EastPoint Sports Ellington Foosball Table

​If you ask someone in a European country that what is the most famous indoor game in the region? He will undoubtedly say that Foosball is the most popular game in the region. He will obviously say it with a smile on his face. It’s because the people of European countries love the game very much. It’s the best way of them to pass their leisure time. But the game will not be that much enjoyable if you don’t have a decent Foosball table. There are many tables on the market. EastPoint Sports Ellington Foosball Table is one of them. It’s one of the most popular tables from the manufacturer named EastPoint Sports.

​The table has a bunch of impressive characteristics. It comes with a feature of rod bushing spin. The feature is especially for the expert players. They will get the real feel of the game by the feature. Not only this but also there are several good qualities of the table. Let’s have a look at them.


Official Size

The size of the Foosball table is same as the table size that is used in the official competitions. It is a vital feature of the Foosball table. The feature will provide you the real feel of the foosball game. You might have some friends who are more interested in the official games than the non-realistic ones. You can challenge those friends so that the game will be really enjoyable overall. The official size also gives you pleasant gaming experience.

Realistic Player Style

​The table includes the robot style players which are made of the durable rods. These rods will give you service for a long time. The players are made of rods so that it can ensure the durability of the product. On the other hand, the players are styled as the human robots. When you are playing the game, you will get realistic experience because of it. The table is very good if you want some realistic stuff.

Sufficient Foosballs

In the Foosball game, the most annoying problem is the lack of Foosball. Suppose if you have only one ball, it might lose somewhere. In that case, the whole game will be stopped. Yes, you can buy the Foosball on the market but it needs some time. The Foosball will cost you too. For this reason, the table comes with 4 textured foosballs. You will absolutely not worry anymore about the ball issue. If one gets vanished all of a sudden, you can use another one.

Bead Style Tracker

​The game called football is all about the score. The home version of the football game is “Foosball”. Therefore, the same policy goes for the Foosball game. The team who scores most will be the winner. So the players have to monitor the score properly. If a player is doing it, there is a chance of cheating. But with this table, there will be no cheating as it comes with bead style tracker. It’s a nice tracker which will prevent any kind of cheat.


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    Contains 4 type of Foosball balls which are texture so that you can get pleasant experience from the game
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    Players styles as robot to give to real life feeling
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    Ensures easy leveling with the shim pack
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    Allows you to do the assembly job properly by the instruction manual
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    Comes with an exterior which has premium level coating


  • Comes with a bad smell

Solution: The Foosball table has got some complaints from the users. All of them are not similar but there is one which is common. The table smells really bad which harms the user. It’s also annoying. Even the attention of the players is also harmed. You should complain it to the customer service of the EastPoint Sports. If they cannot give you appropriate response, you can do another step to remove it. Call a furniture expert. As the table is made of wood, they can find the problem for sure. They will tell you about the problem after visiting the table. You might need to renovate the table or something else to solve the issue.

EastPoint Sports Ellington Foosball Table

Frequently Asked Questions for The EastPoint Sports Ellington Foosball Table

Q. Are the players balanced in a counter way?

A: No, the players of the Foosball table are not balanced in that way. The table is a nice addition to the families but you have to keep in mind that the table is not for professional use.

Q. Will I get the leg leveler feature along with the table?

A: No, the table doesn't contain the feature but you will get the advantage of round rubber leveler with the Foosball table.

Q. What is the size of the table rods?

A: The sizes of the Foosball table rods are great which is 5/8" in the diameter.

Q. How is the surface of the table?

A: The surface of the table is a hard one. It’s smoothly black which is very good for the players

Q. Is it possible to adjust the legs according to need?

A: No, it’s not possible for the user to adjust the leg. The height of the leg is approximately 4 feet that are suitable for almost all ages.


​Decent quality products always get a warm welcome from the users. On the market of the Foosball table, the same policy goes for the products. Here comes a Foosball table with good enough features and qualities which is named as EastPoint Sports Ellington Foosball Table. The table is made by the EastPoint Sports company. They have good respect and reputation in the market.  They are most famous for their recreational products. The table is a nice way of fun with the families in the free time. You can play the game with all your friends too. The game has no age restriction. It is a great advantage of this sport. If you are keen on playing the sport, you should buy this table. The table is sized as the official table. It means you will be able to play different Foosball competitions properly on the table. The table will cost you a bit more than the other ones. But you should think about the features too.

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