Foosball bearings


A Foosball table is nothing but a combination of different kind of Foosball parts. A human is nothing without his/her bones. Similarly, a Foosball table is nothing without its accessories. Each and every part is important. One of the most important parts is bearings. I am going to describe the importance of Foosball bearings. A Foosball table can never be complete without any of its parts. You can’t even imagine of a complete table without this bearing.

Foosball bearings

Why Is It Used For?

Foosball bearings are the small parts of a Foosball table which are inserted into the side holes of the table. Through these bearings, the player's rod glides in and out during play. If you think your table without these bearings, it will be very hard to slide the rods only through the holes. This smooth sliding through the bearings make an easy shot to the goalie. Moreover, these help the hole and rods both to save them from friction. So, the longevity of the Foosball table parts increases. If the bearings are with the quality and the inside is smooth, then it will be very helpful to make the play super-fast and exciting. Sometimes you will face slow play in spite of being the bearings with quality. This is because of heavy rods or lack of silicone. These negative features influence your play negatively but you can’t blame on the bearings quality all the time.

Types of Foosball Bearings

You will find different types of bearings. According to Tornado and Dynamo brands, I am going to share with you a little bit-

  • Old Tornado Bearings- Full set for 8 rods.
  • New Tornado Bearings- Full set for 8 rods.
  • New Tornado Bearings- 2-rod set.
  • Old Tornado Bearings- 2-rod set.
  • Tornado Bearing Wrench Tool
  • Universal Bearings- Full set for 8 rods.

Maintaining Your Foosball Bearings

As a little part, it’s not so cheap. You need to cost 2-5$ on each bearing. And you need total 8 bearings for your table. Older style tornado bearings- you will find it into two pieces. Some bearings are split into two pieces. You don’t need to think that these are the double part of your table. You should be careful about Foosball table bearings. At starting which type bearing you are using, make sure that if you need next time you should bring the same bearings to continue your Foosball table.

How to Clean the Bearings

You can’t make a value of your investment if you don’t take care your favorite one. You should clean your soccer table once in every week or at least once in a month if you spend a minimum time with this table. Sudden a glass of drink may spill on your playing surface. Debris, dirt and black spots on the ball also may occur. You can maintain the cleaning of your table with-

  • Soft cloth
  • Cotton
  • Alcohol (70-90% is the best)
  • Silicone

Playing Foosball


You can’t ignore your Foosball accessories. Foosball bearings are most important accessories. A Foosball table is not complete without bearings. It seems little but helps a lot. Without these, you can’t even imagine of a fast-paced paly. After getting these you should maintain these Foosball parts properly to get the best service.

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