Foosball Push Shot

An overview of the Foosball Push Shot:  The push shot is totally opposite to the pull shot. In push shot, you actually need to push the rod away from yourself and then shoot the ball in a fluid motion. Among all Foosball shots, the push shot is considered the third most popular shot. You don’t need to make this shot your primary shot but you can pair this shot with other shot for not giving any clue about your next move to the opponent. In order to set up the push shot properly one need to push the 3 bar offensive as far as possible from the wall of the Foosball table and keep the rod closest to you. This maximizes the opponent’s defend shot.

Difficulty level of the push shot: The push shot is quite easy, effective and popular shot among all the shots of Foosball game. The shot is rated 1 out of 5 for the beginners. From the rating anyone can understand the difficulty of the push shot.

Setting up process of the Foosball push shot:  For setting up the push shot, one needs to set the ball nicely to the left side of the middle man and pull the rod towards yourself. It is necessary to position the ball as closely as possible to the middle or center man in order to create a highest percentage possibility to score or make a goal. If there has a slight gap between your man and ball during the moment of pushing the rod then the ball may jump earlier than your man and it is quite hard to catch the ball again for kick it. And this type of position can also make your opponent to defend the utmost quantity of the goal area. And one should take the shot by keeping your man straight up and down and place the ball directly under to the bar man. Several Foosball player have the bad habit to tilt their man while taking any shot because they believe that keeping the man tilting backwards provides them a faster shot or increase the shot speed. But keeping the man tilting during play may turn the push shot to spray shot and the main disadvantage of the spray shot is it slows down the shot speed.

The techniques and methods of Foosball push shot:  Most of the grip the Foosball handle too hard with their hand. However, keeping the handle too hard will minimize the movement and speed and may limit the obstruction power. The right way for holding the handle is leaving some space between the handle and one’s palm. Some player hold the handle so tightly that it is a tennis racket. Holding the handle tightly is the biggest mistake of any Foosball shots because it is the biggest obstacle of the fluid or sleek movement of the rod. And the other issue for taking the shot is “one must flip his wrist joint quickly and also the rod should spin in 180 degrees. If you switch your wrist joint 1 / 4 then it'll decrease your shot speed.

Learning to place the Foosball push shot:  If you observe the Foosball table goal purpose then you'll realize that the goal is total 5.8 widths of the Foosball. It means that the goal has 5 holes for putting the push shot. However, the defensive has a pair of defensive man ahead of the goal that covers the two holes. So, you have got to position your push shot in any one of the open three holes.

Observing the Foosball push shot defense:  Just like other game, it is necessary to read the opponent for beating them. For learning the opponent’s motion and patterns, one needs to concentrate on the opponent’s defense style. Many Foosball players used to shoot from the same back and forth and you can easily take the advantage of their shot while making the push shot by only watching their timing. Besides some players wait for your movement before they change their position and some leaves a straight shot open. This is why it helps to play several Foosball players to learn the various forms of Foosball defense.

For more information please check the video: Foosball Push Shot

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