Foosball Foos Shot

A foos shot is occurred when you block the opponent’s pass or shot and hit the ball towards the opponent’s goal. This shot is also known as an “obstruct” because you normally obstruct the ball and hit the ball for sending it back to the opponent’s goal. The foos shot is normally taken with the 3 offensive bar rod but you can also take it with 5 bar rod. But taking the shot with 3 bar rod is more effective because it may result a score and if you redact the shot in an exact way then your opponent will not be able to guess your shot. Just keep in mind that your Foosball man is not swinging so high that they allow the ball to pass through under their toe. The foos shot is all about taking proper technique at right time for kicking the ball back towards the opponent’s goal that is coming to you.

Difficulty level of Foosball Foos Shot:

The Foosball foos shot is quite easy shot. The shot is rated 2 out of 5, considering the difficulty level for the beginners or freshers.

The setting up process of the foos shot:

For beginners or slow or less experienced player, they can take the shot by simply following the opponent’s ball passing from back and forth to their defense and wait for the ball coming in order to take the shot. And for more experienced player, they have to guess the defense style that “what hole he/she is trying to shoot and also guess their timing and shot style by following their position and then very carefully kick the coming ball for taking the shot and scoring a goal. For making this process complicated, one can shoot at angle. And for shooting at angle, you have to align yourself in front of them. Experienced player can easily attempt this foos shot with 3 bar man by blocking the certain holes with 5 bar man and force the defense to shot from the open hole. Because it helps the player to predict about the defense shot and where the ball will come from.Since, the Foosball foos shot is quite easy and effective and the shot is very helpful for the beginners as well as experienced player. 

                  You can also watch the video for gathering more knowledge about the shot.
                                                                    Foosball Foos Shot

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