EastPoint Sports Durango Foosball Table

In a house, the game room is the nicest addition to the kids and teenagers. They will be very happy as they can play games anytime. But be careful when you are putting several games in the room because some of the games are not good for their mind as well as health. Some of the games are harmful to all ages. In that case, Foosball is a suitable game in the room of games. On the market, lots of tables for the game room are available. Among them, the EastPoint Sports Durango Foosball Table will be a wise choice. It has different characteristics which make it the best table that belongs to the gaming room. 

​The table Foosball game is not made for the kids or the teenagers only. Anyone who stands, walks and moves can play the game quite easily. The table has a wooden design. It will be helpful for the players to play the game.


Perfect Size Players

Who operates a football match? Some people will say that the referees operate a football match. But it’s not actually correct. It’s the players who operate the football match because, without them, the matches cannot take place. In Foosball game, the players are also equally important as the football players. The Durango Foosball table comes with players that have sufficient weight. The weight will help you to play in a better way. You can balance the player too if the weight is fine.

Handle Design of Wood

The handle is a crucial portion of the Foosball table. The players depend on the handles totally. For this reason, it’s important to operate the handle properly so that you can pass the ball or shoot it in your desired direction. The handle of this table has the wooden design. Woods are known as the user-friendly materials. As a result, you can use the table handle with ease. You are not going to face any issue like the annoying grip or something else with it.

Weight Comparably Low

​Weight is an important thing to consider during the purchase of a product. No matter what product it is, the lightweight always give you ease and comfort. Generally, the weight of a Foosball table is much more than the other products. It’s hard for someone to carry the table all alone. But not in this case. The table comes with a lightweight (Lightweight as a Foosball table). The weight of the table is only 150 pounds. It’s a decent weight for the Foosball table.


The Foosball table contains the accessories that are needed to set up the table. Also, it comes with some accessories to give you a better experience during the gameplay. The accessories include several things like 2 foosballs, 1 leg leveler shim pack and so on. These are included so that the user doesn't have to spend extra buckets from his pocket.


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    Contains two foosballs which close the door of risk of losing balls
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    Handles made with wood design that will give you comfort in the working environment
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    Made of premium quality materials to provide the most durability during the use
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    Assembly can be done with the help of user manual
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    Comes with a surface of solid wood that makes the table more strong and sturdy


  • Doesn’t come with required parts
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    Solution: ​

​The Foosball table is a very good one as it comes with several eye-catching qualities. But it also has a complaint from the users. Some of them claimed that the table doesn’t have the required parts for the assembly. It’s a major problem for a Foosball table because if there is a single part missing, you cannot assemble the table completely. To get rid of this issue, you should find out what part is missing. After knowing the part, contact with the customer service. Alternatively, you can purchase that part separately from the market or the online shops. After buying the part, just use it where it needs to be.

EastPoint Sports Durango Foosball Table

Frequently Asked Questions for The EastPoint Sports Durango Foosball Table

Q. Are there any stabilizers along with the table?

A: The Foosball table is well made and steady. For this reason, the table has no stabilizers as it doesn't need one.

Q. What is the exact color of the table?

A: The table is actually darker than the table picture shows. It looks very good. The wood is colored as a cherry.

Q. How is the actions monitor system on the table?

A: The EastPoint Foosball table comes with a style of bead that tracks scores and other actions of the Foosball match pretty well.

Q. What is the dimension of the table Foosball?

A: The dimension of the table Foosball is 56.75 inches L x 29.25 inches W x 34.5 inches H. It’s a decent dimension for a Foosball table unit.

Q. How much time does it require for the assembly?

A: ​The assembly process needs more time than the other tables of Foosball. It will not take more than 4 hours.


​The market of the Foosball table is full of tables that are from different brands or companies. All of them are not well built. Some of them are poorly structured. This kind of tables can be broken easily or stop giving you service all of a sudden. It’s because they are not made by the reputed brands. Here we have come with a good quality Foosball table which is named as the EastPoint Sports Durango Foosball Table. It will give you impressive service for sure with its extraordinary quality. The table is made by the well-known brand called EastPoint Sports. They have enough fame for their tremendous quality product. The table is very good as it’s made of the quality materials. It will be a durable addition to your game room. You will get years after years’ service from the table. Make sure the proper maintenance of the table. Though it’s an expensive one, it has some excellent qualities. Overall, the table is a decent Foosball table for everyone.

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