Foosball strategies to win

Foosball strategies to win

Every game or sports have some strategies that helps a player to understand the opponent’s style and win Foosball game is just like other game that also have some strategies that you need to develop or improve if you want to win the game. Anyone can play this game by simply spinning rods, taking shots and turning the bars quickly. These all are basic technique. And if you want to learn the advanced technique then you should learn first the basic technique and practice them for being good at the basic. Since soccer table game is a skill game as well as it is a mental game so you need learn some strategies if you want to win the game. The soccer table game looks quite easy to play but for winning this game one needs to practice some tricks. Foosball game is actually easy game to play but if you want to be a threat for a good or advanced level player then you have to learn and practice all foosball game strategies or tricks. Without these tricks you won’t be able to become a good player. Now I’m going to tell you some tricks and tips that will help you to maximize every scope on offense and defense.

Learn to serve the ball yourself:  The main thing for playing foosball is serving the ball yourself. The official rules of foosball permit it legally. Serving the ball to your 5 bar maximize your offensive opportunities. If you practice ball control skill and ball passing only then this strategy will work. As this strategy is good for offense, so if you are playing at offensive side then you can take the advantage. For applying this strategy successfully, you need to spin the ball little bit while dropping it into the table and then the ball will roll towards your 5 bar instead of the opponents. It needs a little more practice to catch the foosball and serve it.

Learn the strategy of passing the ball from 5 bar to 3 bar man:  This strategy is very important for offensive side because it increases the percentage of scoring a goal. Passing the ball from 5 bar to 3 bar man is very important because if you only use your 5 bar man for shooting then you won’t be able to develop or improve your foosball passing and catching skill. And foosball passing, catching and controlling is very important for playing this game. And the ball passing from 5 bar to 3 bar makes the ball catching and controlling process easy. But learning this technique is critical but once you are able to learn it then it will be easy for you to score a goal and win the game against any good foosball player. Because shooting with 3 bar makes the goal distance shorter and there have 1 less defensive bar for blocking the goal, this is how it creates more chances to score a goal. And the other important thing ball passing is timing. Too fast passing will be ricochet and too slow passing be intercepted out of reach. So, one need a lot of practice for developing the timing and ball passing.

Foosball passing techniques:  There have various types of passing techniques but the most effective passing techniques are- Tic-Tac passing and The Brush passing.

  • Tic-Tac passing:  Tic-Tac passing means passing the ball from side to side on the same rod players.
  • The Brush passing:  The brush passing is a diagonal passing where you have to pass the ball left or right side of the feet instead of hitting the ball from the head to go straight.

Foosball shots tips:  There have many foosball shooting techniques. But it is better for you to learn them step by step. If you are trying to learn all the shot at once then you won’t be able to learn them properly. Below are discussed some popular, easy and effective shots.

  • The push shot: The push shot is very easy and effective against any beginners. This shot is normally taken with the 3 bar rod and the middle man is used to kick the ball. When the ball is in the side man then then you have to push the rod and hit the ball towards the next player (middle man) and then shot the ball quickly towards the goal.
  • The pull shot: The pull shot is opposite to the push shot. In pull shot you just need to pull the rod, and the other process for shooting will be same of push shot.
  • The Tic-Tac shot:  The tic-tac shot is a mixture of tic-tac moving and pull/push shots. One may pass the ball by using tic-tac method and then use any effective shot for shooting the ball when the opponent is not excepting. The tic-tac moving is very effective.
  • The bank shot:  Shooting the ball on a diagonal angle is normally known as bank shot. For taking this shot you need to hit the bank/side of the table. Experienced player uses this shot with the defensive rods because they are able to see it coming from attracting rods. But if you are playing with a beginner then this shot will be effective for you from any side.
  • The spray shot:  The spray shot is similar to push and pull shot but the main difference is- In spray shot you have to kick the ball diagonally instead of shooting the ball straight.

Above all shots are faster easy and effective. If you want to win against any experienced player then you can use these shots.

