Foosball Pull Shot

Foosball Pull Shot:  When someone pull the rods towards his body and kick or hit the ball into the goal with a fluid motion then the shot is called pull shot. But before learning the pull shot and increasing the shot speed, one needs to be master in all basic shots. The learning process of table soccer is a step by step process like other sport or game and it starts from basic. For taking this shot one need to set up his 3 bar offensive rod as far as possible from the wall of the Foosball table. This type of set up maximize the opponent movement towards the goal. Normally the middle offensive is used to take the shot. For taking this shot, one needs to pull the rod towards himself. And the time of pulling the rod towards the body, one needs to turn the Foosball man’s toe around the ball and move the rod slightly faster for getting the ball behind the man and then kick the ball square towards the goal. If you are not able to hit the ball square then the shot will turn into a spray shot from pull shot. And a spray shot has a lot of disadvantage. So, it is better to avoid making the shot spray from pull.

Difficulty level of pull shot:  The pull shot is one of the most powerful or effective and popular shot. And the shot is also very easy to master in. So, the pull shot is rated 1 out of 5, considering the difficulty level for the beginners.

Setting up process of pull shot: Before learning the pull shot, one must learn first the techniques and methods of set up that has the more possibility to score a goal. So, if one wants to increase the possibility of scoring a goal from this pull shot then one must place the ball as close as possible to the middle offensive man. If you are able to fit the ball nicely close to your middle man for pushing the rod all the way to the table then your opponent will defend the maximum space of the goal and then you will be able to control or take the shot more effectively. For taking the shot, one must make sure that his man’s position is straight up and down and the ball must be under to the bar. Many Foosball players tilt their man while taking this shot because they believe that tilt man gives them a more speed. But tilting the man turns the shot into a spray shot from pull shot and the spray shot is not so effective. And the spray shot makes the ball movement slow. So, straight position man must be needed for an effective pull shot.

Pull Shot Techniques and Methods:  Most of the beginners practice to grip the handle so tight or hard with their hand. But keeping the handle too hard can minimize the movement and speed and can limit the blocking power. So, for making a fluid movement of the handle, one should hold the handle such a way that leaves enough space between the handle and one’s palm. And many players hold the handle so tightly like a tennis racket. Holding the handle tightly is the biggest mistake of any Foosball shots because it is the biggest obstacle of the fluid or smooth movement of the rod. And the other thing for taking the shot is “one needs to turn his wrist quickly and the rod must spin in 180 degrees. If you turn your wrist a quarter then it will decrease your shot speed.

Placing the pull shot:  If you observe the Foosball table goal point then you will find that the goal is total 5.8 widths of the Foosball. It means the goal has 5 holes for placing the pull shot. But the defensive has 2 defensive man in front of the goal that covers the 2 holes. So, you have to place your pull shot in any 1 of the open 3 holes.

Understanding the pull shot defense: Observing the defense style is more important. Some player consistently moves their man as the same way you are moving your man. Besides some leaves their middle spot of the goal open and some waits for you to make a shot or move. So, understanding the defense style may help you to choose right position for scoring a goal or increasing the possibility to make a goal. This is why the Foosball player have to learn the different style of the defense so that they can choose a right shot and position for winning.

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