KICK Foosball Table Ambassador 55 In


There are some new models of foosball table available in the market designed by Kick. One of the classy models is Kick Ambassador Foosball Table 55 In. It shares some similarities to Royalton Foosball table which is another Kick creation. But it has a darker brown finishing than Royalton model has. Some other differences are also observable. It can be a better choice for those who are comfortable with the butcher block design. It can be placed in a family game room as it is 55 inches in length. It will be best suited in a house with an innovative interior.

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Feature of KICK Foosball Table Ambassador 55 In

  • Appealing Look
  • Size
  • Extremely Durable and Elegant
  • Warranty
  • High Quality Game Table
  • Tournament Style Table
  • Excellent Field Play
  • Counter Balanced Foosball Men

Appealing Look

All the Kick foosball tables get extraordinary appearance for their brand. So it is nothing different with its look. Its amazing look is charming enough to grab the eyeball.


It is smartly sized with 55 inches in length, 30 inches in width and 36 inches in height.

Extremely Durable and Elegant

It has a finishing of swanky mahogany and its cabinets are plump to give a long lasting durability. Kick ensures table’s longevity with elegance.

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Kick gives life-long warranty because they are committed to the customer sincerely. So its lifetime warranty which is definitely a plus point.

High Quality Game Table

It is a high quality game table which has rigorous player control. Because the team of Kick always emphasizes on every part of the table to make sure an impressive game play.

Tournament Style Table

Kick ensures quality product for the foosball enthusiast at 40-50% off. You will not feel cheated with this foosball table. It is specially featured for tournament style playing with a magisterial experience.

KICK Foosball Table Ambassador 55 In

Excellent Field Play

As Kick has a reputation of maintaining customers’ satisfaction it gives importance to proper field play. This soccer table is prominent for peerless field play balance

Counter Balanced Foosball Men

Its foos-men are compatible enough to roll up and down as these are weighted perfectly for both casual and competitive game.


This soccer foosball table has premium bearings. On every end of the table, it has suited front ball return and fixed slide scoring. It is a quality foosball table as it has 8 imperishable rigid steel player rods. This soccer table has 1 or 3 goalie design according to contestant priority. It has 4 official Kick foosballs and 13 black and 13 yellow foosball men for the team’s own court and at their opponent court. It has 8 secured clutch handle and 8 rod protection caps. All these combination of this Kick foosball table have made it one of the Best Foosball Table of the market. KICK Foosball Table Ambassador 55 In will be shipped free of cost on the day the order is placed.


The balls get stuck in the corner sometimes when it is set up for 1 goalie design.

  • Solution: To avoid this problem you may need to use the corner ramps provided with the set.

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(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions for the KICK Foosball Table Ambassador 55 In

  • Question: Are painted foosball men available instead of uniformed men?
  • Answer : Painted foosball men are also available in the website but painted or uniformed men are not counter balanced. KICK Foosball Table Ambassador 55 In has standard counter balanced men.
  • Question: Is the table shipped ready to use?
  • Answer : The table needs to be assembled with the provided materials.
  • Question: Where can I get assembly instructions?
  • Answer: For the proper assembly instruction you can contact with the Kick or send email to

Final Verdict

To describe the features of KICK Foosball Table Ambassador 55 In all the main points have been enlisted with the advantages, disadvantage with solution for your convenience. The Foosball table review has been given from a neutral point of view as we do not want any customer’s discomfort with this soccer table. This high quality soccer table will give you a sheer enthusiasm for playing with 100% comfort and joy. Its lifetime warranty will keep you away from losing faith on Kick.

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