Foosball Spray Shot

An overview of Foosball spray shot:  When a Foosball is kicked diagonally towards the Foosball table wall or the goal then the shot is called or known as spray shot. The ball travels at an equivalent angle that the ball was moving even as it had been shot. If you take spray shot on a pull shot then the ball will move diagonally towards you on the goal. And if you take spray shot on a push shot then the ball will usually move towards the opponent at the end of the table, it depends on how you hit the ball.

Difficulty level of Foosball spray shot:  The spray shot is one of the easiest Foosball shot among all shots. So, the shot is rated 1 out of 5 for the beginners. Though the shot is quite easy but not so effective. According to many Foosball players, this shot has a lot of corns instead of pros. So, it is recommended that learn to kick or hit the ball straight or square in pull and push shot.

Advantage of spraying your Foosball shot: The advantage of spraying Foosball shot is a little. These are-

  • The spray shot is considered as the most inaccurate shot among all the shots because the ball can end up by hitting the wall during trying to spray.
  • The spray shot is one of the easiest shot that can be easily blocked by any defensive player.
  • There are a few options for placing the shot.
  • Once you started spraying the Foosball then it is very tough to break the shot when it is not needed.
  • In spray shot, you won’t be able to take the dead man pull or push shot. And dead man pull and push shot is very effective.
  • There is more possibility of losing control over ball in spray shot.

Avoiding the Foosball spray shot:  For avoiding the spray shot, you should set up your player man straight up and down position and place the ball under the bar. Tilting the bar and placing the ball little behind the bar may causes spray shot. Many Foosball players have a bad habit of tilting their man while taking any shot because they think that shooting with tilted bar increases the shot speed but it’s totally wrong. Tilting the man makes the shot spray and it slows down the lateral movement of any shots specially pull shot. And it also increases the percentage of losing the ball in pull and push shot. And it is quite tough to control the ball movement with tilting bar.

Observing the Foosball spray shot defense:  Understanding the defense style is very important. So, it is better to learn some defensive tips for defending the opponent’s spraying shot. You should tilt both the defensive bar inward at one another if you are trying to spray a shot because titling the 2 bar will allow the Foosball to move towards the goal. But if your opponent is tilted his 2 bar outward in front of your 3 bar offensive then it’s better to avoid the spray shot.

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