Giantex 27" Foosball Table Review

This Giantex 27" Foosball Table is actually well known for its portability. It is the top foosball table in the list of smallest Foosball table. This Foosball table is made with the solid wood and at the same time, it is built with by solid steel poles. Basically, this Giantex 27" Foosball Table made by the manufacturer is concerning with the kids Foosball enjoyment resulting they are tried to made it with server glasses outfit. At the same time, the interior ball recovery system built for every goal you made. On the other hand, compact leg board design with leg spanners on each side and scoring device to check the entertainment methodology beneficially. Its six sections are joined inside the table to allow 3 lines for each assemble and NINE red players and NINE yellow players for a diversion. This versatile Foosball table is made by the MDF material frame with steel rods. Generally,this Giantex 27" Foosball Table general unit weight is just only 12 pounds, which really and raise your capacity to convey ability as your want request of exchange capacity.

This table perhaps an inquiry in your psyche, what incorporates into the crate? Truly, dear this dynamic Foosball Soccer Table accompanies one x Foosball however it really requires amass before utilize. It likewise incorporates six x steel rods, 9x red players, 9x yellow players, 2x Footballs and one x instruction influence you to begin your diversion without bother. Thus, you can purchase this versatile Foosball table for your children.

Let’s have a look on the unique Features of this Giantex 27" Foosball Table

The convenient Design: Giantex strong soccer arcade can fit over your kitchen counter, end table, or on your floor without leaving scratches. Sufficiently light for simple transport and capacity, with ensured versatility to withstand the high vitality of players.

Strongest Structure: This Foosball table constructed with solid wood development and strong steel bars which makes this Giantex 27" Foosball Table durable and dependable resulting can serve you for quite a while. Furthermore, 4 leg development gives extra strength as well.

A good entertaining game kit For All Age: Kids and grown-ups will have the capacity to get bunches of satisfaction from this flexible and easy to utilize intelligent furniture. It will fit in pleasantly in an amusement room, carport or den to give you a remarkable diversion alternative.

Simple To Play: Six lines are incorporated into the table to permit 3 columns for every group and 9 red players and 9 yellow players makes this easy startup of Foosball game at the time just you complete the assemble. Inner ball recovery at every objective. Plastic manual slide scorers at every objective. 

Appropriate design for Daily Use: Unified leg board outline with leg spanners on each side. At the same time, scoring gadget to tally the amusement procedure helpfully. On the other hand, the general dimension of this unique Foosball table is all around 27 inches on length X 15 inches on width X 9 inches on height. On the other side, the football field dimension is all around 23 inches on length X 13.5 inches on width.

Now this time we will show the advantage and disadvantage of this Giantex 27" Foosball Table


For the cost it is the most durable and reliable Foosball gaming table to entertain your kids and other member of the family.

Easy to setup and start playing the Foosball game through its unique features.

For its compactness and smaller size and weight as compared with the similar category, this table is much easier in case of portability.

This product comes with every single parts, player and balls so no need to worry about buy extra things which may be the cases of increasing cost.

If you have tension regarding your home space to set a Foosball table, do not get panic or tension this one the best for you because Giantex 27" Foosball Table can fit anywhere in your home even in your kitchen counter. Because it is one of the most smallest Foosball table in the list.


This is not actually made with only solid steel but it is made with the MDF materials with strong wood. On the other hand, the rods are made with the solid steel. So do not take any tension regarding broken down.

There are may be in some cases you will found some flaws but it can be resolve easily, if you are not able to resolve you can call the customer care to take action to resolve it.

Giantex 27 Foosball Table Review


​Q: Is this a cheapest Foosball table to buy?

Answer: yes dear, this one of the best Foosball table which is cheapest ever as compared with the other similar category of Foosball table.

Q: Is this a reliable and durable Foosball table for kids?

Answer: Yap buddy, this is the ever best Foosball table in terms of reliability and durability. Because this is table built with the modern quality is concern by the manufacturer.

Q: The set up of this Giantex 27" Foosball Table is easy or difficult?

Answer: do not worry about to setup this dynamic Foosball table. Every unit comes with a user setup manual and at the same time it is not too much difficult to setup. Then again if there is any difficulties arise you are feel free to call customer service to resolve the difficulties. 


At the end of this Giantex 27" Foosball Table review session, we can strongly recommended this Giantex 27" Foosball Table for your kids and other member of the family. Because there are many reasons for recommendation. This tabletop Foosball gaming kit is suitable fit anywhere at your home space. At the same time, all the features of this table raise its own capability and ability to entertain your kids leisure time at any time. On the other hand, this table is also suitable for eldest people Foosball playing. This table is light weight tabletop Foosball game kit which maximize the ability of portability. So, you can buy this one as gift for your kids, family member and also for your family friends Foosball enjoyment. Hope they will like and love it. This is also an cheapest Foosball table in its similar category.

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