Foosball Defense

There are many defense styles that are used by different players in the game. If one wants to change the defensive style during play then he/she must learn all the defensive style. Knowing the defense style of defensive will give you an opportunity to predict about their next move and defense that move properly. One can also become expert in the defensive side of the game by knowing every foosball shots and offense at a proper way. And for knowing the foosball shots properly or becoming a master of every shots, one needs to learn first the defensive style. Understanding the defensive style will help you to choose appropriate shots for scoring a goal and also help you to block the defense shots. This is why every article or post of foosball shots have mentioned the one point that “reading or understanding the defense”.

Foosball defence shot

Basic Foosball Defense:

The most basic defense style is to tilt your defensive bar so that they can stay angled to each other. This technique is simple and very easy to learn and it must work against any beginners and intermediate player. But always make sure that the bar man is not tilted so much that a ball can easily slide under your man. The right for tilting a bar man is 35-40 degrees. And keeping your man straight up and down vertically will allow your defense to score more.

Foosball Defense Tips

  • Move your 2 defensive rods together:  Working or moving your 2 defensive rods together is one of the effective technique for covering up your opponent shots. But before moving 2 rods together, make sure that the 2 rods are not overlapping on each other. By lining the 2 rods properly will give you a strong line of defense until your defensive man is not allowing the ball to pass through between them. This is only possible when you are not leaving a large space between your men. And the gap between bar man is must be 60-70% of the ball width. And if you use this technique by following the above rules then you will be much capable in defensing your opponent’s any shots.
  • Always be on the defensive:  One needs to have a strong eye concentration on the ball. Do not get confused by the around environment. Many beginners get distracted or confused or fail to follow the ball while learning. For this reason, they often fail to block or cover up very simple shots. You will be surprised by knowing that many shots can be blocked only by following on the ball movement. One must need to active his playing man on the side where the ball is. So, if you want to do this properly then you must need to move your men constantly on that side where the ball is.
  • Play with the both of the defensive rods at once with your left hand: It is not necessary to be a magician for moving 2 rods with one hand. You just need a little more practice for doing this. For playing with your 2 defensive rods by left hand, just use your thumb and pinkie for controlling both of them. In order to do this, you have to hold the rod in front of the handle but not hold the actual handle. It may look quite awkward at first but when you learn it properly then it will be easy for you. But for learning it properly you must require a little more practice.
  • Avoid ricochets and bounces off your defense: There has some Foosball table that have 3 men goalie rods. When you are playing with that type of Foosball table, you will notice that many other different shots are hitting your 2 outside Foosball men, even they are not in front of the goal. And these men are exactly keep the ball in the play and they are not capable to defend any shots. But you can prevent it from occurring by simply keeping the Foosball men tilt backwards when the ball or shots are going to hit the wall. It will help you to avoid the accidental bounces or ricochets. When you will see that the opponent’s ball is coming then move your men or rod and catch the Foosball with 2 bar defensive rod.
  • Keep your opponent guessing:  When you are playing with an advanced player or a player who is very good at the game then you must need to distract or confuse them for making the defense more unpredictable. For distracting the opponent, you have to learn a few methods for changing your defensive movements and patterns. And don’t ignore the mental portion of the Foosball defense.
  • Never use your middle goalie defensive man for shooting: the main objective of playing Foosball is to limit the percentage of scoring a goal of opponent. If you want to limit your opponent score then you must not use your middle or center man of the defensive 3 rod for shooting. Because shooting with the middle goalie increased the possibility of scoring a goal of your opponent. So, one should use the middle goalie for blocking the opponent’s Foos shots instead of shooting with it. And one must need to position the center man in front of the goal for covering up the opponent’s shots.
  • You don’t need to cover the entire goal: When you are trying to defend your opponent, it is not possible for you to cover the whole goal area at once. The width of the goal is total 5 balls width. So, there have five different zones to defend and is quite impossible to defend the 5 zones at a same time. So, the position of your man must be at an area that will able to cover two zones at a same time and that also be able to maximize the goal blocking. This technique is effective for all those shots that are not coming at angles. Spray shots and Bank shots are come at angles and these two shots can take the advantage of this technique. So, before using this technique make sure that your opponent is not using these two shots.

Following these tips will help you to make the game harder for your opponent and make the scoring opportunity tough against you. And by following these tips will make more chances for you to win.

Foosball Defense Technique 

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