Foosball Men


The best Foosball table is a combination of best Foosball parts. Foosball men are one of the important and must have parts of a table. If your players are damaged or you need to replace with better quality, it does not matter to get a new set. You can get the new set for any table. Tornado, Carrom, Great American, Tournament Soccer, and Shelti- you can a complete set of players for any manufacturers.

Foosball Men

Foosball Men, Players, Figures or Guys?

Whatever you call them- all are the same. You need players with best quality and features which may help you to make the super shots to the goalie. Your performance goodly depends on the figure’s style and quality. The players with pointed, cross-hatching toes are far better than rounded and slick toes.


You will find players with different colors. Some of them appear with the really appealing look. And sometimes the color combination of players with the playing surface reveals the realistic playfield look. Normally you will find available players of yellow, tan, gray, black, white, red and blue color.


All of the Foosball accessories are made of quality materials for long-lasting service. The plastic materials which has been used for the figures are authentic. And the players are with different sizes and different colors. You don’t need to think more about the quality rather you should analyze the figures’ style which will be game friendly for you.

Types of Foosball Men

There are different types of players. Players do not prefer a Soccer men without rounded and slick toes. Rather they prefer figures with pointed toe and cross-hatching design on the foot. With these features, the guys are perfect for better ball control and making snake shots. It is advanced level shot which is possible for cross-hatching design on the foot. Whereas the traditional players have rounded and slick toes which are not as perfect as pointed and cross-hatching toes.You will different types of players with different features. These are traditional style, tornado-style, robotic style, old style, black and white style, and red and blue style players.

Counterbalanced Players

Most of the players prefer counterbalanced Foosball men. These are the players with an equal weight of head and toe. These are also known as counter weighted Foosball men. They are the best for a quality play. Counterbalanced players will help you to rotate your figures horizontally and to make swift shots. They add some extra speed and excitement to your game.

Playing Foosball


You should be more careful about your Foosball table parts. You can’t ignore anyone of the parts. All are must have for your table. Most importantly, the Foosball men. If one of them is broken, you have to replace without any consideration for returning the playing ability of that table soccer. Which set you get with your table, no matter counterbalanced or traditional- if you take care regularly, you will get a long term service from them. Or anyhow, one is broken then don’t worry. It’s quite easy to replace with better one.

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