KICK Foosball Foldable Table Monarch Review


Kick is a solid name in Foosball world which isn't as well-known as Tornado or Garland, however, it is also a reliable Foosball mark. Kick Foosball tables is the genuine name of their organization and just by taking a gander at the name, you can see that their fundamental concentration is Foosball tables and Foosball embellishments. They are available for quite a while, so we can't call them another Foosball mark, yet they aren't that old either. Despite everything they need to substantiate themselves in the Foosball world and until further notice, they are doing extraordinary. The proprietor of the organization is in the Foosball world for a long time and he realizes what Foosball is about. On the off chance that you are in the Foosball for a long time like he, you would realize what we are discussing. Basically, Foosball is back. Foosball originator, a 25-year veteran of the game and a perceived Foosball fan, longed for a superb diversion table that other Foosball sweethearts could appreciate without the high cost. Following quite a while of research, plan, and advancement, KICK was conceived, making another standard in Foosball tables. KICK it old fashioned style and get your own special KICK Foosball Table today. Basically, in this KICK Foosball Foldable Table Monarch Review we show you how it is the ruler of Foosball table world. let’s have a look on this.

KICK Foosball Foldable Table Monarch Review

In this contest it is for sure, you will rule like a Monarch over the Foosball table world with the KICK Monarch 48" Foosball Table. This professional Foosball table is with its collapsing dark legs and its medium wood grain, the KICK Foosball Foldable Table Monarch will compliment any stylistic theme that comes to your direction. The one of a kind collapsing legs make stockpiling conceivable a few diverse ways. It can even be put away upright. The KICK Monarch will give you the playing knowledge you are searching for with the comfort of capacity alternatives. Appreciate the two arrangements of players in blue and yellow and exact player control and also your decision of 1 and 3 men goalie set up. On the other hand, this dynamic kick Foosball has some unique feature which are makes this as a ruler of Foosball world as we said before.

Now, we are going to discuss its ruler features that makes it best from others

This is one fascinating Foosball table made by the Kick since it is really versatile. You can without much of a stretch overlap the table and transport it in the capacity when you aren't utilizing it. It resembles a tabletop, advantageous on the grounds that it is compact, just it is greater, and it has legs. We like that because of it doesn't look shabby and it is truly tough. This kick Foosball table is a foldable table however you need to screw and unscrew when you need to crease it. We really like the way that you need to screw it since we don't know how stable it would be on the off chance that it is a tick or something less complex. This is somewhat irregular Kick Foosball table; however, it is still quite extraordinary and great quality like whatever remains of the KICK Foosball Foldable Table Monarch.

Let’s talk about this professional Foosball table Specialized Features

1. Playing field, return of ball and scoring matter: This professional Foosball table comes with best playing field dimension which is all about 1 by 4 inches at the same time this KICK Foosball Foldable Table Monarch is much more convenient for ball return to each end of the table. On the other hand, every end of table contains slide scoring mounted, which makes playing easier

2. Goalie design, rods and Foosball men: This kick Foosball table comes with ramps providing 1 by 3 Goalie design with a durable ½ inches semi-solid stainless-steel chrome-plated rods. Now may a question about the player men. Do not worry, every single unit comes with 13 Blue and for the opposition 13 Yellow Uniformed Foosball Men to continue the best ever Foosball play.

3. KICK Soccer, Handles and Warranty: Yahoo, what’s more you want from a Foosball unit. Because this model contains every with the main unit like 2 KICK Soccer Style Foosball with dynamic 8 No-Slip Grip Wooden Handles including with Screws and this KICK Foosball Foldable Table Monarch manufacturer gives your lifetime warranty.

So, we can say that this awesome professional Foosball table works for your hundred percent fulfillment of your desire need. In the event that there is anything we can do to enhance your experience or on the off chance that if you are satisfied enough regarding inquiries, concerns, then you can really buy this one for your family without taking any doubt into account.


This KICK Foosball Foldable Table Monarch is much more simple to assemble and the overlap system helpful when you require to use. At the same time, pleasant in look and the main thing more pleasant would be if the handles had delicate elastic around them, as the wooden handle is harsh on the palm.

It's truly great quality is considering with the cost. at the mean time it is genuinely tough, and it doesn't look shabby. we believe it's a decent decision on the off chance that you would prefer not to pay a few hundred dollars for a first-class display. At the same time, the folds up highlight is differentiate from other in similar category.


It is little bit time consuming and hard assemble. By analyzing all Foosball Table Reviews we saw that it takes many hours to complete the assemble, particularly in the event that you have to give more than 5 to 6 hours for assemble. But after competing assemble carefully you will get the best ever Foosball table for your family.

On the other hand, we had found a few issues with introducing two or three players in single play they have dimension-ally not suitable, but it can solve by player re-placing. So, do not get panic. 


Q: Is this dimension-ally ok for children?
Answer: Yes, but age from 10 years of children can play comfortably. Because its overall dimension is all about 48 Length X 24 Width X 31 inches Height.

Q: what is the right up storage and is this convenient for ball return?
Answer: that’s very good follow question, the overall right up storage is all around 15 inches and yes it is much more convenient for ball return of each end of the table.


In the last of this dynamic KICK Foosball Foldable Table Monarch Review we can strongly be recommended this one for you because it’s a very professional Foosball table for Foosball playing. At the same time, it is the best quality regarding the price. On the other hand, this Foosball table features are cool especially the folding features. Which leads to the easier portability. So, if think for a Foosball table you can think about this one. Get one and give a chance to your family for Foosball playing enjoyment.

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