How to Level a Foosball Table


How to level a foosball table

Before start playing any game you should make yourself more comfortable as you can. So in Foosball, if you want to learn this game properly, you have to place the board in exact level. It will help you to make yourself comfortable with Foosball table. It is important to make sure that you can control the rolling of the ball and which will be helpful to prepared to make the perfect shot. There are many company available in market who make the best Foosball table which come with many more features than others. One of the most important features is easy leveling system of the table. There are also have a gear available to level the table in some of the model of Foosball table. Tornado is one of the most renowned company who are making Foosball table since 40 years from now. They make different types and qualities of Foosball table. There tables are little bit costly to buy one, but the thing I can tell you that it worth. The bad part of buying a cheaper table is that the table might not leveled or prepared properly for smooth playing. Although after spending a lot of time and if you are able to adjust the legs of the table, the surface of the table then still not leveled. Actually there is nothing to do to deal with this. If the surface of the Foosball table not manufactured perfectly by the company from the factory so there is no option that you can choose to patch up this problem and beside this, you cannot be a good Foosball player.

Tools use for level a foosball table

There are some tools needed to level up a Foosball table. They mentioned below –

  • A leveler, as like Torpedo Level.
  • Carpenter’s level of two foot.
  • Cardboard, woodblocks etc. (If needed for your specific table)

How to level the Foosball table

There are four adjustable Foosball table leg. These four adjustable legs should be screwed tightly. Keep the table on a plain solid surface. Those who have no adjustable legs can simply ignore this steps, but this steps will confirm you that you are starting from an exact starting point. Now place the two-foot carpenter’s level on the side edge of the table. There is a big bubble in the carpenter’s level which indicates the level. By chance if it’s not leveled so the bubble will indicate which side is higher and which side should bring up to level the Foosball board you placed. First thing first, cross checks the exact highest playing surface vertically and horizontally by the Torpedo Level. Now you know that which side is higher by the bubble of carpenter’s level, so the target is to level the Foosball table and center the bubble between two sides by raising the other side which is low. Always keep in mind that you should raise the opposite side of the carpenter’s bubble and bring the bubble in the mid. You need to get another person’s help to lift the table in order to help you to adjust the table. You can unscrew the legs of the table. If needed you can use spacers in the exact leg to level that side.

You have to look your ground whether it is smooth or rough. If the floor is uneven, then a foosball table cannot stand positioned steadily. For an uneven floor, you can use multi oscillating tool for Sanding the story correctly.

You might have to repeat the steps in order to bring the bubble in the middle. One of the most important thing is, you just have to adjust maximum 3 legs. It worth to spend time to level the table. It helps to play a fare match. In normal situation you have to adjust the table once in month or twice. Actually it depends on your using. So if you are a rough and tough player who jerk the table while playing so you might have to adjust it even once in a couple of week ore once in a week.

Adjustable spinning Foosball leg levelers

Sometimes people choose to add adjustable leg for modifying the level easily. It is a risky method if you are unaware that what you are actually doing. Beyond all these, it’s an awesome feature that can save your time of adjusting the leg of Foosball table.

Foosball Table Assembly Video

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