How to Maintain a Foosball Table


Without maintaining your soccer table properly, you won’t get your investment fruitful. Before or after buying a table you should know first how to maintain a Foosball table? For long time better service you should maintain and clean your table regularly. If the table got debris, dirt or spilled drinks- it will lose its fast-paced game capability and long life assurance. Cleaning of your table depends on your usage. If you run a regular heavy play then you should clean your table at least for once in a week. Or you are used to playing a moderate play, then for once in a month.

How to Maintain a Foosball Table


Don't expose the Foosball to the weather

No matter where you are playing with your table- garden or garage! Make sure that you are not leaving them in an open weather overnight or a full day. It may be damaged extremely by snow, sun, rain and even with the moisture and temperature. Though you bought the best Foosball table with the highest price, you will not get it for a long time if you don’t care about it.

Cleaning a Wooden soccer Table

You should take care about all Foosball table parts. Today or tomorrow you have to clean it to play again. Better you can follow a schedule with a regular interval to clean your table and it’s not too tough to maintain your table properly. Just you should be concern about your table. You need these for cleaning your table

  • Furniture cleaner.
  • Soft clothes or towels.
  • Plastic scraper as a scrubber.
  • White vinegar.
  • 70-90% rubbing alcohol.
  • Silicone.
  • Wood polish.
  • Gloves.

Cleaning Tabletop Procedure

I have researched a lot to present pros and cons everything. From Foosball table reviews you got some best Foosball table brands here. You may expense a lot to buy the best one. Whatever you buy, proper maintaining is mandatory.Your first attempt to clean your table should be wipe out the whole table with a dry soft cloth. It will help you to remove all loose dirt and debris. Then put a bit rubbing alcohol on the cloth and wipe out slowly top to bottom of the table. This rubbing alcohol won’t harm your table surface. For deep black spots do this more than once.

For rods, you can use silicone in a separate cloth. This is best for maintaining the rods and for best output. Be alert about WD-40. Avoid this for your rods. After providing a short term best service suddenly it will dry your bumpers and bearings. Your table may lose the service capability permanently.


Whatever you buy new for your home or game room with your hard earned money- you should concern about that investment. Proper polishing will provide a long life to you all wood furniture. You can use best wood polishing oil to keep your table in a new look for a long time. Before making an ad of Foosball table for sale you can add the completely new look to your table by polishing if you don’t need to use that table anymore or for yourself. Polish the wood area of your table. It will also helpful to hold your wood quality.


You may give an expensive look even you buy a table at a cheap price- if you can wax the edges of your table properly. Sometimes you may find that corners of your table are not smooth. It may harass you to play a comfortable play, especially it may harm your children. You can use wood filler wax stick for better finish of your table. Make sure that the stick is accessible in your game room.

What Will You Need?

You are with outdoor Foosball table or with indoor Foosball table! Even with a professional Foosball table. If you care about your investment, you have to clean your table regularly. Some elements are necessary to clean your table. These are-

  • Microfiber materials.
  • Stain and order remover.
  • Vinegar.
  • All necessary equipment to make your table beautiful.

Glue all loose parts

Your table may be harmed during rough delivery or for any insincerity. Even your children can break one of the table parts of your brand new comer table soccer. It’s not possible to change the whole table or buy another new one. You have to try to glue them properly. If you can’t do this properly, there may have some risk to be damaged the table in a very short time. You may not find a good quality glue to do your job perfectly. It may lose again even after fixing it with that glue. Make sure that you are using a best commercial quality super glues. And do it very carefully. If it spilled on the playing surface anyhow, you may find an uncomfortable gameplay during the whole life of this table.

Steps to Remove Stains

It may ruin the beauty of your table permanently- if some stains got permanent on the playing surface or anywhere on your table. Make sure first you are not spreading out that stain throughout your table. Carefully wipe out the stains with a soft cloth with a light alcohol or with water. But better to use light alcohol with soft cotton or soft cloth.

Sometimes it happens that if you feel lazy to clean the stains, later it would be fixed with your table. You should clean the stains as early as possible when you notice.

If it stays for longer and doesn’t be wiped out anyway then you should do- mix ice water and vinegar in a little amount and mix it gently. You can use a cloth with micro fiber. Wet that cloth, use it on the stain and then rinse the cloth. Do it randomly until the stains wipe out permanently. After removing the stain allow it to air dry.

How to Maintain a Foosball Table Video


Before buying a Foosball table you should study about how to maintain a Foosball table. It will help you to utilize properly your investment on this most wanted game equipment. There are many ways to take care and maintain your indoor or outdoor Foosball table. I have upheld here some easy and must do ways to clean and maintain your table. This endeavor can help you to know about the maintaining. A group of fancier players always intend to change their game table after a regular interval. They care more their table and make an add Foosball table for sale easily. You can also utilize perfectly by maintaining properly your Foosball table and all parts.

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