Giantex Foosball Table

A Foosball table is an excellent way of passing your free time. You can play the game along with your friends or even family. It will not only pass your time but also the game will improve your health and mind. The Foosball game prevents boredom. If you are enough impressed to buy a Foosball table, don’t be late. Purchase one for you as soon as possible. If you have a small budget, you should not worry. The companies like Giantex produce low-budget Foosball tables. One of them is called Giantex Foosball Table. It’s a complete Foosball table. The cost to get this table is low. It comes with a premium build quality. The table is constructed with a construction structure which is known as the MDF Construction. It has the rotation rods too. You can rotate it comfortably when it’s needed. The rod is made of steel that is coated in the chromium way. Besides, it’s a product from the manufacturer of the Giantex. Let’s hear some more about the table.

Foosball for kids 2018

High-Quality Build
The quality of a product should be decent. If the quality is fine, you will get durable service from a product. In this case, the Giantex Foosball table is a good quality table football. It is made by the MDF construction. The construction is specially made for making a product durable. On the other hand, the product contains slide bearing. All these things are provided to make it last for a long time. Therefore, you need not worry about the build quality of this table.

Ease of Use
You cannot utilize a product unless you know how to use it in the right way. The same policy goes for the Foosball table game. If you buy but cannot use the table, it will be a waste of money. To solve this problem, the table comes with a user manual which will help you to know the rules of a Foosball game. The manual will also guide the user through the assembly process of this Foosball table. All the parts are available in the package to give you a decent experience with the table.

Reasonable Cost
Many people are deprived of the opportunity to play Foosball because the price is not affordable to them. It’s hard for them to buy a Foosball table. This Giantex table is a suitable choice for these people. They can enjoy the Foosball game with their families or friends after purchasing this table. It will cost less than the other tables. Besides, it has lots of things to offer for them too.

Another impressive benefit of the table is the lightweight feature. The table has only 30 pounds weight. The weight is super light for even the users who are old or not much strong physically. A user can lift the table all alone too. On the other hand, you can save space in your home with the table. It’s not a huge table at all. The size is decent. It will take a few inches of space from your house.

Foosball for kids 2018


  • ●Has a rotation rod that is made of chromium coated steel to provide durability
  • ●Includes a user manual and all the parts that are needed to do the complete assembly
  • ●Contains the support of crossbar so that the table can have extra strength
  • check
    ●Made with MDF construction which is popular for its durability and decent quality
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    ●Comes with focused players, graphics of crowd, scoring monitor system on the both sides


  • ●The instruction of assembly is not clear and it’s hard to put together the table

Solution: The Giantex Foosball table is an ideal one for the families. According to some of the users, the table is very hard to put together. The table size is not huge. It has a lightweight too. The assembly should be effortless. Because of the poor instruction manual, users are suffering from this issue. In that case, you should call the customer care. They can help you. You can call them in your home to get a better assembly instruction. There are a few people who have done the assembly quite easily. You can seek help from them. On the other hand, YouTube has so many videos where Giantex table assembly has been shown. You can check these videos to be clear about how to put together the table.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does the table come with enough foosballs?
A: The table doesn't come with a single Foosball. You have to buy the foosballs separately. You can order it from them when purchasing the table.

Q. Does the table have the official competition size?
A: No, it doesn’t have the official size. The size of the table is 48 inches.

Q. Which tools are necessary during the assembly process?
A: You must have two tools during the assembly. The tools are respectively head screwdriver from Philips and a wrench from Allen.

Q. What is the total weight of the package?
A: The weight is around 35 pounds. It’s a lightweight package.

Foosball tables should be known to more people than before because it’s one of the most rear indoor games which will entertain you as well as give you health benefits. The tabletop football game is still unknown to some because of its price. The Asian countries are not producing the Foosball tables that much. They don’t even import the tables from the other countries. It’s because the people of these countries will not purchase the table for its high price. Therefore budget products like the Giantex Foosball Table should be produced more so that it can reach to every person of the world. The Giantex table comes with several features. It has lightweight. The table weighs only about 30 pounds. It will not be a problem to carry the Foosball table. The size is convenient too. It has an ideal size that is 48 inches. The assembly process is effortless because all the parts are present in the package. You can easily set up the table by following the user manual. Overall it’s an amazing product at a low price.

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