Foosball Push Kick Shot

An overview of the push kick Shot:  The push kick shot is totally opposite to the pull kick shot. In push kick shot, you need to push the Foosball rod away from yourself during passing the ball from one man to another man in the same rod. Though the push kick shot is quite easy but it is less popular shot among all Foosball shots because most of the player think that the pull kick shot is quite easy and quicker to perform than the push kick shot. You don’t need to make the push kick shot a primary shot just like push shot. But you can combine this shot with other shot to surprise your opponent and make their defense shot unsuccessful and score a goal. Always remember that Foosball game is a skill game as well as a mental toughness.

Difficulty level of the Foosball push kick shot:  The push kick shot is quite easy shot but less popular shot. This shot is rated 2 out of 5 for the beginners.

Setting up process of the Foosball push kick shot:  For taking push kick shot, you have to set the ball inside of the Foosball man that is closest to you. You can take the shot both for the defense and offense, it depends on which rod you are using to take the shot. For offensive side, you should use your 3 bar offensive rod for taking this shot. For setting up an effective push kick shot you need to use your 3 bar offensive rod and pass the ball from the offensive man that is closest to you to the middle offensive man and then kick the ball towards the goal using the middle man.

Techniques and methods of Foosball push kick shot:  Most of the player grips the handle too hard while taking any shot. But it is a wrong way and it can slow down your shot speed. So, it is recommended that keeping handle a little bit loose increases the shot speed and make the shot more powerful. The right way to hold the handle is make sure that there has a little gap between your palm and the Foosball handle. So, you have to practice to shoot an open hand. Once the ball is in the man closest to you then pass the back and forth to the center man. While passing the ball you have to roll your wrist upwards because it increases the speed. But rolling the wrist upwards during passing the ball is not so easy so you should practice more and more for becoming accurate with this.

Learning to place the Foosball push kick shot:  If you look carefully then you will find that the total width of the goal is 5.8 of the original Foosball. It means there has 5 holes to score a goal. But the opponent covers the 2 holes by placing their 2 defensive Foosball man in front of the goal. But there has 3 open holes and you take your push kick shot using any one of the 3 holes.

Reading the Foosball push kick defense:  For surprising your opponent the push kick shot is great. In order to understand their motion and patterns, you have to pay attention to the opponent’s defense style. Some players move their player man as the way you are moving your man. Some player uses the same back and forth motion for defending if you watch their move carefully or watch their timing then you can easily set up a push kick shot and make a goal. For getting many other ideas you may learn the different style of Foosball defense. It will help you to understand the defense style easily.

Foosball Push Kick Shot

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