Foosball Table Cover


Foosball table cover is one of preferable Foosball parts who are really choosy and careful about their game equipment. This will not come to your table. Rather, you have to spend separately for this. Nevertheless, many people search for it throughout the market to keep the table dust free. Moreover, you may face a bit trouble to find the exact match cover with your Foosball table dimension. You have to choose different covers according to indoor and outdoor tables.

Foosball Table Cover

Why is it used for?

You can use it to cover your table after playing or if you go anywhere for some days leaving the table alone in the game room. Foosball cover protects your table in many ways. If you keep your table outdoor, the cover will protect heat even on a sunny day or moisture on a cloudy day. It will keep your table untouched and dust free until you uncover it to play. So, you don’t need to wipe out the dust with a regular interval. Thus, it will lessen your toil and make a long life for the table as well.

How to Choose the Right Foosball Table Cover

Here the table quality is not a fact. You may have best or medium quality table, indoor or outdoor table. But Foosball table covers are mandatory keep your table better for long. You need to choose a quality cover for better service.


A Foosball table cover normally depends on the table’s choice. You need to think first which cover will suit your table best. Different covers are made of different materials. Polyester, vinyl, or Naugahyde- more or less, all are durable. Naugahyde goodly feels like leather and vinyl for water or wet protection. Also, protect from dust and the sun bleaching. For the online shop, you need to research better- which one will be the best suitable for your table.


On average, it is possible to buy a cover within Very low price. If you need more affordable then you can choose polyester. Or if you want the best quality which is lightweight, strong and rips resistant- you may need to expense more. 


If you are choosy about your table, you will look for a cover. And you are more one step choosier then you will look for the cover with the best design. You will find different covers with a different design. Like- table cloth design and a scalloped design. Tablecloth design is for them who love the simple design and easy to use. It will cover the whole body of your table. It is best as it will protect the all Foosball table parts even the legs as well. And in the scalloped design, you will get cutouts according to the rods.

Playing Foosball


Foosball table cover is one of the most important Foosball accessories. But it may be a little bit tough for you to choose the exact cover which will go perfectly with your table’s dimension as it won’t come to your table for the first time. Do it carefully. I always prefer a cover for my table and it is with my table from the beginning.

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