EastPoint Sports Preston Foosball Table

​The inventors of Foosball table are many. You cannot find the exact person who has invented the game Foosball. The reason is there are many people who have contributed to the invention of Foosball. It’s a matter of confusion that who is the main inventor but there is no doubt that Foosball game is the most played table top and leisure time game on the countries of Europe. The game is famous for various causes. The most beneficial reason is the health benefit of the Foosball game. The indoor games are normally not up to the mark. They have many bad sides which harm your health as well as the mind. These games are monotonous too. Besides, the Foosball is different. It has no negative side and most importantly you will enjoy playing the game even for a long time

​Here we have got a decent table Foosball which is called EastPoint Sports Preston Foosball Table. We will talk about the good and bad side of the table.

Leg Leveler

When you are playing a game, every player should get the same facilities. The advantages should be equal for every player. It is one of most known rules of any game. The Foosball game is same. Everyone should be treated equally. There is a table which doesn't have equal surface all over the table. It is not fair for the players. This is why the table comes with the leg leveler. The leg level ensures a hard surface all over the table.

Rod Bushing

The spinning process of the Foosball game is the most important tactic which advances the play. You cannot spin properly in some tables. The reason behind it is, those tables have rods to spin. It’s hard to spin with the rod. Even the slide is not done with ease with the rod. For this reason, the table has rod bushings. These bushings will help you to spin with more ease than before. The sliding will be comfortable with it too.

Tracker of Actions by Bead Style

The actions of a Foosball game are very crucial. These actions should be monitored clearly. The result is going to be published with all the actions combined. Some tables do not come with decent action tracker. As a result, the players suffer from the lack of equality. But with this table, all the players will be happy equally because of the bead style action tracker. The tracker observes and monitors the score and other actions properly.

Convenient Size

The size of the Foosball table is decent for the family use. If you look at the dimension, you will understand its super convenient size. The dimensions are 54 inches long x 34.5 inches high x 29.5 inches wide. Now you know how much efficient the size is. It will help you to play with many players. The players will not be annoyed during the game. Your home space will be saved too with the Foosball table of EastPoint.


  • check
    Comes with the leg levelers which has good size so that you can play level game
  • check
    Made of premium materials to ensure durability
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    Player rods made of high-quality steel
  • check
    Contains the scoring structure of bead style which helps to track the actions properly
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    Includes the necessary accessories to make you play the game comfortably


  • Comes with a cheaply made design and build quality

​Solution: The Foosball table from the brand called EastPoint is a decent addition to the gaming room. Some of the users have claimed that they are facing some issues which are related to the build quality of the product. A few people have said that the table got broken after some use. The reason might be the poor design of the table. Well, if the design and build quality deceive, you cannot do anything. Yet you can prevent some of the problems of the table that come with a cheap made design. You have to take care of the table properly. You should clean the table on a regular basis. You can apply lube to the parts where it is needed. Don’t forget to play carefully during the match. It will prevent the table from getting broken.

EastPoint Sports Preston Foosball Table

​Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much time the table can take for the assembly process?

A: The assembly of the Foosball table is kind of hard. It will take 2 hours approximately to get assembled completely.

Q. Is the table suitable for the teenagers or not?

A: Most of the Foosball tables are good for all ages. The EastPoint table is not different. It is suitable for the teenagers too.

Q. What about the structure of the rods?

A: The structure of the rod is pretty good. The rods are hollow. But still, they are strong enough.

Q. What is the height of the Foosball table?

A: The height of this Foosball table is not more than 36 inches.

Q. How much people are needed to assemble the table?

A: One person is enough for the assembly process. The recommendation is to take one more person so that the process will be done quicker.


Foosball table game is a nice game to play with the family members. The game has several advantages which will benefit you. Though the price of a Foosball table is high, you can get some tables at a reasonable price. Here goes the budget killer Foosball table named as the EastPoint Sports Preston Foosball Table. The table is made by the reputed manufacturer brand EastPoint Sports. They are making the good quality tables for a long time. The Foosball table is another decent product from them. The table has a lot of features which will impress you for sure. It has the scoring table that is bead styled. The bead styled table is the latest version of score tracker. It will also track other actions of the game. Moreover, the Foosball table has rods of steel. They are made for the durability of the product. Overall, you can go for the table if it’s in your budget.

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