Foosball Bank Shot

Foosball Bank Shot:  Foosball bank shot is considered as a powerful shot. In order to score a goal, when one bounce the Foosball off the wall at a right angle, then the shot is called bank shot. This shot can be used by both the defensive and the offensive side of the table but it is normally taken by the defensive side of the table. Because the bank shot is more effective for the defensive side than the offensive side of the table. Because it is quite easy to set up for bank shot at defensive side without giving it away. On the other hand, set up the bank shot at offensive side, can make the opponent aware about your plan, then it may not be effective for you or offensive side player. And it is very easy to recognize the plan for bank shot at the offensive side of the table.

Level of difficulty of the Foosball Bank Shot:

Considering the level of difficulty, the bank shot is rated 2 out of 5. From the rating, we can say that the bank shot is quite easy. Both the defensive and offensive side player but the shot is more effective and powerful for the defensive side player.

For which side the bank shot is effective and why?

The bank shot is one of the most powerful shot of Foosball game. But the shot is more effective for the defensive side player. The reasons behind the effectiveness is-

  • Performing the shot from the offensive side can easily aware the opponent about the shot and then the opponent can easily block the shot. But it is quite tough to detect of the bank shot from defensive side. So, the shot is more powerful for defensive side. So, it is recommended that, it is better for you to not use the bank shot when you are in offensive side.
  • For offensive side there have many other effective shots but for defensive side the bank shot is more effective and quite easy.

The Techniques and Methods of Foosball Bank shot:

For setting up the bank shot you have to aim to hit the middle wall of the table of your side. And while taking the shot one should not move left or right when he/she is about to kick or hit the ball. If you move, while hitting the ball then the ball will hit the wall at a wrong place and won’t be able to score a goal. So, if you want to score a goal or get success from the bank shot then it is necessary to hit or kick the ball from right angle without moving.

However, it is easy to say that “taking bank shot from defensive side is easy”. But if you are in defensive side and want to take bank shot without being aware the opponent then you have to take the ideal position and hit the ball from right angle very quickly. Taking the shot quickly won’t give your opponent enough time to detect for the shot and defend it. However, taking the shot quickly will require a little more practice.

Reading the foosball bank shot defense:

For taking the shot and scoring a goal from the bank shot, first you have to ensure that your opponent is not trying to block your shot or not aware about your plan or shot. It is usually better to take the shot when the opponent is not keeping the near post. If the opponent is keeping the near post then he will easily defend it or block your shot.

For getting more knowledge about the Foosball bank shot then check the video. Foosball bank Shot

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