Foosball Catching

Foosball catching is not just a strength, it is important. And foosball catching is more important than passing. Foosball catching means to obtain or achieve control on ball for stopping the passes of ball or loose of ball on the table. Foosball catching is important for maximizing the offensive chances and for limiting the opponent’s time of ball controlling. Learning to catch ball helps to improve the overall foosball game. And catching foosball will also help you to overcome from many critical situations. Foosball catching is necessary if you want to pick up the loose ball.

Foosball Catching

Below are discussed some foosball catching techniques and tips.

Foosball catching technique

The main technique of foosball catching is to tilt the bar man at a right angle so that the bar man can easily cover up the ball from bouncing. The right or ideal angle for tilting the bar man is about 35-40 degrees. For keeping the bar man at that angle, you can tilt your bar man at a position that will not allow the ball to pass or fit under the bar man. If you keep your man straight then catching the foosball pass will be quite hard for you. Tilted bar is not enough for catching the foosball, you also need to swing your bar man from the other side of the ball for stopping the ball’s impetus from rolling back towards your opponent. If you follow the technique then you will be able to pick up the foosball from loosing.

Foosball Catching Tips

  • Pin the ball against the foosball table’s wall: In order to catch the ball, this method is used for absorbing the impact of the ball. This method is normally used when the ball is passing from the 5 bar man to 3 bar man.
  • For catching the ball, remember that you don’t need to pass it: When your opponent has the ball at a man that is opposite tilted angle of your foosball man then you can use this technique. For catching a lot of loose ball, this method is very useful.

However, one needs a lot of practice for learning “how to catch a foosball in a better way”. Once you are able to learn the catching or controlling method perfectly then you can easily learn the various shots and passing the ball.

Catching Lane passes Video

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