Foosball balls


A Foosball table is nothing but a wood piece or a show piece without Foosball balls. This is one of the must have Foosball accessories. Without balls, your game fun with this table top is impossible.As the balls are most important, many players prefer the best one for a comfortable and exciting game. I am here to help you with the best quality balls with different of play style.

Foosball table parts and accessories

Types Of foosball Balls

Players always prefer balls which easily can be engrossed or trapped down against the Foosball table with your Foosmen. Normally we prefer Foosball balls according to mind-blowing play balls made of quality materials. Like- cork, textured and traditional soccer balls. Any of these balls except cork balls, you will be able to wash them for cleaning properly.No matter which table you are purchasing or which ball you are using. You can always upgrade this little one of Foosball table accessories. Some fixed quality balls are required with some fixed tables. The European Foosball tables come with cork balls which are smoother than the American one. American Foosball table parts are enough hard from outside which is specially made for fast paced or rough play.


Cutest one of Foosball parts. And the colors are also appealing. You may find different colored balls. Like- yellow, red, totally white and traditional soccer balls. All are with a beautiful look.

Textured Foosball Balls

Two in one. You will get both cork and smooth balls in this one. This is because they will help you to grip or pin down the ball through the foosmen and table. This ball is famous for its high speed. This high speed of this ball makes the game more exciting. American style play is always super-fast and these textured balls are most important for this type fast-paced action whereas the cork balls are best for the European style play.

Textured Foosball Balls

Cork Foosball Balls

Cork Foosballs are best for pinning between the table and players. These are special for strategic gameplay rather than fast-paced play. With these, you can pass balls forward to advance so smartly. They sound like inexpressive or dump when bouncing around the playfield. They are especially known for a European-style table or play for strategic gameplay.

Cork foosball

Traditional Soccer Balls

Among the Foosball table replacement parts, you will get these balls at a cheap price. These are for low-end tables since 1970. They are perfect for the toys like Foosball table than high-end tables. These have some disgusting features. The inset lines of these balls result in some extra rolling. As a result, you may think that the leveling of the table is not perfect. Another one is, these balls are covered with slick which disturbs in proper grip, pin, and overall control. They are normally made of a bit cheap quality materials and these are far different than tornado style balls. They also make some rough noise while bouncing. The only hope is that, if you get these with your table then you can replace these with a minimum price.

Traditional Soccer Balls

Smooth Foosball Balls

Though the balls are not as traditional soccer balls. Nevertheless, we do not recommend these balls. These can control the balls better than traditional balls because these are with less tacky factors. These are also coated with the slick on the outside which obstructs the better ball controlling. And for this feature, it’s tough to pin the balls under players. These also make some sound during bouncing which is not desirable. The only difference between the traditional soccer balls and these smooth Foosball balls is, there are no inset lines. This feature protects the balls from extra rolling.

Smooth Foosball Balls

Sample Pack of Balls with 11 Different Balls

You can taste your choice for 11 times with this pack of 11 styles balls. You don’t know before using which one will be perfect for you. Do you know which one you want before using? So, great fun will appear with this pack of different ball samples. Just drop all balls on your table and practice, which one is the best to make a high score.

Foosball Replacement Balls Price

You may need to replace foosball table parts if anyhow they damaged. Among them, foosballs are the cheapest foosball replacement parts. You will get these foosball replacement balls within 2-6$ per piece. The price depends on the ball quality. The highest price about 6$, you need to pay if you choose a tornado style foosball.


A player never prefers a ball made of plastic, with a slick or with a shiny finish. If you are choosy or serious about your game fun, then definitely you will need a good quality ball to perform the best. Only a Foosball table cannot be able to serve you the best without good quality Foosball accessories. I have described some Foosball balls here after using and researching a lot. You can pick anyone of them when you need Foosball replacement balls.

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