Foosball Passing

For becoming an advanced foosball player, it is very important to know the foosball passing in a very advanced level. Knowing how to pass the ball to your teammate (if you are playing in a team) is not so important but it is essential to know “how to pass the ball from 5 bar offensive to 3 bar offensive for maximizing the opportunity on offense and making the most serve”.

Foosball Passing

How to pass the ball from 5 bar to 3 bar man?

There have many methods and styles of passing the foosball from 5 bar to 3 bar. Most of the player prefer to use passing methods according to their using shots. But here I’m going to interpret the 2 most popular passing method that is usually used in tournament and these 2 methods are considered as the most effective foosball passing method or technique.

  • The Brush Pass: Brush passes is normally taken with tilting 5 bar man in backward. In this way, you can only brush the ball against the wall for moving the ball side to side. You can brush the ball to another man of the 5 bar rod and then you can easily pass it to the 3 bar man.
  • The Tic-Tac Pass: The method of tic-tac pass is totally different from brush pass. Because in tic-tac pass there is no need to tilt the bar man in back. One can simply pass the ball in back and forth but he/she must maintain a quick movement so that the opponent won’t be able to follow your movement. And then you can hit or kick the ball towards the 3 bar man.

The laterally (alone the same bar) passing technique

Once you learn the passing method then you have to learn “how to pass the ball side to side between your offensive man without dropping or losing the ball. Learning this technique is so much important because this technique will help you to set up any foosball shots without dropping or losing the ball to the opponent. One can also use this passing technique for shooting the ball suddenly.

However, it is very important to know the foosball passing technique for becoming a good player of soccer table game. And it is also essential for being a master in foosball shot.

How to Play Foosball: Foosball Passing

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