A Look at Some of the Most Effective Foosball Strategies

Like other game, Foosball also has some strategies or playing method. Every Foosball player needs to develop their certain playing method or strategies to win the game. For doing better at Foosball playing, one doesn’t only need to be skilled he/she also need to improve his/her strategies. And it is very important for winning to have a strong mental strength while playing.

Foosball Strategies

The only way to develop ones skill or strategies is practicing more and gather more knowledge about skills. But before trying to develop or improve any advanced skill or strategies one must need to improve his/her basic skill because some of the advanced strategies have the involvement of basic skill.

Here are some strategies that will help a Foosball player to develop his/her skill or strategies and also are useful to play and win the game.

Learn “how to serve the Foosball rightly”

During play, one may need to serve the foosball in several times because it is a foosball game rules. One can serve the foosball at his/her advantage. You must need to develop and follow the strategy while serving the foosball. This is how you will be able to get of the ball before your competitor besides control the ball before passing it on your offensive men to attain a goal.

The most effective method is to spin the foosball while dropping it to the center of the foosball table. The advantage of this serving method is that most of the time the ball will come towards yours 5 bar men than your competitor. Since, the foosball game rules don’t allow ones to grasp the ball more than 10 seconds with the 5 bar men, so one must quickly move the ball to the 3 bar men.

But for serving the ball such a way, one need to practice it more. Once you become able to serve the ball rightly then you can easily control the ball with your 5 bar men and can be able to play the game on your advantage. And serving the ball such a way is quite easy.

How to pass the ball from 5 bar men to 3 bar men?

Passing ball from 5 bar to 3 bar men is totally related to the right way serving method. After serving the ball, you must need to pass the ball from 5 bar to 3 bar men so, it is very important to know the passing skill very well for taking the advantage of every serving opportunity. Though many players prefer to shoot the ball directly from the 5 bar men to score a goal but most effective way for scoring a goal is step by step passing the ball to the goal point. The foosball game is all about passing, controlling, catching and shooting the ball so one must develop the ball passing and controlling skill. And one must need to be skilled in this method for playing with a skilled opponent.

There also has some advantage of passing the ball from 5 bar to 3 bar men in lieu of shooting the ball directly from 5 bar men to the goal point. The advantages are pointed out below-

  • It makes the distance between goal point and ball less. For this reason, there are more chances of scoring goal than the directly shoots.
  • With this strategy, you can choice more shots during shooting with 3 bar men.

Since, there exits many strategies of passing foosball so, many foosball player tries to learn all the strategies, it is better to know or gather more knowledge about the foosball strategies but only when you become the master of that. But many players make a great mistake by knowing all the method but don’t know a single method in advanced level. So, it is better to know all shots but practice one shots as much as possible for becoming a master of that shots. It will help you to perform the shot with perfection while playing and improves the possibility of scoring a goal. As there remaining many shots of playing this game and all look bit difficult to become a master of a specific shot. But most of the players choose snake and pull shots because it requires less time for being master. Mastering of an individual shot creates more possibility to score goal. But mastering a particular shot can work against you when the opponents is also very skilled in that shots. But you can still get success from that shot if you execute it more perfectly. But the main thing is to practice more and more if you want to develop or improve your methods or strategies.

Following the ball

One needs a very strong eye concentration on ball for playing this game. It is very important to follow the ball with the playing men. If you will not able to follow the ball then you will surely get out from the game quickly. If you are keep following in the ball then you will be able to take all the opportunities and will be able to control the ball movement and lead it to the goal point. Or if you are missing a single opportunity of holding the ball then you will miss a chance of scoring a goal. And developing this strategy will help you to improve your defense power.

Shooting with an open hand or wrist flick

For the beginners, it is quite hard to conduct the handle smoothly and fast. And most of the time it slows down the speed for this reason the possibility of scoring a goal reduces. Besides the professional players use their free hand or open hand for shooting, and the open hand shot hits the ball hard so that the ball can go fast towards the goal.

Ensuring a good defense

If one wants to win the game against all type of player especially the experienced player then one must need to improve or develop his/her defense power.

Playing against the more experienced players

The best and effective way for finding out lack of ones skill is to play with more experienced player than him. It helps a player to find out the point where he/she needs to develop or improve and what skill and how is used by the opponents. So, if you want to improve your skill or want to know about other skill then you must play with more experienced and advanced level player.

Hope you understand the point that I mentioned many times is “practice more and more”. So, if you really want to improve your skill or want to become an advanced level player then you must know about the effective skills of the soccer table game and then practice it as much as possible.

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