How to play Foosball


Foosball table will be just a wood piece if you don’t know how to play Foosball? Here, I am going to share with you about some must know Foosball tips and tricks. Just be ready with your just arrived table- as I am going to disclose everything now. Here is my afford, for whom- who are totally new in the Foosball world or have a little or no experience about this gameplay. It’s a game equipment for great fun if you can enjoy it. You can’t think that it’s just a table game. After purchasing you need to know how you can allure the whole match. Afterward, it is possible to get the real fun. You can follow these tips to turn the game mood to you.

How to play foosball

Know the rules by heart

Don’t be ready just to play rather obey the rules by your heart and you will get the best output from this sport. Before deciding to play you have to maintain and understand the Foosball tournament policy. Follow the latest and table model suitable rules. Try to be updated always with the rules.

Know your opponent

One of the most followed Foosball tricks is to follow the opponent’s movement. Sometimes it works more than your physical aspects. Try to get the exact point and predict what your opponent is going to do! And offense the movement getting the point. Then it won’t be a big deal to win.

Psyche yourself before a match

If you are in the running game but thinking about your favorite one- it would be impossible for you to dominate the game. You will get the gameplay boring if you get distracted in a middle way. Thus, mental preparation is the must need for Foosball players before starting the play. Don’t pressurize on your mind to catch the movement of the opponent. Enjoy the whole game with a slow music and be cunning so that you can’t leave even a single chance for your opponent. In one word, you will have to apply the full concentration and mindset on the game throughout the whole game.

Foosball tips

You can follow some Foosball techniques through your own way. Some kind of foosball shots and some moving style of rods. You can arrange a long match of 3 or 5 times play. And can show a great performance applying the tricks and techniques. Here are some for you-


Your goal is to defeat your opponent. Move the ball to your offensive 3 bars passing through your antagonist’s 5 bars. You have to make sure first that your 3 bar is on accurate position to hook the call. The players of 3 bar need to be angled forward so that they can make a shot towards your goal using the backside. Move the ball slowly and prepare a goal, bring the ball near to the goal and shot. Goal! You will get a score.


Here you will protect the ball of your opponents attack. Keep the ball under your control from the opponent’s striker row. Block the ball from all side from the opponents shot. Try to allure the ball completely after it’s stopped. Always appoint a player in front of the ball to when you play defense. Make sure that you are not making a goal for your opponent mistakenly. Pass the ball step by step towards the goal. And make a shot through a straight line. Hope, it will go exactly to the goal.

How to Defend Video

Turning the Rods

If you want to know how to play Foosball- at first you need to occupy the proper turning of the rods. Always work to keep the ball in opponent’s goal. In maximum case, best Foosball table brands provide 4 rods on each side. They control these total 13 players by pulling, pushing and turning the rods. And controlling the whole game turning the rods is really tough. If you are not experienced or totally new- you may get all enough easy except the turning rods. You will be a winner if you are able to score 5 before your opponent which goodly depends on how good you are in moving the rods.

Mirror Shot

This is the most popular offensive shot in the Foosball game techniques. You can save a goal from your opponent’s defender using this shot. But you need to be cunning and enough expert to make this mirror shot correctly.

Bank Shot

Here is another trick. The shot is known as a fast and devious shot which can pass through the heavy defenses. It will be very effective if you really can do this. You will make a very fast shot focusing the wall and it will stop into the goal after bouncing on the wall. Sometimes your opponent will be surprised with this rapid goal. You will be done before he can understand your movement. But make sure that all this you are doing with sense and carefully.

How to Bank Shot Video

Focus on your execution

Foosball is totally a mental game. So, if you invest your brain to any other purposes while playing it’s not possible to win. Even you will get the whole game boring. Don’t be distract when your opponent is planning to make a swift goal. Just concentrate on the movement of the ball and your figures.

Sometimes it seems that you are concentrating more on your opponent’s movement than yours. This is wrong technique. Definitely, you will follow your opponent’s movement. But better concentrate more on your own execution. Sometimes your opponent will make some easy or wrong moves willingly to confuse you. If you get trapped on that- you will lose one score for sure. So follow your own strategy. Apply the accurate shot defending opponents attack. Your own strategy and technique will make your execution clear-cut.


You have broken your bank to buy the best Foosball table and expecting the best output without knowing how to play Foosball! It won’t work. You will get your investment completely useless. You can pick any table from here by researching all Foosball table reviews. The table won’t interfere your exciting or best gameplay if know the rules and techniques properly.

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