Foosball Rods


You can make your game speedier with high-quality Foosball rods. These are the most expensive Foosball parts of a Foosball table. There are many manufacturers for making rods. All are not made of same materials. All manufacturers try to focus their rods in the market by providing some lucrative features. Like- some concern about the rookie players by cutting the corners of their rods.

Foosball Rods

Types of Foosball Rods

There are different types of rods in the market. Superfast or serious players about game fun do not prefer heavy rods because they make the game slow and inactive. They will obstruct you to make some necessary shots. The best quality rods are hollow rods and chrome plated rods. Quality tables come with these type Foosball rods. They are really amazing to make a shot sliding between the bearings. They can cope up with the ball’s tune. They have super control over the balls. Quality rods come with an end cap on the head of the bar. This is the assurance of the safety even a child is near to the table during play.


They are with different sizes. Normally, the length depends on the attached Foosball men number. It varies according to goalie rod, two-man rod, three man rod and five-man rod. And the diameter also varies according to hollow and chrome plated rods.

How to Install Foosball Rods & Bars

If you need to replace your rods definitely you have to know the installing procedure of Foosball table rods though it’s a very meek task. You will get a complete set and the following order are- 1 or 3 man goalie rod, 2 men defensive rod, 5 men midfielder rod and 3 men offensive rod. 3 men goalie rod and 3 men offensive rod may harass you. Make sure that, you have separated these before starting. You will get 22 men with a single goalie model and 26 men with 3 goalie model. Total 8 rods, 4 for each side. Separate the 4 rods for one side according to the following order. Make sure that, you are not messing up them. You should identify the offensive rod first. It will be 2 inches longer than the goalie rod. You don’t have to suffer to install the rods whereas you will find some trouble to install the players with these rods.

How to Straighten a Bent Foosball Rod or Bar

Sometimes it may happen that, just arrived brand new rods with its table has been bent. It may happen for careless playing or abuse the rods. Sometimes players push down too hard on the rods. So, don’t go for Foosball replacement parts as your first attempt. Try to return the rods to their prior position. You have to do it carefully. First, find the beginning of the bend. Wheel the rod where the bend of the rod facing downward and the handle is going to mounting the ceiling. You have to be more careful here. Pressurize to the rod in a downward position. Not too much pressure or not too less. Do it carefully more than once. If it seems to hard to return it to the earlier position, then take an attempt to replace with another one. You and all fellow of you should maintain a minimum caution during play so that you don’t have to face the same problem further in future.

Foosball Replacement Rod Price

Tornado and Dynamo brands are providing the best Foosball replacement parts. Though they are more expensive than any other Foosball rods whereas the universal rods are cheaper for their different materials. But tornado and dynamo come with authentic and quality rods. You have to spend 30-40$ for the individual rod. And almost 250$ for a complete set of 8 rods. Among all Foosball accessories, you will have to spend more money on rods. So, you should be extra careful with these expensive parts.

Playing Foosball


The best Foosball table comes with best Foosball table parts. If you get some imperfect rods with your table and want to replace with better Foosball rods. You can do, but it may cost more than any other parts. But all are available here. You don’t have to face any trouble to find your best replacement.

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