Kick Foosball Table Royalton 55 in


 The long serving company is back with their old school style Foosball Table in a new & upgraded version (Kick Foosball Table Royalton 55in). This is the most remarkable product of the industry because of its high quality performance & great stability. It’s made stylized with good ingredient. The best part of this product is that Kick Foosball Table Royalton 55 in fit in any room. People of every age can easily pass quality times by playing Foosball. KICK Foosball tables are a great recreational addition to your home because of their entertainment value and family-fun qualities. Foosballs table are also called soccer tables.


Like every product this product has some unique features. Now time to describe about this awesome product features :


First thing first. A proverb goes that 1st expression is the last expression. This product of Kick has the look which will blow your mind. For the high quality design it looks more expensive than it is. Kick Foosball Table Royalton can easily suits to any open room for its gorgeous look.


Not only the design of a product can produce the actual value of the product. Stability, elegant and durability of a product can increase the value. This Foosball Table has got all these. It’s extremely durable. It’s made from fine woods that can carry it too far long.


The standard dimension of the product is 55’’ L X30’’ W X34’’ H.


The product weight is little bit heavy for using heavy material. But the weight is standard for maintain the durable quality of KICK product.The weight of this product is 103.35 Pounds (Appx 47 KGS)

KICK Brand Quality

KICK is a renowned company with 25 years of experience. After many years of research KICK Developed it & Designed it. A conscious developed team of KICK molded the product by keeping in mind of the satisfactory of the Customers.


No need to tell about the quality of KICK as we all know. So this is KICK product and sure that their product is so much fun to play with. It will blew everyone’s mind. The company & customer’s review ensure effective & satisfying game play. And all these are at about 50 % off cost.

Quality of Built

As I said before it’s none other than, it’s KICK! They just don’t make a product. They always built their product for maintaining their reputation. Once again by maintaining the quality of the brand, Kick Foosball Table Royalton 55 in has been built. It’s more Stable than other Foosball products. It’s extremely durable with a beautiful look. It’s a mid-level tables with smooth rods, adjustable table legs for a flat playing surface, and durability so it can withstand vigorous play over a long period of time.

Kick Foosball Table Royalton 55 in


It’s official KICK Foosballs buddy. It got the KICK warranty. I mean LIFETIME Warranty to give you much pleasure of playing without being worried about anything of this product.

Suit for

Kick Foosball Table Royalton 55 in for intermediate players those who have experience playing foosball before.


  • By using good quality materials this table designed to last long enough, It’s easy to play on uneven surfaces with its leg levelers, optional cup holders are also available with convenient ball retrieval, counterbalanced players and scoring set-up options. This is not the end of list, KICK Foosballs comes with lifetime warranty. Players can use simultaneously 1 or 3 goalie, great customer service of KICK.


  • To build up the table can be a little tricky. The instructions manual sould be improved, players don’t always return to starting position when rolling the bars.
  • Solutions: You can watch the video on You Tube for how  To build up the table. There has a lots of video about on your choices table.

Watch The EPIC Human Foosball Match

(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions for Kick Foosball Table Royalton 55 in?


  • Q: Is the table comes with the soccer balls or we have to buy them?
  • Ans: You don’t have to buy. It comes with 6 soccer balls. Happy playing.
  • Q: How much does this table weigh ?
  • Ans: The weight of this product is 103.35 Pounds (Appx 47 KGS)
  • Q: Are the handles made of plastic or wood?
  • Ans: The handles are made of plastic. Sometimes it vary by its model. There also wood made handle available.


Above I discussed almost everything about Kick Foosball Table Royalton 55 in. I hope it will help you to get all the question’s answer about this product on your mind. I tried my level best to explore all the information of this product in front of you.

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