EastPoint Sports Outdoor Table Soccer Game

​People do not buy the indoor Foosball table only. Some of the people are interested to purchase the outdoor ones. It’s because there is not enough space inside their house to set up a Foosball table. On the other hand, some people decorate their yard with a professional touch. They spend much money on the yard so that it can look beautiful. They do it for making a decent and fresh environment outside of their home. For these people, the outdoor Foosball tables are the wisest choice. Among the outdoor tables, the EastPoint Sports Outdoor Table Soccer Game can be a perfect addition to your yard.

​It is a soccer table which has a lot of features along with some extra benefits. It’s a full-size table. The size of the table will allow 4 players to play the Foosball game quite comfortably. The product is from the Eastpoint Sports which is a reliable brand. Let’s talk about the Foosball table a bit vastly.


The Eastpoint table football is an outdoor table. It means you can play the Foosball game outside of your house without any issues. The indoor tables are unable to give you proper service in outdoor. The reason is, these tables are made to be suitable for the indoor environment. But this table is available to be used in both places indoor and outdoor. The weather of the outside area will not harm the table. The excessive sunlight or the rain will not be an issue for the table. You can see some Foosball table review of the table to know more about the feature. You will be free of worries after looking at the reviews.

Hand-woven Made

People always believe in those products which are made in a handwoven way. The handmade products are decent in terms of the quality. The table frame is made of the wood. Its frame was made by the hand. For this reason, the quality of the table is very good. It is enough for the table to supply you service for a long time. If you want durable service, it is a must choice for you.

Leveler For Leg Adjustment

Foosball table game is gaining its popularity rapidly as the days are passing. But yet there are some people who cannot play the game. The reason is their heights. The height of the Foosball tables does not match with some people’s heights. To get rid of this issue, the company called Eastpoint Sports has made the outdoor table with a feature of leg adjustment. It will help you to adjust the table surface according to your need.

Full Size

​The size of the Foosball table is an important matter to consider during the purchase of a table. If the size is not enough, several players all together cannot play the game. The outdoor table comes with a decent size which is 60 inches. It will make room for 4 players to play the game that is a great opportunity for the families.


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    Comes with the full-size length which will allow more than three players to play the game
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    Has the leg leveler feature so that user can adjust the surface according to the need
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    ​Ensures the elegant Foosball table look by the frame that is made with handwoven process
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    Includes necessary accessories as well as the extra foosballs for a better experience with the table
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    Comes with an instruction manual for the user to guide through the installation task


  • The wood pieces of the table are not much reliable as there is chance for these woods to get broken

​Solution: The table can be a decent choice for the users but some of the users have claimed that the wood pieces are not good enough. The woods are essential parts of a Foosball table. If they are broken, you will fail to play the Foosball game. To get rid of the issue, you should follow some rules. The first thing is to maintain the table on a regular basis. Wash it after every use. Don’t let the table get wet in the rain for a long time. It will be good if you take it in the house after playing games. You should take care of the woods pieces too. If you see progress after proper maintenance, then it’s the best solution for the problem.

​Free Queenly ask Question

Q. Does the Foosball table have too much heavyweight?

A: Yes, it’s true that the table weighs much more than the other ones. The weight of the Foosball table is around 119 pounds.

Q. What will I get along with the Foosball table?

A: You are going to get one Foosball table cover, four foosballs along with the table football.

Q. Is the size ideal for a family?

A: Yes, of course, it is. The size is around 60 inches which are known as the full size. A lot of family members can play the game together with this table.

Q. Is there a chance for the rain to harm the table when it’s in outdoor?

A: No, there is no chance of it because the table is weather resistant but the table should not get wet too much.

EastPoint Sports Outdoor Table Soccer Game


​The outdoor games are very significant for a better life. In the morning, you can take the fresh air by going outside of the house. Some of the people are lazy who don’t want to go out. For them, you can arrange the tabletop game called Foosball. If you arrange a competition between your family members, everyone will come out to enjoy the game. In that case, the Foosball game has the most crucial role. The table should be an outdoor one. If you are confused what to choose, purchase the EastPoint Sports Outdoor Table Soccer Game. It’s a great table football which will give you the opportunity to play with more than 3 players. The table frame is handmade. It means durability is a must from this table. As the table is weatherproof, you don’t have to worry about weather condition. Overall, it’s a fine choice as an outdoor table.

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