Hathaway Playoff Soccer Table


Entertainment at home is not only about watching TV or playing video games. Besides these to get entertainment at home has many indoor games. Like as pool, air hockey, soccer are the most popular indoor games. Among them the popularity of soccer increase day by day. The Hathaway Playoff Soccer Table popular brand for indoor soccer table. This Foosball table is just perfect for home use. This Foosball table has various size. The measurement of table size depends on room space. The medium and the smaller size are quite lightweight and easy to fit. The price also various for the size of this table.

Features and Specification

  • Dimensions: 54”L by 29.5”W by 34.5”H (Global)
  • Weight: 51 lbs
  • Material: Certified MDF
  • Origin: China
  • 3- goalie configuration
  • 13 abs players for per team
  • Manual slide scoring system
  • Rubber ergonomic handles
  • ½ inch chorme plated tubular
  • ½ inch thick rein force l-shaped legs
  • End ball return


The surface of the table made of CARB – certified MDF. The playing surface is smooth and this is important for genuine fun. The sides of the surface covered with graphics of pictured spectators. That the field made to appear as real turf grass.

The L-shaped legs are 0.5 inches thick and have full supports for the end panels. The ABS molded players are set in a 3-goalie configuration. This make of the players is excellent. It makes them sturdy and resistant to damage. The tubular steel rods of the Hathaway Playoff Soccer Table are extremely rodust and durable.

he rubber handles are ergonomic. They are not perfectly solid. That reason air passes freely around them. That is a huge advantage during gameplay to get quite sweaty. This table has various size. The 4” length just right for home use.

The smaller size makes the table quite versatile. The unit is quite lightweight and it is easy to move around by two people. But in a smaller table, there have not as much space to shoot and move the ball around. If anyone have a separate game room, they can afford the bigger one.


The Hathaway Playoff Soccer Table is sufficient for over 3 years children or anyone playing casually. It is a very simple, bare -bones kind of a table. Anyone can easily play and enjoy the game. Being a lightweight it is easy to move more often during play.

The speed of play is slower that geared towards the children. There are an automatic ball return and a manual scoring system unit for each player. The manual scoring system may not be advanced, but it works perfectly well. Overall anyone can enjoy fantastic performance.

Hathaway Playoff Soccer Table

Who Can Use?

This soccer table is a perfect choice for people of all ages. Both adults and children who are tall enough to handle the rods and see the field easily.


  • Appealing look: The field graphics is beautiful and eye-catching.
  • Easy setup: This soccer table is easy to fit by following the instruction.
  • Space-efficient: This table made for home use. It’s can easily fit to room space.
  • Great entertain: This Foosball table can give lots of fun for many hours and for years to come.
  • Durability: The table has good design and solid construction.
  • Portability and versatility: Anyone can easily take the table one place to another and set it up.


In this world, there has no product which is perfectly made. With its pros, cons also exist.

  • However, this issue is not particularly common- the table can come out from the compartment if it enters with high forces.
  • There are no levelers that reason flat space must require for the smooth game.

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(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions For The Hathaway Playoff Soccer Table


  • Ques: Is this a best durable soccer table?
  • Ans: Of course not. It's a brand of soccer table. Every brand has own build quality. So find the best durable soccer table compare among all brands.
  • Ques: Does it fold?
  • Ans: No. It does not fold.
  • Ques: Need any tools to put it up?
  • Ans: There have no tools requires to put it up. Only by following the manual instruction.
  • Ques: Does it come with ball?
  • Ans: Yeah. It’s come with 2 little soccer ball.


The Hathaway Playoff soccer table is perfect for home entertainment. People all of the ages can easily enjoy the game. There has no difficulty to play. It has an appealing look. The most important thing is that there have a lot of fun without any special maintenance.

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