Foosball Tic Tac Shot


There are some common terms in Foosball which is used for playing Foosball. One most common term is Tic Tac shot. It means passing the ball between your team player. Tic Tac shot can combine for make a goal shot. So it is a most important term in Foosball. This very particular Tic Tac shot got this name because of the Tic Tac sound which happen while passing the ball to other man. Tic Tac shot is mainly used for distract the opponent’s attention, and by doing this you will be able to confuse your enemy and take the advantage of his situation to make a goal. Actually Tic Tac shot isn’t an exact worthy shot at all If you couldn’t defend perfectly. It is very hard to control the situation. The Tic Tac shot can be very helpful if you are capable of utilize the Tic Tac ball passing style to open the hole of opposition’s goal post. Actually it’s a matter of timing. Selecting the right shot and play the shot in the correct time will give you your desire desire result.

Foosball Tic Tac shot difficulty level:  The rate of this shot is level 2.

Setting up the Foosball Tic Tac shot

If you want to make the perfect Tic Tac shot so you have to become dexterous at passing the ball between the Foosball men of the same rod of your Foosball table. It is very important because you will have to pass the ball several times before you can take the perfect Tic Tac shot without losing the ball from your control. The main part of a Tic Tac shot is to waiting for the right moment when the opposition’s defense is not actually defensive at all and the hole of the goal post is open and ready to make a perfect shot for a goal. So keep patience is another most important thing in this game, because maximum players are become impatience while waiting for the right time to come for making a score.

Watch The Foosball Tic Tac Shot Video Click Here:   Foosball Tic Tac Shot Video

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