like the 48-inch LED Foosball table. You can purchase those tables if you have a budget issue.

​Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the weight of the whole table?

A: The table doesn't weigh much. The weight of this Foosball table is around 90 pounds.

Q. How much foosballs are included along with the table?

A: The table comes with two foosballs which are textured greatly to give you a satisfying experience during the game.

Q. What about the comfort of this table football?

A: The Foosball table is very comfortable for the user. The finishing of the table is done by the wood veneer that makes the look of the table beautiful as well as gives you comfort.

Q. Can I use the Foosball table for any other purposes?

A: Yes, it can be used for not only playing Foosball. You can put other materials on the top of the table too. There is enough space on the table.

Q. What about the dimension of this awesome table?

A: The dimension of the table is quite impressive which is 55 inches x 23 inches x 20 inches.

EastPoint Sports Coffee Table Soccer Game


​The wood kind of product is always the first priority for a user. It’s because the wooden product can be used easily. They are super friendly to users. The wood products are also durable. It will not stop working all of a sudden. The Foosball table is a decent one as it's made of a good quality woods. EastPoint Sports Coffee Table Soccer Game is one of the best Foosball tables. It is famous for its great finish of the wood. Not only wooden finish but also it has so many features which will impress you for sure. The table comes with 2 pieces of Foosball. If one ball is lost, there is no need to worry about it. You can take another one and start to play again without delay. The table contains strong handle which is made of the rod. These handles will not break easily. Though the price tag of the table is slightly different from other tables, it’s a durable product overall.

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