Foosball Pull Kick Shot

An overview of the pull kick shot:  The pull kick shot is quite similar to the pull kick shot but the main difference between these two shots is- In pull kick shot one should pass the ball to the other man in the same rod and then take the shot for making goal. Usually players pass the ball from far outside man to the center or middle man and then use the middle man to take the shot. But one can also pass the ball from middle man to the other two offensive man and then can take the shot by using any of them. The pull kick shot is quite popular shot for defense that is taken by the 2 bar man. This shot is also known as a passing shot that occurs in a quick motion. However, the pull kick shot requires a little more practice for controlling the ball effectively than the normal pull shot.

Difficulty level of the pull kick shot:  The pull kick shot is little bit difficult than the pull shot but this shot is quite easy and effective. So, the shot is rated 2 out of 5 for the beginners.

Setting up process of the pull kick shot:  The key to set up this shot is to learn first the tic-tac pass because the tic-tac shot you will learn how to pass the ball between 3 bar offensive without losing the control to the ball. So, one should be master in tic-tac shot for controlling the ball. Pass the ball between the 3 man in same rod without losing the control to the ball is not easy. So, one needs a little more practice to learn this. Once you are able to learn this then you can play with this shot at high speed and the high speed shot is very difficult for the opponent to defense it.

The techniques and methods of the pull kick shot:  For taking this shot, one should learn first how to shoot in open-hand. Then he/she have to learn the ball passing at the same rod back and forth between the 3 outside bar man. And for increasing the shot speed and having more control on ball, one needs to roll his wrist upwards while kicking or hitting the ball. One should practice the wrist rolling method for becoming accurate with this pull kick shot.

Placing the Foosball pull kick shot: The width of the goal of Foosball table is total 5.8 of the original Foosball. This means there has 5 holes to make a goal but the 2 holes are blocked by the defensive’s 2 defensive player. And there has open 3 holes for making goal. So, your aim must be to place the pull kick shot or take the pull kick shot in any one holes of these 3 open holes.

Observing the Foosball pull kick shot defense:  One of the biggest advantage of this pull kick shot is that the shot has the power to surprise the opponent by making any pass to a shot on offense. If your opponent is leaving open holes where you are passing the ball or if he/she is not following your ball movement then you can easily take a long pull kick shot and surprise your opponent. But make sure that you are not using the same hole for shooting, if you do this then your opponent will be able to block your shot or defense it. So, one should use different open hole for not giving your opponent any idea about your shot. And using the same hole again and again will help your opponent to understand your style and defend the shot.

Since, the pull kick shot is quite easy, effective and popular so one needs to learn this shot properly for being a good player in soccer table game.

For more information you can watch the pull kick shot video. 

Foosball Pull Kick Shot Video

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