Foosball Snake Shot

An overview of the Foosball snake shot:  The rollover or snake shot is an advanced shot. This shot is taken by using the middle man of 3 bar rod to score a goal. In this shot the ball is firstly rotated between 3 offensive man and then passed the ball to the middle offensive man. Before pinning the ball in onward position, you must move the middle man slightly left and right. The player is supposed to shot (moving the player man and controlling the ball movement) with an open hand. And after finalizing the aimed spot, you need to roll your wrist over the handle to hit the ball towards the goal.

Difficulty level of Foosball snake shot:  Taking the snake shot is not so difficult but setting up for this shot is difficult. So, the snake shot is considered the most difficult Foosball shot after aerial shot. The shot is rated 4 out of 5 for the beginners.

Setting up process of the snake (rollover) shot: The setting up process of snake shot is quite difficult and challenging. So, you need a lot of practice for setting up the snake shot properly. For setting up the snake shot you need to pin the ball against the table using the middle offensive man in 3 bar rod. Before setting up the shot perfectly you may lose many balls. After aerial shot, this shot is difficult shot but one of the most effective shot.

For taking this shot you need to use your far outside offensive man to send the ball towards the middle offensive man. While the ball is coming to your middle offensive man then you need to tilt your man little backward. Because tilting helps your man to come around the ball so that the toe of the man can easily hit the ball. This also allows to pin the ball against the Foosball table. However, before kicking the ball towards the goal one need to rotate the ball between his 3 bar man to confuse your opponent so that it becomes more difficult for your opponent to defend the shot. And learning the snake shot set up properly you should watch the snake shot video.

Techniques and methods of Foosball snake shot: If you want to make more speed in your snake shot then you need to shot in an open-handed wrist. Once you pinned the ball then you need to learn how to pull or push the ball with rolling wrist. If you do so your man will spin in clockwise motion and then hit the ball into the ball. You just need to shoot the ball from each sides so that your opponent get confused where side to defend.

Learn to place the Foosball snake (rollover) shot: One of the most advantages of the snake shot is “one can hit or kick the ball straight, pull or push in this shot to send the ball towards the goal”.

If you observe the Foosball table goal point then you will notice that the total width of the goal is 5.8 of the Foosball ball. It means there have 5 holes to score a goal. So, you can score a goal from any of the holes but the opponent also has 2 defensive player that is placed in front of the goal that blocks 2 of the holes. So, you can score a goal by aiming one of the open 3 holes.

Observing the Foosball snake (rollover) shot defense: Reading the defense is very important in any shots. As the snake shot is quite difficult and very effective so understanding the defensive style is most important task. Many defenders try to block the 3rd hole because it is quite easy and quickest way to defend any shots. And they force you to go to the hole 1 or 5. And many defenders move their man in back and forth motion to limit your shot.

Though the snake shot is quite difficult shot among all Foosball shot but this shot is one of the most effective shot. so, if you want to become a challenge or win against any good Foosball player then you can take this shot. For knowing properly about the snake shot you can check the video. Foosball Snake Shot Video

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