Always keep following the ball with your player man:  This strategy can emphasize a lot because for winning this game you must always follow the ball where it is on the table. For this reason, you need a string eye concentration on the ball. Because by simply following the ball will help you to block many shots of opponent. Most of the beginner get districted and cannot able to block many simple shots. One must move his man constantly on the side where the ball is.

Shooting with an open hand or wrist flick strategy:  There has 2 main types of grip. It's totally up to you that which one you use. But the better player uses both the styles. And it will be good for you to learn both the grip one by one.

  • The Foosball wrist grip:  Wrist grip is the most common grip. In wrist grip, you have to wrap your hand around the handle and then rotating you’re your wrist clockwise and anti-clockwise for turning the rod. Many beginners grip the handle too tightly and for this reason their shots become slow. And for becoming a challenge for the opponent, your shot must be faster. However, one can take different types of shot by using this grip but taking any shot with this grip one needs a lot of practice.
  • The Foosball open palm grip:  This technique is quite easy and quick to learn. For gripping the handle open palm, you have to place your hand on the side of the handle and place your thumb at a place from where it is pointing the floor. And make sure that your middle palm is touching the handle by simply moving your hand up and down.

The most important thing for gripping the handle is “keeping a loose grip that ensures a fast movement”.

A good defense will help your offense:  Many people think that offense wins the game but actually defense wins the game. By developing solid defensive skill will help you to win the game and defense the opponent’s shot but only learning the offensive skill may help you to score a goal but not helpful for defending the opponent’s shot. Playing with solid defending skill will limit the opponent’s chances to win. The way of improving defensive skill is changing the formation.

Always maintain the ball control:  Loosing or dropping the ball means a lost of chances to score a goal and create an opportunity for the opponent to score a goal. In order to maintain a good control over foosball you should learn how to pass and catch the foosball. This strategy can be developed by playing with different types of player and practicing it.

Which side do you want to play? Defense or offense?  There is no right or wrong for choosing defense or offense. You can choose a side where you are good at. It is better for you to start a game from where you are good at and can take your best shot for beating your opponent. Just like other game, you can switch position and throw off your opponent when you can notice that there is a large mismatch against the opponent.

Practice makes skill perfect:  Practicing the methods or techniques again and again will make you an advanced player. Some skills can be learned by playing yourself like Foosball passing and shooting. And some skills need an opponent for learning and developing. You can improve your defensive skill by playing with your friends or family. Some Foosball tables are designed for practicing the game by yourself. Which tables have a side ball returns are good for practicing by oneself. Because side ball returns help to grap the ball easily after shooting practice shots.

Play against opponents who are better than you:  In every game or sports, everyone likes or wants to win. But winning against a player who is not so good at the game is not a real win. Try to challenge yourself by playing with a good player because playing with good player will help you to improve your skill. After losing every time will help you to know about your skill lacking and then you will give more effort to develop and refine your skill for further game playing. This is how a better player than you help to develop your skill and become a good player.

Tips for Foosball offensive:  There are 2 attacking types for offensive. One is playing with many passes and the other is getting the ball diagonally from the whole table in one kick. Having more control on the game and movements, you have to give more priority on passes instead of getting the ball quickly to the other side. For easy movement and getting more control on ball, you should make a lot of passes. But don’t take too much time for thinking about your next move, always think 2 moves far and shoot quickly. Because taking too much time for thinking about moves can play against you by giving your opponent more time to set up his defensive strategy. And shooting the ball diagonally will increase your chances to score a goal.

Tips for Foosball defensive:  Keep your goalie and one defender man in front of the goal to defend the opponent’s shot. Remain at that defensive position till you are in offensive position. Always keep moving your goalie and defender according to the ball movement for ensuring double blocking position. It is necessary to make it difficult for the opponent to score a goal. And keeping the defender’s feet on the ground will help you to block many shots. But many beginners make a mistake by keeping the defender’s feet on the air. For this reason, they are not able to block many simple shots.

If you practice all those strategies properly then you will surely create a challenge for the opponent and win the game.

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