Kick Fantasy Foosball Table Review

Sometime times it seems to be that, in your house not enough space available to setup the big table like kick splendor Foosball table. Then what will you do? You are searching for an little bit small Foosball table with the similar category and quality. In this circumstances you can think about the table called Kick Fantasy Foosball table white model which is a decent, reasonable and extraordinary in design. It has a low cost and holds huge numbers of similar highlights that you find in the bigger Kick tables recorded up above. The extremely creative outline design of the table is kind of an adjusted butcher square style, because of its littler size. We feel that this table is best for teenagers and children, or individuals who live in a little flat, apartment suite, or house. It is at the same time, contain the quality of polishing, and that is the thing that our KICK Fantasy 48" Foosball Table exemplifies. This professional Foosball table with a streamlined look in highly contrasting, it looks prepared for genuine play and conveys every one of the highlights of our best-performing tables. This kick Foosball table furnished with two arrangements of Foosball player and the alternative of a 1-or 3-men goalie, this table ensures exact player control at a value that can't be beaten. Which actually influence your dream of Foosball control to work out with another Kick Fantasy Foosball Table.

Kick Fantasy

Basically, all the features of this dynamic and best Foosball table is much similar with the bigger one like kick monarch Foosball table and kick splendor Foosball table. Now, we going to tell you in details about this kick fantasy Foosball table, which gives you the best idea regarding this little master as compared with the other similar one.

Let’s take look on its special specification and best performing features:​​​​​

This master mind Foosball table is all about 48 inches fancy table with the overall dimension is around 48 inches on length X 24 inches on width X 31 inches on height.

At the mean time, kick fantasy Foosball table has sturdy leg levelers to guarantee level of surface which raise your capacity of gaming performance for each round of playing. On the other hand, it is the table which has convenient front ball return at each finishing part of the table.

In the mean time, slide scoring mounted setup on each finishing part of the table, makes it the best serving of each game playing round. The most interesting this is that, if you need to set optional goalie the its 1 goalie plan or 3 goalie configuration makes your setting easier and give you the best game playing facility without taking any hassle to find kit to start your play. Resulting we can say that, it gives the option for uninterrupted game play from the start.

This is the kick Foosball table comes with 8 Chrome plated player poles with 2 Foosball balls concerning with the soccer style. May be a question arise in your mind what about the players called Foosball men. Do not worry buddy, this dynamic professional table comes with 11 Black and 11 White Foosball Men for your home and Away game playing plan.

The more interesting and cost effective terms is it gives the free shipping facilities from the manufacturer and may be for same day shipping. And at the same time, this kick Foosball table manufacturer gives you the life time warranty and they also committed to give you the 24 hours by 7 days of customer service in according to your desire need.

So, at the end of the this Foosball table features reviews, we can say that, this is one of the best Foosball as consideration of its size. This is actually one of the most efficient Foosball table which has all the quality to give maximum enjoyment of your children.


White design gives the most royal fell in your house and the sturdy formation give the strengthen of the quality of the whole.

It is much more simple to setup, no need hire an expert. Because this Foosball table comes with the easiest user setup manual from the manufacturer.

This professional Foosball table give you the flexibility to set it up as one-man or three-man goalie design at the starting point of a round of game to play. On the other hand, the diversion of a single game playing makes easy by its durable leg levelers. So, what we can see from this portion of this kick Foosball Table Reviews, we see that, this kick fantasy Foosball table comes with the lots of facilities to give you best game plan and enjoyment.


It is field is little bit more slippery but we can see from customer reviews that is not the big issue otherwise this is an fantastic one for you and your kids. 

On the other hand, it is not a water proof Foosball table, so, be careful during the setup time, basically it’s not Foosball table for outdoor setup.



Q: Can I setup this kick fantasy Foosball table in outdoor to play?

Answer: Sorry dear, this is not the perfect Foosball table for outdoor game. but if you are able to set a proper sky shade then it can be setup it on the outdoor game.

Q: Is there any need of an power tool to setup this Foosball table kick?

Answer: No buddy, you do not need to arrange an power tool to setup this dynamic table. Just screw up and complete your setup. That’s why we already mansion on our previous portion of Foosball table review that is the most easier Foosball table for setup.


Basically, this kick Foosball manufacture gives a 25-year of veteran of the game and a perceived Foosball devotee, longed for the top-notch amusement table that other Foosball darlings could appreciate without the high cost. Following quite a while of research, plan, and improvement, KICK was conceived, making another standard in Foosball tables. their group of mechanical architects has uncommonly custom-made each piece in our gathering to guarantee powerful and fulfilling game play at 40-half off. In that circumstances with the 25 years of experience they produce this kick fantasy Foosball table for you. 

At the last we can say, this Kick Fantasy Foosball Table quality option and a good choice for someone who doesn’t want a full size table. We’re not really fans of the white color, but it does have a nice modern and clean look to it, which will work well with some people’s home decor. But, if you’re putting it in the basement or a kid’s room, then it probably won’t matter much to you. Overall, this is a quality option and a good choice for someone who doesn’t want a full size table. We’re not really fans of the white color, but it does have a nice modern and clean look to it, which will work well with some people’s home decor. But, if you’re putting it in the basement or a kid’s room, then it probably won’t matter much to you.

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