Foosball Aerial Shot

Aerial shot

Aerial shot is a trick shot of foosball playing that is held between two defensive men where the ball is lifted by 3 goalie men to caught the ball at the back of two bar men. It is held in horizontal position. In order to take the position for the shot, the 2 bar men is moved to the center of the table. For completing the aerial shot, the foosball is popped on the air over the surface for sending the ball toward the opposite goal.

The difficulty level of Foosball Aerial Shot

Many people say that among all shots, aerial shot is one of the most difficult shot of foosball game. The shot is rated excellent 5 out of 5 considering the difficulty level of it. So, it can be said that it is actually difficult foosball shot. If one is able to set up the aerial shot in proper way then it seems quite easy. But lifting the ball between two men can be very challenging if one doesn’t have enough practice of this shot. And one also need a best foosball table to become a master of this shot.

The method of setting up the Foosball Aerial Shot

The setting up process of the aerial shot is difficult than playing in this shot. If you are able to set the shot properly then it will be very easy to play. In short, the setting up process of this shot is hard than the method of finishing or playing it. So, for learning this shot especially how to lift the ball in the air, you must take a little more time for practicing. And you also practice “how to get the ball at the back of the 2 bar men”, because getting the ball at the back of the bar men is not an easy task. Now I’m going to tell you the setting up process of aerial shot.

Frist, you have to set the 2 bar men in front of the 3 goalie men. Then move them back a little bit and place the bar tilted at 35-40 degrees angle. Because this angle is perfect for passing the ball quickly from 3 goalie men to the back of the 2 bar men. At this point, you have to give enough force to lift the ball into the air. After lifting the ball into the air, you just have few time to catch the ball between 3 goalie men otherwise the ball will drop on the surface of the table. And catching the ball within a very short time is the most challenging part of the aerial shot. Then the next challenging step is to roll the goalie rod so that the goalie men can kick the ball towards the back of the 2 bar men. And for doing this one needs a lot of practice because the force of kicking the ball must be accurate. If one gives a little more force to kick the ball then the ball will drop on the table. Once the ball is on the back of the 2 bar men then you have to roll the rod to send the ball towards the opposite goal. If you are able to do this then you can easily score a goal. These two (1. Catching the ball between the goalie men and 2. Kicking the ball towards the back of the 2 bar men) is the most challenging part of aerial shot. Once you are able to overcome the challenge then you will become a master of this shot very soon. But to overcome the challenge, one must need to practice this two steps more and more. And for getting clear idea about the aerial shot, you can watch the aerial shot video.

Learn to place the Foosball Aerial Shot

The placement of foosball aerial shot is not so critical like other foosball shots because aerial shot is more trick shot than an actual shot. The main thing that one has to learn about aerial shot is to “learn how to winnow the ball onto the air with enough force and how to aim at the opponent goal”. You can send the ball towards the goal straight in or drop the ball slightly in front of the goal point. Just make sure that the ball are not touching the top of the table or top of the back of the goal, because it count as illegal shot.

Reading the Foosball Aerial Shot defense

While doing or preparing for aerial shot, first see that “how your opponent making the defensive men position, in the air or in the ground?”. If they are taking their position both in the air and in the ground to block your aerial shot then you must shoot the ball straight from the air and land the ball in front of the goal. Or if they are making their foosball men position on the ground then you can easily launch the aerial shot by shooting the ball over the heads and go straight to the goal.But if you want to achieve success by this aerial shot then you must practice as much as possible.

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