​EastPoint Sports League Pro Foosball Table

​The family is the most important part of a man’s life. If there is no family in your life, it will be full of dullness and sufferings. Unfortunately, there are some people who have families but they all are not living together. It’s because of different circumstances. What if you want to have a reunion with the family? It will be full of fun if there is a Foosball match on the occasion of the reunion. EastPoint Sports League Pro Foosball Table is one of best Foosball table for the family use.

​The table has many features like the table shape ones which is styled as the official competition table. It’s designed as the table for professional use. It will give you the real feel during the game. As a result, your family can play the game very seriously. The Foosball match will be full of enjoyment too. There are some other magnificent characteristics of this table. Let’s talk about the other ones.

Side Ball Return

The Foosball table comes with the feature of side ball return. During the Foosball match, the ball goes from here to there which the players again pass to their desired location. People have to take the extra pain of returning the ball that wastes a lot of time. Even the game got delayed while passing the ball to another place. It hampers the pace of the game and the players do not become happy with this approach. For this, the table has side ball return which will supply the ball to another place within a second.

Perfect Package

The Foosball table is an excellent choice for the families and also for business purposes. The table is an all-rounder tabletop game. You can use with your family members or at the sports pub or even in the office. It has got a lot of things to offer for its user. No matter where you play, it will not disappoint you. The features like competition size, action tracker with bead style, rods of steel will make you say that it’s a perfect package for the Foosball game.

Professional Touch

There are several tables of Foosball available on the market. All of them are not eligible for the professional use. This is why some of are out of the market for poor selling rate. Though some people do not use professional products, but they want it for a better experience. This table is a professional Foosball table. The table is sized as the official competition table which will give you a formal feel.

User-Friendly Design

​​The design or the UI is user-friendly. A user will never feel uneasy when he is using the Foosball table. Because it’s made for the comfort of a user. The Foosball table comes with the wood veneer design. The players will have a great time along with the table for its amazing design quality.


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    Perfectly monitors the game actions with the bead styled scoring system
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    Comes with two different foosballs which will help you to play the game without the worry of losing a ball
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    Includes the side ball return capacity so that players can operate the game comfortably
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    Contains the rod bushings that will not stick at all and even the spin speed will be faster than before with it
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    Comes with a helpful and clear instruction to assemble the table


  • ​The table is not well built

Solution: According to the EastPoint Sports, it’s a good quality Foosball table which is not correct. Some of the users have faced different problems regarding the build quality. A user complained that some parts of the table started to break after some days of use. The quality of a product depends on the build materials of the product. If the build materials are not good then the product will not be a decent one. If you have bought the Foosball table and unable to buy another, you should be careful with the use of this table. Never put too much pressure on the table. Clean the table every day. Don’t expose it to the direct hit of the sun. You have to careful while using it. If you look after it properly, it will give you a long-time service.

EastPoint Sports League Pro Foosball Table

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How is the build quality of the Foosball table?

A: The table is made of the high-quality materials. For this reason, the table is sturdy and well-constructed.

Q. Is it too difficult to get all the parts together?

A: The assembly process is a little bit hard actually but if you follow the instruction manual properly, it will be easier.

Q. Is there any need to put the table as leveled after putting the parts together.

A: No, there is no need of it. As the Foosball table has new technology, there is no need to put the table as leveled.

Q. How much time it takes for the whole assembly process?

A: The process needs much time as there are a lot of parts of the table. Approximately it will take 4 hours to get assembled. Not more than that.

Q. What is the dimension of the product?

A: The Foosball table has a quite good dimension which is 56 inches (1.42 meter) long x 29.75 inches (75.5 centimeters) wide x 35.75 inches (90.8 centimeters).


​A Foosball table is a game which will pass your free time and give you several benefits as well. The game has lots of advantages that will force you to play the sport. But some people are not interested in the Foosball game. It’s because of the high price of the tables. On the other hand, the Foosball needs some spaces of your house too. It could be another reason why a few people are not interested to play the game as it needs some spaces. The cost of a Foosball table will not be much if you consider the characteristics of a table. Besides, there are some Foosball tables that do not need a vast space. EastPoint Sports League Pro Foosball Table. 56 x 29.75 x 35.75 is the dimension of the game table. Now you know it needs a little space only. It also has some other superb qualities. If you buy the table, you will get good value for your money.

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