Human Foosball Game


Human foosball game is the remake of normal foosball game. This game made in a special size that is a combination of fun and enjoyment. This human foosball game can be enjoyed while in family picnic, mounting. Kitty parties etc. There are many kinds of materials used for build this game. After many years of research this version of the foosball game invented. The whole thing is structured by planning to change the construction from wood crafting type to jump house type. Beyond all these things the main essence is fun. All the people around show eager to join the game single or through a team to compete each other. As a reason, human foosball become a great suit to make a team in any occasion even in children parties.

Human foosball game

Rules of Play Human Foosball Game

Human foosball game is a very similar version of normal foosball game. The rods of the foosball player connected both side. There is no handle to control the rods. The rods are only can move aside the court rather up and down similar to conventional soccer. The game starts by serving he ball between the opponents. The first serving team has to be chosen by a coin toss. The kick off starts in the middle of the court. The player should pass the ball to the other players on the same rod to start or to take advantage to attempt scoring a goal. Normally the game played for 5 goals to win but sometimes it extends to 10 or depends on both team’s or player’s decision.

Rent a Human Foosball Game

Some people doesn’t buy human foosball game as there is no scope or time for playing, but they can add some extra enjoyment with human foosball game to their parties or occasion without buying it. So now you are wondering how it’s possible. Actually there is nothing to be surprise at all as there are some renowned company or website available who give rent human foosball game for many occasions as like; Friends and family gatherings, wedding ceremony, birthday parties, church gathering, corporate events, youth events & other occasions etc. The rental companies are available in maximum cities but beyond all these opportunities, if you are unable to find one so try to search for the human foosball game rental companies in the area which is situated besides your area. If you are success to find one so that will be your best solution of your problem. Happy playing.

Epic Human Foosball Match

  • July 20, 2017
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