History of the Foosball Table

The word "Foosball" comes from the German word. In German word "foot" is pronounced as "foos". So the word Foosball is similar to football. Foosball is played at the same way football is played but Foosball is a table game. In United States football is known as soccer, thus Foosball table game is known as soccer table game. The invention of soccer table game is quite mysterious. The history of the Foosball table game is as follows-

History of the foosball table

The first patent of Foosball table was registered in 1901 in United States. After that many people work for the development of soccer table game. There are three men who are related with the invention of this table game. They are Lucien Rosengart, Alejandro Finisterre and Harold Searles Thornto. But Harold Searles Thornto roles is most important for discovering the Foosball table game. The popularity of football in Europe inspired him to discover a soccer table game. He was very fond of football, so he wanted to invent a game that is like football but can be played at home.

You won't believe that the idea for the table game came from a matches box. The matches were lying at the top of the box just like the rod.

In 1921 he started working for inventing the soccer table game. But it was finally accepted by United Kingdom in 1923. The Foosball table that we can see now, is actually structured in 1923. The table that was first certified by United Kingdom, contains enough details about playfield, rods movement and the sloped playfield corners to prevent the ball stopping at corners. The original certified patent is still available at European patent office.

The other 2 person who have worked for inventing and developing the soccer table game was Lucien Rosengart and Alejandro Finisterre. Lucien Rosengart who was an automotive engineer, invented the soccer table game at the end of 1930's for entertaining his grandchildren. Another name who act an important role for inventing Foosball table game was Alejandro Finisterre. He was a notable Spanish writer, poet, aristist and left-winger. He used to lead a colorful life. But in 1936 in the Spanish civil war, he got a serious leg injury. After that leg injury, he used to spend his time with young children who also have leg injury just like him. Those children were unable to play football. And those children were his inspiration to invent the Foosball table game.

But this two person's patent not accepted by the patent office. Only Harold Searles's patent was accepted by the patent office.

The Foosball table game introduced in United States in 1950's. In 1970's the game received much popularity. During this time the game was found everywhere in United States. In just few decades the game forwarded rapidly across the world for the popularity of football.

From the summary of the history of the Foosball table, we came to know that soccer table game mainly invented from the popularity of football. After inventing the Foosball table many have tried to develop the table but the first registered patents was the best. However the game is becoming more popular day by day.

As the popularity of this game is increasing day by day, many enthusiastic people take it as a profession. There is a reason behind choosing the game as profession. The reason is that many sport organization was created for promoting the Foosball table game. In 2002, the International Table Soccer Federation (ITSF) was established in French for promoting the soccer table game globally and regulating many international competition. This Federation aim is also introduced the game with International Olympic Committee (IOC) and General Association of International Sport Federation (GAISF). The ITSF has expended in more than 65 countries in the whole world for promoting the game. ITSF held a multi-table World Championship in every month of January in Nantes and France. This Federation also organize the World Cup every year. So if your playing skill is good then you can take part on the competition. Not only the federation organize many competition or tournament but also many sport association and in the bars, they organize many tournaments focusing on this game. And for taking part in various competition, players are practicing hardly to build up their skill. Though the table soccer game is becoming an official Olympic sport, but it has not yet recognized universally. But many sport organization are trying to establish the Foosball table game as an international game.

Competition: Many national organization organize many Foosball related official competition. They also maintain high quality rules and regulation. Besides many organization and promoters arrange many professional table soccer events worldwidely. And now International events such as annual World Championships and the World Cup are regulated only by ITSF. There are many table brands exits. But that brands which are used in ITSF World Championship are the "French Style" Bonzini, "American Style" Tornado, "Italian Style" Roberto Sport and Garlando and the "German Style" Tecball. Fireball, Kicker, Deutscher Meister, Rosengart, Warrior, Eurosoccer, Jupiter, Goldstar, Leonhart and so on are also used in international competition. The soccer table game competition not only organized by national and international organization but also organized by many sports clubs, pubs, bars for fun. For taking part in this competition many sports lover play this game with passion.

Now the game is known all over the world. As the game is rapidly extended, the interest of enthusiastic people for this game is increasing. But after inventing video game, the popularity of this game has little gone away. But this game is still improving in some communities where people have the actual love and interest for this game.

Hope the above writing about the history of the Foosball table is enough for you to know the mysterious story behind the invention of the soccer table game.

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