Foosball Handles


This is another one of the most important Foosball table parts. The flexibility of a play depends on the Foosball handles. You will find different types of handles in the market. All are with the individual feature. You can choose any one of them according to your table quality. If you want you can buy the same as your previous one or you can replace with more better one. It doesn’t matter. And you can keep some spare handles if you think that your children may harm your expensive or favorite one.

Foosball parts

Why is it used for?

As you will play football with your hand, so an easy and firm grip would be your first requirement. Normally the handles of Foosball tables are made as tough and no-frills which ensure the firm and easy grip to make a swift shot to the goalie. Handles favor you to express your game excitement. It’s not possible to get the real fun of game without a flexible handle. Players always prefer high-quality handles for the superior gaming performance.

Types of Foosball Handles

You don’t need to think about Foosball accessories which you need to replace. Among all, you may remain tension free about this part because these are really available with different quality and types. You may replace any one without any trouble. You may find different types of handles. Like- octagonal handles, hard rubber ridged handles, wood handles, ribbed style handles, plastic handles, dynamo style handles, tornado Foosball plastic handles, tornado wood handles etc. Octagonal handles and hard rubber ridged handles are best for standard Foosball tables. And tornado Foosball handles are easy to grip. You may find these brybelly, MMdex, tornado, billiard evolution, valley-dynamo, and crown as your choice able brands.


These are different according to color and type and service as well. If you are choosy about your parts then you will get these parts as your mind as easily as they are available in the market with different features. Black and natural wood color handles are available with their standard look.


According to construction, they are also different. But you can mark the Foosball handles as average good quality whereas the Foosball balls have a fluctuation on the quality. Hard handles are easier to fresh and maintain than soft vinyl handles. Handles made of rubber, plastic, and wood all are with quality materials. These are robust and long-lasting. If you take care of your Foosball parts with a regular interval, you may get a lifetime fun equipment whereas the handles are most sturdy one.

Playing Foosball


If you have a broken handle and need to replace or you need some extra Foosball handles, then you may pick one set which one you prefer most. You can replace anyone of Foosball table accessories which you need. You can bring the same which came with your table or you can replace with better one. If you take the high-quality handles even after using a medium quality table, your choice won’t interfere with your play. Rather high-quality handles bring some extra speed and excitement to your play.

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