Foosball Handle Grip


The gripping of Foosball handle is so much important for those, who wants to become a professional or skilled Foosball player. Without the perfect way to grip the handle you cannot able to become a good Foosball player, even if you try it for the rest of your life. In Cricket, if you can't grip the bat correctly so the ball you hit will go to the wrong direction. So what I mean that, gripping is so much important part of Foosball game.

How to grip the Foosball table

Foosball Handle Grip

For getting the exact result of your shot, you have to make the shot perfectly. For a perfect shot you have to handle the Foosball handle smoothly by gripping it correctly. The major number of new player start to playing the Foosball game by gripping the handle so tightly. This common bad habit also carries on in some popular sports such as - Tennis, Base Ball, Golf etc. Most of the golfers take much time to be aware about this mistake and then they take less time to learn the perfect way to grip. Foosball is a game of sophistication and you should also be sophistic about your gripping the Foosball handle. If you lose grip as much as possible, so you can be able to move the handle with most rotation and speed. Loosen your hand on the handle will increase your intransigence on the Foosball handle and which will allow you to move the rod more swiftly with much comfort. Mainly there are two style or way to grip the handle are used in Foosball game which are mentioned below-

  • Traditional Shot
  • Open Handed Foosball Grip.

Traditional Shot Grip

this is a common style of gripping which is implement with all the typical shots as like Push shot, Tic Tac shot, Pull shot, Spray shot etc. There is a way to acknowledge about if you grip the handle perfectly. The idea is, if there is space left between the handle and the thumb skin and index finger skin, so you can be sure that you are using the right way to grip. On the other hand, if you hold the whole handle and shrouded it with skin without any gap so be sure that, the handle is holding by you tightly. If your handle has a white knuckle so it can be a good indicator to state that you are holding the handle in a wrong way or too hard. Everyone should keep it in mind that Foosball handle is not like Cricket, Tennis or Racket bat that has to be swing. A valuable trick is, while taking a shot, try to turn your wrist as quickly as possible and spin the rod approximately 180 degrees. The reason is that, if you turn your hand less than 180 degrees so it will not provide you the perfect speed to complete the shot with an outcome. Beyond all these shots, you can choose an open handed shot.

Open Handed Shot

Open handed shot is also called a free handed shot. It is used while you are taking a snake shot, which is also known as rollover shot. Be prepared before you take the shot. You need to be tiled a little bit forward where the Foosball player's toe should be pinned on the ball's middle which is situated on the table. When the Foosball reach in the right position, all the players switch the grip style from Traditional to an Open handed grip style for the ease of making the Snake shot. The hand should be in a freely position with the hand palm and the starting point of the wrist which touch the handle. By using this method, you will be able to shift your hand in a lofty motion. As a result, your Foosball man in the rod can fluctuation almost a full rotation afore the man in the rod contact the ball once again. For the largest number of novice players, Snake shot seems to them an illegal shot or the wrong way of making a shot. But the term is that, it's illegal if it rotates for 360 degrees, but in the Snake shot the man in the rod touch the ball before it turns for 360 degrees. So in this concept it's a legal shot.

Improving Foosball Grip

For a good Foosball player, it is a most important thing to learn the gripping system to grip the handle in a perfect way. For good grip you can also use some handle wrapper or handle gripper cover. They are available in the market in different styles, designs, thickness & length. All the model of the handle cover might not be suitable for you, but you should try all those to find a suitable one or more for you. If you gain success to find at least one, it can give you much comfort which will help you to improve yourself.

Tips for Gripping Handles Video

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